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Night Street League 2007/8
Fixtures and Results

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What a great season! The very welcome participation of newcomer Dave Nevell added real competition to the Long course. After the last of 9 events, Dave and John Embrey were tied on 56 points (best 6 events to count) and could only be separated as John had scored 10 points for a win three times to Dave’s two, though admittedly one of John’s maximum scores was for planning at Castle Vale. So John wins (following son Chris last year) the coveted Baggott lamppost trophy and the even more valued title of “Harlequin Street Orienteer of theYear”. Dave has to be admired, he does not drive and so turns up at events by cycling to Malvern station, catching a train to the nearest drop-off to the venue, cycling, and than reversing the process and ending with a cycle ride home from Hereford station to his home in Lugwardine. Some evening’s exercise- and showing excellent ‘green’ credentials!

Peter Langmaid made a few appearances last year, but became a committed regular this season, and showed that youth will out by beating crafty veterans Russ Fauset and Robert Vickers fairly comfortably on the Medium. Andy Bachelor, who has started competing frequently recently, should keep the rest on their toes if he can run a whole season in 2008-9. With Alison unable to make many events this time, Jacky Embrey sauntered to an easy retention of the Short Course cup that she won last time. Well done all!

The season saw a ‘first’ with Russ’s highly acclaimed street event in Venice. Geoff Foster provided Christmas fare at Stratford, and the standard of mapping continued its steady improvement. I am particularly grateful to those planners who do not pound the streets themselves (Martyn Bickerton, April Andrews, Simon and Sue Vickers) and to the regulars who invited us into their homes and spent much time planning some great courses for our enjoyment and provided eats and good company afterwards (Russ, Geoff, Brian, Rachel, John, Colin and Suzette, and Peter).

As Peter points out in his piece about the Lyppard Grange activities, 33 Harlequins participated in the Club’s very first Street Event way back, while now attendance is on the point where it is debatable whether the League Series should continue. The regulars enjoy it hugely, but where is the new blood? If you have any ideas about how to revitalize Street Orienteering, then please do not hesitate to contact Brian.

Brian Hughes

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NSL PROGRAMME 2007-8 is shown in the table below

"Each event should be individually advertised in AdHOC. It is a good idea to let the planner know in advance that you are coming (helps with map production) and allows you to check on final details before travelling. If you wish to be on Brian Hughes' e-mail tree for the Night Street Series, please let Brian know".







20 Oct 

BIMM in Venice 

Russ Fauset 



06 Nov 

St Johns Worcester 

Brian Hughes 



22 Nov 


Rachel White 



12 Dec 

Stratford upon Avon 




09 Jan 





22 Jan 

Castle Vale 




05 Feb 





19 Feb 


Chez Simon & Sue Vickers 



5th Mar 

Worcester East (Lyppard Grange Community Centre)








The normal time for starts is 6:30 p.m to 7:30 p.m. This was the wish of the majority and will help avoid some of the rush hour traffic. Earlier starts will be available at some events and may possibly be negotiated by individuals at others.

1. There will be 3 courses at each event . Short around 3-4 km., Medium 5 – 8 km, Long 8 km or more.

2.There will be a trophy awarded for the winner on each of the three courses during the season. The winner will be determined by the best 6 scores over the series.

3.This is a street competition not Night Orienteering. The majority of events should take place in towns, streets or on paths. Short, safe ,stretches in open country where powerful torches are not needed may be acceptable, but must not become the norm. If competitors are sent outside towns the organizer should consider the safety of possible route choices.

4.The planner scores 10 points and may allocate his points to the course of his choice.

5.The winner on each course scores 10 points, second 9 points and so on. In the unlikely event of a tie in an event, both competitors receive the higher score, with the next competitor scoring two points less.

6.If there is a tie at the end of the season then the competitor with more scores of 10 on his/her course wins the trophy. If there is still a tie the most scores of 9 determines and so on.

7.Under no circumstances may points be transferred between courses. A competitor must make it clear which course he is running before starting an event.

8.In unusual circumstances (e.g competitors not finding a control, controls being vandalised) it will be the planner's discretion to revise times or placings. (As a general principle planners try their best to ensure no one is disqualified and come away with no points.)

9.In the event of a dispute the NSL supreme (i.e me !) will make a ruling.

10.In the even more unlikely event that this ruling is not acceptable, appeal may be made to the Club Captain.

11.The winner of the Long course also wins the coveted title of "Harlequin Night Street League Champion for 2007/8".

12. Start times are normally 7 – 8 p.m but may be altered at the planner's discretion.

13. In exceptional circumstances the planner may allow a competitor who cannot make the official event to run at a different time. The result will only stand if the run takes place in the same week (Monday to Friday) as the official event. This is entirely at the discretion of the planner and competitors must not expect this by right.

Publicity: I would be grateful if the planner could advertise ahead in ADHOC giving directions to the event, start times and advise as to whether torches are essential, etc.

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