Sunday 28th March 2010

Level 3 Event


Controller's Comments

Sam Chambers (HOC)

Planner's Comments

Dudmaston is quite a pleasant area of forest to run around. The brambles can be largely avoided and it is undulating enough to raise heart rates. However there is quite a detailed path network which makes it quite difficult to plan technical courses. For me personally, it was a learning experience moving up from planning SEE to using SI to plan a range of colour coded courses. It did seem daunting at times but it is not actually the case, largely because whenever I got stuck there was always some willing Harlequin member who could put me right. Particular thanks to Mike Farrington who explained the process of using SI controls and to Sam Chambers who helped me modify and approve the courses and who was a great source of tips and advice. I had, for example, misjudged the time and effort the planning of the white and yellow courses can take. In general people seemed happy with the courses and many commented that they had enjoyed their run out in the forest. My apologies to those on the blue course who may have lost a few minutes on control 15 where the kite was 10 metres from where it should have been (ie. on the spur and not in the re-entrant)

The weather also turned up trumps on the day so I hope that most people had a pleasant morning in the forest. Lesley and Eric did a fine job and had everything in place organisation wise. Finally thanks to John E, George C, Eric and Sam and Mark for helping with the control collection. Perhaps next time I'll avoid choosing a day that clashes with the start of British Summer Time - does make for rather an early start!

Roger Keeling (HOC)

Organisers' Comments

With the overnight change in the clocks due to BST and several days of wet weather on the parking field there was potential for disaster. However on the day we were blessed with a dry - even sunny - day and all the excellent HOC teams arrived on time and performed with their usual efficiency. Thanks to local advertising of the event by the National Trust and Club members, several local families were among the 150 or so runners who took part. It was a real pleasure working with Sam and Roger, all practical and no fuss. Particular thanks go to Mike Annis of the National Trust for all his help on the ground.
Lesley and Eric Brown

Lesley and Eric Brown (HOC)


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