Event 6: Rock Coppice June 3rd 2004

Orange course 2.3k

1. Carol White 25.11
2. Marion White 31.12
3. Carol Farrington 43.32
4. Valerie Bell and Mark 72.22

Green Course 3.4K

1. Rob McDowell 35.19
2. Mike Farrington 39.34
3. Andy White 40.24
4. Mike Hampton 43.07 (OD)
5. John Ward 45.46 (OD)
6. Colin Spears 45.57
7. Steve Bickerton 50.00
8. Liz White 51.04
9. Steve Nightingale 53.40
10. Rollo Rumford 57.05
11. John Bennison 61.03 (OD)
12. April Andrews 63.11
13. Alan Booth 67.42
14. Paul Hammond 76.44

Blue Course 6.5k

1. Mike Baggot 71.05
2. Simon Goodwin 82.32
3. Ant Clerici 86.15
4. Barry Houghton 88.27
5. Heather Houghton 91.27
6. Barry McGowan 96.55
7. Robert Vickers 118.28
8. Robert Farrington Retired (Lost card)

Thank you all for turning up and making the effort worth while. Pity about the rain and the brambles inspite of which I hope you enjoyed what must for most be a new area. The length on the green was as marked on the master maps and not on the control descriptions (just so some of you might realise that your run was not as super fast as you thought). A clerical error crept in along the way !

I did not get all the control descriptions back at the end so I just trust that all controls were visited.

I was relieved that only one control was definitely in the wrong place despite being put out from memory and that no one had trouble finding it. When I collected the final controls the next day I found my lost map and Rob Farrington's control descriptions for the 1st part of the blue. I also nearly stood on what I initially thought was a large silky black rabbit. It remained absolutely still so I was able to see it was in fact a tiny fawn. The delights of being alone in the woods.