What a pity the Euro 2004 Organisers didn't check with the HOC Fixtures team before deciding the date for the England-Switzerland match.

Anyway, thanks to those committed Harlequins who got their priorities right and opted for the June Jaunter rather than the TV screen.
Conditions were pretty well ideal for the Clent Hills run, and probably helped this year's winner, Chris McSweeny, to chop a minute and a half off his time from last year.
However, he still has two minutes to make up if he is to match Barry Parkinson's incredible and long standing record.

1.  Chris McSweeny    M21    21.56
2.  Simon Goodwin    M21    27.20
3.  Lucy Partridge        W21    29.15
4.  Robert Vickers        M60    30.16
5.  Ant Clerici                M50    30.21
6.  Mike Dugmore        M60    31.02
7.  David Williams        M40    31.16
8.  Colin Spears            M65    31.21
9.  Barry McGowan       M55    33.53
10. Alex Latham            M20    44.26
11. Suzette Spears       W65    52.54

Robert Vickers and David Williams