Lickey Hills Summer evening event: Results

1= Alex Parkinson 75:00

1= Wendy & Tessa Parkinson 75:00

1. David Williams 35.44

2. Charlie Nelson 44.08

3. Colin Spears 44:20

4. Rob Taylor 57:50

5. Judith Taylor 62:36

6. John Sherwood 65:16

7. Steve Nightingale 68:38

8. Stephen Clark 76:09

1. Mike Baggott 59:55

2. Ian Hopkins 75:40

Ant Clerici retd

Robert Vickers retd

Barry Houghton retd


I hope those who braved the rain enjoyed their runs. The courses seemed to be about the right length , except the orange was perhaps too long. I think the rain meant that it would have been better to have the second master maps on the blue at the start; I believe this was part of the reason for the retirements on the blue.