01 March 2012

I got lucky... or was it all a plan?

Its St David's day - and it is my turn to plan the WEE - for this I get 25 league points - its all very close this year and this is the last race of the season:

Highgate Common at 17:00 - it's not going to be dark until well after 18:30 (in the end we let the first one off at 18:35 - clear night, no clouds)

John Embrey writes:

"By my reckoning, it's desperately tight - again.

David will finish on 112 points.
Chris has 88, so if he wins the last event he gets to 113, second gives him 111.
I have 90 (excluding lowest score). If I win I get to 115, second gives me 113 (and a win on age-class rule), third gives me 111.

A 3-way tie is not possible this year, but a 2-way could still happen.
I have to hope Jason, Richard, Andy H and maybe others do not come and/or Chris and they do not have good runs ....."

So the result I need is Chris McS second and John Embrey third - there is no way I can arrange for that is there?  I have planned a course of standard length so both John and Chris would expect to clear all the controls but John is going to have to commit as Chris is considerably younger and (usually) a faster runner

On the night it did not look good - Andy Hemsted had to drop out and none of our southern stars have traveled and even Chris McS arrives on time, but wait - here is Chris Embrey - winner at Shire Oak earlier in the year...

Before "The Off" - will they still be smiling in 60 minutes?
Once more Sally from The Bournville Bread Basket over achieves with the cake

A happy little Radio Orienteer

I promised Alex he could have "The Little Man" again - but as his Mummy was double booked for the evening it just might go to Catherine
While the grown ups were out on their courses Catherine (7 years old) took me round the 5 control, 1km Junior course...

Straight across country at full pelt - rabbit/ant formed tussocks described as "like a lot of pillows"

Heading for number 151 - I am struggling to keep up...

Some folks were caught out by my "sting in the tail" - the finish is NOT at the visitor centre - it is exactly where it is marked on the map...

Back just in time for fish and chips
£91 of excellent Fish, Chips, Peas (and Pie for Russ)

"Is there a prize for juniors?".... now there is

Success! First Place...
Last year John, Chris and myself all scored exactly the same points - this year

On the night Chris was second and John was third - Chris had a cough/cold and the pressure of needing to beat Chris meant that John accidentally missed out a control.   This saved less than a minute of running - meaning that John would have beaten Chris and claimed the trophy

Copyright: Uncle Robert

The course - could you clear this in under an hour - at night?
and my first 50th Birthday Card:

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Anonymous said...

A fascinating blog entry! Congrats, David ... I'm glad that my absence made no difference to the final result.