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Last update 05 Dec 2016
Harlequins League 2016

This league is designed to provide a chance for all Harlequins to compete in different age groups across all Harlequin areas in a calendar year. Where the Club Champs is our Cup Final, this is our Premiership! These are the trophies at stake.

The counting events are those where Members are representing HOC, so they include all the West Midlands League Events, the Laurie Bradley New Years Day Score and the CompassSport Cup. So there will be 14 events in total made up of 12 West Midlands League events, the Laurie Bradley and the Compass Sport Cup Qualifier. The best 50% of each competitor's results will count, which this year will be 7.

The main results table is for all TD4 and TD5 (Light Green, Green, Blue, Brown) results and the other one for TD1, TD2 and TD3 (White, Yellow, Orange).

Final 2016 League tables Number-crunching done by Paul Hammond.
TD1,2 and 3 (white/yellow/orange)
TD4 and 5 (light green/green/blue/brown)
2016 winners

Qualifying events for 2016:

01 Jan HOC Laurie Bradley Score at Telford Town Park
10 Jan COBOC Lickey Hills
24 Jan OD Hartshill Hayes
07 Feb WCH Chasewater
14 Feb HOC Longdon Wood
21 Feb WRE Lizard Hill
13 Mar WCH CSC heat at Abraham's Valley
10 Apr OD Shuckburgh Park (cancelled)
17 Apr WCH Mansty Woods
19 Jun HOC Sandwell Valley
02 Oct WCH Shoal Hill
23 Oct HOC Castlemorton Common
30 Oct WCH Gentleshaw
06 Nov WRE Ercall
04 Dec HOC Dymock


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  1. The league will run from 1st January to 31st December. Events to be included in the league will be decided by the committee and publicised as such in advance.
  2. The league is open to all members of Harlequins.
  3. The competitors best scores on 50% of the league events held will count to their total league score. The number of counting events will be rounded up, e.g. if there are 11 events then 6 best scores will count.
  4. Harlequins acting as major officials at a league event, i.e. planners, organisers and controllers, will receive a score equal to their best score on other league events. Officials may only earn one score in this way per year.
  5. Scores will be awarded for all TD4 and TD5 courses, i.e. Light Green and upwards. Times on each course will be adjusted by the corrected lengths of the courses to give a time taken if all the courses were of the same corrected length. Corrected length is the length of the course plus an additional 50m for every 5m of climb. Lengths and climbs will be as stated on the course description, except if one or more legs are removed from the results of a course the corrected length of that course will also be adjusted to remove the leg(s) in question.
  6. The average time for the fastest 3 Harlequins will be calculated. All Harlequins will be awarded a score of 1000 x (average time of first three runners) / Runner's time.
  7. Scores will be rounded down to whole numbers.
  8. Age categories will be as for the Club Championships. Running up is not permitted. Prizes will be awarded for the best male and female in each age category.
  9. A separate league will also be calculated for TD3 (Orange and Red), TD2 (Yellow) and TD1 (white) courses on the same basis as the TD4/5 league. Prizes will be awarded on these leagues dependent on the numbers of scorers and their age ranges at the discretion of the committee.

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