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Last update 25 Oct 2020

Virtual Summer Series

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are unable to hold normal events. However, this summer we are setting up a number of courses using the free MapRun virtual Orienteering App. This allows you to run a course at any time. All the courses are on publicly accessible parks and woodlands or urban areas which are freely accessible under current restrictions.

See the panel on the right for instructions on using MapRun. Courses are listed below - please note the following disclaimer:

Competitors take part at their own risk. These courses are not covered by British Orienteering insurance, so are at your own risk as if you were going out training on your own. Neither British Orienteering or Harlequins OC accepts any liability for your use of the course or map. Please use them safely, looking out for yourself and other members of the public who may be in the area. Also please follow the latest government advice on social distancing.

The results for the virtual courses have been consolidated so we can work out which HOC member is the virtual champion. The Bert Pardoe Handicaps are being used to give everyone a chance. The results are available
here: (Excel file)
Last update 19 Oct with the final placings.

Going forward, most of these courses will continue to be available. We are also adding new courses. These are all listed with download links on the Virtual Courses page.


Redditch (Walkwood)
Event information
Download map (password or email required: see info on right)
Control descriptions

Redditch (Church Hill)
Event information
Download map
Control descriptions (pdf)
Control descriptions (MS Word)

Birmingham (Billesley)
Event information
Download map with control descriptions

Worcester St Peters
Event information
Download map
Control descriptions

Burlish Top (Between Bewdley and Kidderminster)
Event information
Download map (password or email required: see info on right)
Quiz-O questions

Wyre Forest


Baggeridge and Himley
This is not a MapRun event, but a quiz-O. Answer the multiple-choice question at each control
Event information
Download map (password or email required: see info on right)

Sandwell Valley
Event information
Control descriptions
Download map (password or email required: see info on right)

Kinver added 06 Oct. This is not part of the league.
Event information
Control descriptions
Download map (password or email required: see info on right)

To be sent a pdf of maps where a password is required, or if you have any questions on HOC virtual events send an email to:

This website contains mapping data licensed from Ordnance Survey with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office. © Crown Copyright. All rights reserved. Licence number PU43423U.

Please note that information, views, statements and images forming part of this site are subject to the site disclaimer.


Getting started with MapRun

See the WMOA's MapRun site for instructions on how to set up and optimise the app on your phone.

HOC's courses are generally listed under West Midlands.

Use the links under the course details to download the map and control descriptions; due to mapping permissions some of these links are passworded - HOC members will have had the password (case-sensitive) emailed to them by the Membership Secretary. If the password prompt doesn't appear when you expect it, try allowing pop-ups for this site.
Non-HOC members will need to email to request a map. We will look to send you a map within 24 hours.

Participants are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk. Please respect social distancing rules and other users of the venue.

When you have finished your run and are reviewing your results, if MapRun is showing any controls missing that you visited it is possible to update your result. A guide how to do this is here.

June Jaunter

This is a timed mini-fell run around Clent and Walton Hills. Starting from Nimmings car park, competitors have to visit the trig points at the top of Clent and Walton Hills, and the stile by Clent Church, in any order. If you can beat 20 minutes, you're doing very well. The June Jaunter archive (Excel spreadsheet) contains a complete set of times up to and including 2020.

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