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Last update Archived 14 Aug 2010
Winter Evening Events

A series of informal score events that take place on winter weekday evenings. The format is a one hour score event. Harlequins' WEE are arranged for Thursday (or occasionally Tuesday) evenings whilst our neighbour club Octavian Droobers hold their "After Dark" events on Wednesdays.

Presentation of WEE Trophies
The trophies for the WEE league will be presented at the BOC Individual day on Saturday. Due to the start times of the recipients being rather spread out, they will have to be handed over as and when possible. Please do not leave without your trophy or certificate. Where possible our Chairman will do the honours. The men's winners are John Embrey 1st, Chris McSweeny 2nd and Andy Hemsted 3rd, the ladies are Jackie Embrey and Kerstin Mitchell joint 1st. and Marian White 3rd.

Barry's End-of-Season Report
It sounded a good idea to incorporate the Frith event into the WEE and at least get two events in the league. Unfortunately it was meant to be a league and the rule master (me) did not foresee there only being two events, subsequently this has caused me a few headaches, as strictly applying the rules would in my opinion be grossly unfair. After much deliberation and to keep within the spirit of the competition! I feel the following temporary changes are necessary for this season only:
I felt it unfair to award the 25 points to the planners, especially as it would have put me second overall.
I also think with just two events it would have been equally unfair to allow an event to be dropped under the n-1 rule.
The rules also say that where ties exist the league position is worked out by reference to the number of classes away from M/W21, the one further away (i.e. older in this case) gets the higher position. As two ladies each won events but only took part in one each I propose that they should be joint winners and each hold the trophy for 6 months.
So the Mens winner of the league for 2010 is John Embrey, with Chris McSweeny second and Andy Hemsted third. The Ladies competition has joint winners with Jackie Embrey and Kerstin Mitchell tying with 25 points each and Marian White in third position.

I apologise for this years shortage of events, retirement got in the way. Next season I will try and start sooner and get a proper series going again and hopefully avoid the confusion.

2009-10 final League Table

2009 - 2010 Programme
All events on Thursdays unless otherwise stated

  Date Venue Organiser Details Results
1 28 Jan Highgate Common Barry Houghton Results
2 Sat 27 Mar (WNL) Frith Wood Colin Palmer Results

The Winter Evening Event coordinator is Barry Houghton.

Volunteers to organise and plan events are very welcome and will receive 25 points for their efforts. Volunteers please contact the league coordinator.



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These events are intended as a good introduction to night orienteering for the newcomer, but will still be competitive for others. There will be a mixture of relatively easy controls on line features, such as paths, fences, ditches etc and more difficult controls for the more experienced night orienteers. The line feature controls help considerably for relocation and will normally allow the opportunity to go for some of the other controls. Controls will have different point values depending on their difficulty or distance.

The time for starts is typically 18:00 to 19:00 but it does depend on when it gets dark! If cloudy the first runner normally can go off 10 minutes after the end of "Civil Twilight".

Obviously a torch or headlight is needed (the more powerful the better)! Participants are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk. PLEASE NOTE that the carrying of whistles is compulsory at all HOC events (we usually have a few to hire or borrow).

Before setting off for an event please phone Barry Houghton or check the HOC website for updates

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