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Last update 07 Mar 2016
Winter Evening Events

These events are intended to provide both a challenge to experienced night orienteers and a good traing ground for novices or newcomers to this version of the sport. They will include a number of easier controls, mainly on line features, plus more difficult ones to test skills as experience is gained. There will be a Ladies and Mens Trophy at the end of the series for the respective winners. We also make sure we have a tent or room as a focal point.

As many of the areas available to us for NSL are small or otherwise unsuitable for a 60 minute score, most events have a format whereby there is one course and controls are taken in order and will each be worth 10 points. We still limit the time to 60 minutes. Any time over this will be penalised at the rate of 1 point for each 6 seconds or part thereof late. Controls can be missed out but any taken out of sequence will not count. For example, 1-2-3- -5-6 scores 50 but 1-2-5-3-6 only scores 40 because 3 was taken out of sequence. The courses should be planned so that the fastest may possibly clear all controls just inside the 60 minutes, but for most it will be a matter of deciding which ones to miss or when to quit and head for the finish.

Final event organiser Barry Houghton writes: For the WEE League itself, David Williams ran out as worthy Mens Champion, having won 5 of the 6 events. Who will beat you now David? Respect. The ladies championship was a close run thing with Kerstin beating Alison to the top spot. Again well done. Unfortunately we could not present the trophies as they did not turn up. Whoever is holding them could they please return them to Barbara Ford so they can be passed onto their new owners. See you all again next Winter?

Final 2015-16 league table after all 6 events

2015 - 2016 Programme
All events on Thursdays unless otherwise stated

  Date Venue Organiser Details Results
1 19 Nov Uffmoor Woods Andy Hemsted Results
2 03 Dec Hartlebury Common Andy Johnson Results
3 14 Jan Highgate Common Kerstin Mitchell Results
4 28 Jan Worcester Woods John Leeson Results
5 11 Feb Habberley Valley David Williams Results
6 03 Mar Kinver Edge Barry Houghton Results

The Winter Evening Event coordinator is David Williams

Volunteers to organise and plan events are very welcome and will receive 25 points for their efforts. Volunteers please contact the league coordinator.



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The time for starts is typically 18:00 to 19:00 but it does depend on when it gets dark! If cloudy the first runner normally can go off 10 minutes after the end of "Civil Twilight".

Obviously a torch or headlight is needed (the more powerful the better)! Participants are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk. PLEASE NOTE that the carrying of whistles is compulsory at all HOC events (we usually have a few to hire or borrow).

Before setting off for an event please check the HOC website for updates

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Post-run fish & chip refuel at the 2013 WEE final
Competitors at the 2013 WEE final tuck into their fish suppers whilst the (then) League Coordinator works out the results.

Dave Williams birthday cake at the 2011 WEE final
Dave Williams cuts cake at the 2011 WEE final

Dave Williams' birthday cake at the 2011 WEE final