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Last update 16 Sep 2018
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The club Annual General Meeting will take place on Tue 02 Oct at Somers Sports & Social Club, Grange Hill, Halesowen B62 0JH. 7:00 for 7:30pm. Finger buffet provided. All HOC members welcome to attend - please let the HOC Mem Sec know using the link on your notification email if you intend to come.

Harlequins League 2018 with league tables after 6 events More

HOC Club Kit: Prices and sizes available

Coming Soon

Sun 14 Oct Level C and West Midlands League event at Highgate Common Details

Sun 28 Oct West Midlands Relays at Sutton Park. Please contact Captain Kerstin if you want a run

Sat 08 Dec Club Champs at Clent Hills

Sun 16 Dec Level C and West Midlands League event at British Camp

Latest Results

Sun 01 Jul Yvette Baker Trophy Final at Arrow Valley Results | Splits | YBT scores | Split times, WinSplits Online

Thu 21 Jun June Jaunter timed footpath run around Clent and Walton Hills Results | Splits | Records archive (Excel format)

Sun 17 Jun Birmingham University 2-part sprint - UKUL 2018 and WMUL 2018 Results by class | Part 1 Splits | Part 2 Splits | Routegadget (apologies - the Part 2 splits have been loaded into Part 1, but it appears we'd have to delete and reload the event to fix it - which would wipe out all the routes entered so far)

Sat 16 Jun Castle Vale Urban - UKUL Final 2017 - Results and Splits revised 17 Jun Results by class | Results by course | Splits by class | Splits by course | Routegadget

Related Activities

Citydash - billed as a fast real-world game of speed, stealth and strategy, played on the streets

Open Adventure adventure racing.

parkrun - regular Saturday morning 5km runs. In HOC's area, parkrun takes place at Edgbaston (Cannon Hill Park), Perry Park, Redditch (Arrow Valley), Walsall and Worcester.

Local athletics clubs:

Halesowen Athletics & Cycling Club

Dudley Ladies Running Club

Dudley & Kingswinford Running Club

Black Pear Joggers, Worcester

Open Street Map - free mapping, surveyed and maintained by volunteers. Orienteering's Ollie O'Brien is a contributer and has developedthe Open O-Map version which allows anyone to get map extracts in a format suitable for urban and street events.


Harlequins Orienteering Club is based in the West Midlands of England. Our 'catchment' covers Birmingham, the Black Country, Worcestershire and parts of Shropshire and Herefordshire. We have a membership of around 130 and put on around 20-30 events a year.

What's Orienteering?
Orienteering is an activity/sport (depending how competitive you want to be) which involves navigating from point to point using a map. Most orienteering takes place in areas such as forests and country parks, but more urban-based events are becoming increasingly popular.

For free-range kids
Orienteering is very family-friendly and suitable for almost all ages. For children in particular it promotes self-reliance and independent decision-making, besides getting them out into the fresh air to burn off some energy. For teachers interested in introducing orienteering to your pupils, we can provide advice and support. We are Sport England Clubmark accredited for supporting junior members.

Fancy a go?
You don't need to be a member of any club to go orienteering. Most small-scale local events are open to all, don't require pre-booking, don't cost much to enter and will have suitable courses for beginners. You don't need to be super-fit and you don't need much in the way of equipment. Go to our events page for dates and locations of events.
Actually, you don't even need to go to an event - try orienteering on one of our permanent courses.

Come and join us
Harlequins is an open club - we welcome new members. Membership gives you a copy of the award-winning club journal every month, access to our club forum, the opportunity to run relay events, and more. Go to our contacts page for details of our Membership Secretary.

Find out more
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