Leagues and Series

Leagues and Series

Orienteering events are often organised into “series”, with races within that series being similar in set up, type of course and terrain.  They usually have a points system or league that spans the series, with trophies or similar awarded at the end of the season.

Harlequins organise three such series.  Our Summer Series runs over the summer months, usually on a Wednesday evening.  There are two series during the winter, both held after dark.  Winter Evening events take place in forest or park terrain using traditional orienteering maps, whereas Night Street League  events are in urban areas and often use an Open Orienteering style of map.  These two series are usually held on Thursday evenings, with events alternating between the two formats.

The HOC League is scored from events where members are representing their club, so they include all of the West Midlands League Events (see below), the Laurie Bradley New Years Day Score and the CompassSport Cup/Trophy.

The West Midlands Orienteering Association coordinate two series of weekend events organised by the West Midlands clubs.  Harlequins contribute events to these series and our members compete both individually and for the club.  These are bigger events with a range of courses available.  Forest or other rural terrain areas are used for the West Midlands League , with Urban events in the West Midlands Urban League.

Sourthern Harlequins areas are also used in the Western Night League, a very competitive series of Saturday evening events held from Somerset to Worcestershire via Wales and Wiltshire.