June Jaunter

June Jaunter

The June Jaunter is a timed mini-fell run around Clent and Walton Hills, which often forms part of the club’s Summer Series.  Starting from Walton Hill car park, competitors have to visit the tops of Clent and Walton Hills, the gate to Nimmings carpark, and the stile behind Clent Church, in any order.

2023 will see the 40th Anniversay of the event, so come along and to help us celebrate and put Thursday 22nd June in your diary now! Initial details are here. It will stay true to the barebones simplicity of previous editions, but with a few extras such as certificates and prizes. The image at the top of this page shows the event’s founder, Dick Wells, presenting a special trophy to Harlequin Chris McSweeny, winner of the 20th anniversary run in 2003.


The current overall course records are Barry Parkinson’s 1990 run of 18.59, and Janet Savage’s 1986 effort of 22.55. In age-related terms Brian Hughes’ 19.45, as a near 50 year old in 1995, is a stand-out performance. 

The June Jaunter archive (Excel spreadsheet) contains a complete set of times from its beginning in 1983 to the present day, and the age category records as at 2022 are below. Alternatively you can sort, search and generally play with the data here – this has an additional column for age / gender adjusted times which gives an interesting perspective.

W2122.55Savage, Janet1986
W3529.32Jones, Simone2018
W4030.00Owens, Chris1985
W4531.39Evans, Judith2000
W5026.42Morton, Sam2018
W5529.24Howarth, Sue2015
W6029.15Howarth, Sue2022
W6545.43Spears, Suzette2006
W7064.32Spears, Suzette2013
W7562.59Spears, Suzette2014
M2118.59Parkinson, Barry1990
M3520.13Griffiths, Pete1985
M4020.42Rollason, A1985
M4519.45Hughes, Brian1995
M5022.36Nevell, Dave2011
M5523.22Embrey, John2013
M6026.05Hemsted, Andy2013
M6525.58Hale, Neil1997
M7032.30Spears, Colin2008
M7539.25Vickers, Robert2020
M8068.22Vickers, Robert2022


The event was the brainchild of Dick Wells, who eventually handed over to Robert Vickers (who is responsible for producing much of the content of this page). More recently Andy White took it on, but 2023 will be his swan song as he has relocated to his own fells amongst the Stretton Hills. Do please think about picking up the mantle – increased use of MapRun means that it is easily the least onerous of our events to organise.

Back in 2019 Andy described this event in A run through History and Robert added his personal notes. The table below links to results and comments from previous years where these have been tracked down.

MapRun Results
Andy White
MapRun results
Andy White26
CommentsAndy White21
11/06/2020 to 18/06/2020ResultsDavid Williams19
20/06/2019ResultsAndy White40
Andy White44
22/06/2017ResultsCommentsAndy White18
CommentsRobert Vickers14
11/06/2015ResultsCommentsRobert Vickers18
19/06/2014ResultsCommentsRobert Vickers17
20/06/2013ResultsCommentsRobert Vickers18
21/06/2012ResultsCommentsRobert Vickers17
23/06/2011ResultsCommentsRobert Vickers18
Robert Vickers18
18/06/2009ResultsRobert Vickers16
19/06/2008ResultsRobert Vickers22
21/06/2007ResultsRobert Vickers17
20/06/2006ResultsRobert Vickers12
16/06/2005ResultsRobert Vickers18
17/06/2004ResultsRobert Vickers11
12/06/2003Robert Vickers26
20/06/2002Robert Vickers6
15/06/2000Charlie Nelson & Barry McGowan13
08/06/1999Dick Wells8
25/06/1998Dick Wells19
19/06/1997Dick Wells19
20/06/1996Dick Wells17
22/06/1995Dick Wells20
16/06/1994Dick Wells32
03/06/1993Dick Wells17
18/06/1992Dick Wells19
12/06/1991David Williams26
06/06/1990Dick Wells19
14/06/1989Dick Wells30
08/06/1988Dick Wells30
17/06/1987Dick Wells41
11/06/1986Dick Wells32
07/08/1985Dick Wells46
05/06/1985Dick Wells47
06/06/1984Dick Wells52
01/06/1983Dick Wells18