The National Governing Body for Orienteering in the UK is British Orienteering.  One of its roles is to co-ordinate the highest levels of competitions, with the most prestigious events hosted by its Regions in turn.

Harlequins contributes to the organisation and planning of these events when they fall due to the West Midlands Orienteering Association, our region.

The Regional Associations co-ordinate the middle tier of fixtures and competitions within their area. Again, Harlequins takes its turn at organising and planning these events.

The most low key, local events are agreed at club level. Within Harlequins most of these events fall into one of our leagues.

The HOC committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting held each October.  It usually meets every couple of months, and minutes are distributed in the newsletter.

There is lots more information and links to the various roles with the club on the Volunteering page.