Winter Evening Events

Winter Evening Events

Newcomers and non-members are very welcome to take part. If you are new to Orienteering then click here to find out more about the sport.

The 2023/2024 League table is here .

2023/2024 Season Results:

15/02/2024Castlemorton Common ResultsRobert Rose
01/02/2024Kinver Edge ResultsJeremy Geere
18/01/2024Banners Gate, Sutton ParkResultsJames Thomas
14/12/2023EymoreResultsAndy Johnson
30/11/2023Dudmaston ResultsKerstin Mitchell
16/11/2023Arrow Valley Results
John Leeson

These events take place in forest or park terrain using traditional orienteering maps and are usually every other Thursday evenings during the darker nights.  A combination of course and score formats is normally used.  Controls have to be taken in order, but can be missed out without penalty.  The time is limited to 60 minutes;  the format and league scoring is described in more detail here.  Most importantly, without volunteers to plan and organise there will be no series; full guidance and support is available.

Unless an event’s details state otherwise, you should expect:

  • A tent or room as a focal point for entries and downloading after your run.  A “pub of the night” is often nominated to make the evening more sociable.
  • The time for starts is typically 18:00 to 19:00 but it does depend on when it gets dark! If cloudy the first runner normally can go off 10 minutes after the end of “Civil Twilight”.
  • A torch or headlight is obviously needed (the more powerful the better). Participants are responsible for their own safety and take part at their own risk.
  • The carrying of whistles is compulsory at all Winter Evening events (we usually have a few to hire or borrow).
  • Before setting off for an event please check this website for updates.

For previous years the winners, with links to league tables and results where available, are on the archive page