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Join Us

The membership year runs from 1st January to 31st December. If you join during November and December then you will be paid up until December the following year.
There are two ways to join Harlequins Orienteering Club (HOC):

  • as a full member
  • as a social member

Full membership

A member of British Orienteering (BOF), with HOC as your selected club. This is the recommended membership option for anyone who orienteers and is not a member of another club. Go to ‘How to Join’ on the BOF website, remembering to select HOC as your preferred club.

Fees for 2024: Senior* £20.00 (£15 BOF + £5 HOC), Junior** £6.00 (£5 BOF + £1 HOC), which gives you:

  • Reduced entry fees at most orienteering events around the country
  • Discounts from a range of BOF partners, including Cotswold Outdoor, Butlins and the AA
  • Monthly email newsletter from BOF
  • Eligibility to compete in certain high-profile events and inclusion into the national ranking scheme
  • Eligibility to compete as a HOC team member at regional and national events
  • Eligibility to compete in the HOC Club Champs, and other “closed” events
  • Access to a range of member-only features and resources on the BOF website
  • Access to BOF coaching and other training sessions
  • Voting rights
  • All the benefits of HOC social membership – see below

Social membership

This option is available for (a) members who do not actively orienteer, and (b) ‘second claim’ members, who have joined British Orienteering through another club. To join HOC as a social member, please use this form.
Fees for 2024: Senior* £5.00, Junior** £1.00, Group/Organisation £14.00) which gives you:

  • Invitations to HOC social events
  • Access to the club’s on-line forum and Facebook group (see below)
  • Club information emails and newsletters
  • Social members may compete in the HOC Club Champs and other ‘closed’ events

Please note: as of 2020, non-members will now be covered by the BOF third-party liability insurance for all club events and orienteering activities. However, we still encourage you to join us!

*Senior: anyone aged 21 or more on 31st December in the year of joining
**Junior: anyone aged 20 or less on 31st December in the year of joining

For further information please contact our membership secretary, Mandy Mackereth

The club has a range of orienteering clothing available in HOC colours, including orienteering tops. These can be ordered through Kerstin, our Club Captian. Her contact details are on the Who’s Who page.

Accessing the forum:

It is a closed forum for Harlequins member only.  New members will receive a validation code from the membership secretary; existing members who have somehow neglected to join in can also contact Mandy.

Once you have the code:

  • Go to the “Members Forum” menu item.
  • Click on “register” – left most option on the menu bar.
  • Accept the terms of use.

The forum admin will then receive an email and will enable your account and you will be able to access the forum.

The club also has a closed Facebook group for members, and Facebook page which you are encouraged to “like”.