Sutton Park Gates Run

Sutton Park Gates Run

The Gates Run is a timed run around the seven gates of Sutton Park.

Starting near Town Gate you visit the other six main gates in the Park and return to the start. The distance is about eight miles, but you choose your own route. A map is available on the day and the event offers a mix of park road and footpath running.

2024 will see the 58th running of this event, so come along and give it a go on 26th June full details here

It was started by Jock Campbell in 1967. At that time Jock was master in charge of cross-country running at John Willmott Grammar School in Sutton Coldfield. Barry Elkington and then later Bob Brandon, both of Octavian Droobers, took over from 1992 until it was handed on again in 2017 to Mick Sadler (COBOC).

Post merger it’s now part of HOC’s Summer program alongside its hillier but shorter cousin, the June Jaunter.


The current overall course records are:

Latest Results

Results from 2003 to 2016 (links to OD websites)

Full archive (images)

Many thanks to Mick for painstakingly capturing the Gates Run archives. The poor resolution / wrong orientation of some of the linked images is my fault and I will correct them shortly! Marian