HOC encourage all active orienteers to familiarise themselves with the relevant documentation available on the British Orienteering website.  This page under is actively developing as documents are reviewed and added to the revised site.  It will become a permanent A-Z listing of club policies, procedures, forms and templates.  Wherever possible the documents will also be linked from the pages that describe their application.

COBOC Documents

Strategy and Development plan 2026 – 2018

Beginners, Schools and Families Event Flyer Template

Orienteering Code of Conduct


BSF Event Guide for organisers and planners

Age Group Activities (Big strides, Dave Ellis)

Documents A-Z

Accessible Orienteering  – all events

Accessibility Orienteering – night street events

Bert Pardoe Handicap factors (December 2023)

Club only Social Membership form

Club Championship Rules (updated April 2024)


Control Tags 

Email tree policy

Entry fee subsidies

Event Budget Planner 2013

Expense Claim Form

Helpers’ Information

Helpers’ List (updated November 2023)

Hire Ecards Form (updated January 2023)

Junior coaching protocols

Landowner Liaison Areas  (updated November 2023)

Mapped Areas Master List (updated March 2024) 

Missing Runners – SI checks

Missing or Failed SI Controls

Organisers’ Guide v1.8 

Organisers’ Guide Appendices v1.8

Planning guidance

Privacy Policy (updated April 2024)

Programming SI Controls 

Risk Assessment for GPS courses

Risk Assessments – signatories

Registration Slips updated November 2022

Safeguarding contact notice

Scout Orienteering Resource (Scouting Ireland, 2010)

Standard flyer v1.0

Summer Series Guidelines for Organisers

Summer Series SI kit instructions

Website disclaimer

Winter Evening Event SI kit instructions

Documents Standard guides for event officials, other documents and proformas. Please note that these are edited copies of the original masters and are in .PDF form. Changes have been made in order to meet the needs of web publishing (formatting and removal of personal contact details). The documents on this site may not be the most up-to-date. The master documents are held by the club Secretary and/or the Event Support Officer. If you need access to an editable version of the document or would like to obtain the most up-to-date version – please contact the appropriate club official. Parts of these documents are based on information and documentation provided by the British Orienteering and any copyright on these parts still resides with them. Before using these documents please check the disclaimer.

1. James Thomas is Fixtures Secretary, responsible for registering all club events via the British Orienteering website. This provides insurance cover.
2. Permissions are now obtained by a team of Landlord Liaison Officers (LLOs). Their names and the HOC venues for which they are responsible are listed here.
3. Organisers should update James as more details become available about their event. The British Orienteering website provides invaluable free publicity.

New rules were published on the BOF website in Jan 2011. In future, Risk Assessment forms must be mentored and countersigned by either a) a coach or b) a controller or c) by a person with BOF Health and Safety accreditation. To help, HOC Event Series (WEE, SEE, etc) coordinators have been provided with a list of HOC coaches and controllers. Organisers should consult this to find a person qualified to check the Health and Safety aspects of their local event and sign the Risk Assessment.