Trophy Cabinet

Trophy Cabinet

The club has a wide and varied range of trophies; details of the events and previous trophy holders are on the pages for the relevant competitions:

Images of all these trophies except the W10 club champion are gathered below. If you know any of the history behind them, do let me (Marian) know.

The merger with COBOC adds three trophies to the cabinet. The John Mansfield Senior Trophy has traditionally been given to COBOC’s for most improved Senior, the John Mansfield Junior Trophy” to the most improved Junior and “The Toby Norris Trophy” to the COBOC member with the highest WM League Score.

John Mansfield Senior Trophy

Two other trophies are awarded annually; the HOC Galoppen (awarded to the highest scorer in the West Midlands League) and Harlequin of the Year which is awarded by the Chair “on the basis of out-of-the-ordinary service to the Club”

The following trophies are awarded to the winners of the various categories at the annual Club Championships:

These two trophies are awarded to the leading man and woman in the Winter Evening Event series. However my spreadsheet notes calls then the MWNSL/WEE trohies which is confusing, as I assumed that the MidWeekNightStreetLeague became the NSL??

Our Summer Series is not currently run as a League; the archive of previous winners of the Summer league is here.

These are the Night Street League trophies. Originally there were three courses and the lampost (Men’s Open) was for the winner of the Long Course series. The Ladies Open trophy was orginally awarded to the winner Short Course series. This was usually a woman, but it does mean that Russ’s name appears on the trophy!

These cats are awarded to the overall winners of the HOC league.