Club Champions

Club Champions

The Club Championships are held on a Saturday in mid to late December.  They are followed by a social event, often a “bring and share” picnic at a village hall or similar venue close to the orienteering area chosen.  They are a closed event, restricted to members of the club, but it may be possible to accommodate visiting friends and family, former club members etc. Please check with the organiser if you would like to bring a guest or join us!

The format is a one hour, mass start score.  A shorter option may be available to juniors, and additional tweaks may be applied if the area requires this.  The rules are here

It is a club tradition that the event officials are volunteers from the senior winners at the previous year’s event.

The 2023 event was held on the 9th December in Uffmoor Wood

The trophy winners were:

Past champions can be found in this document. 

Bert Pardoe handicap factors; December 2023. These are used to decide the best performance on the day using handicap factors calculated from your times in recent events. They are based on your running speed in events including West Midlands League events, the Compass Sport Cup and other local events where our Members compete. Your running speed is compared to the average running speed of other competitors so a handicap of 1 means that on average you are running as fast as the average competitor and a handicap of 0.5 means that you are running twice as quickly as the average competitor. It only includes results on TD4 & TD5 courses and does not include urban events or night events which is why some members may not be included.