This map shows HOC areas that have hosted events since 2011; it does not include areas that were created by generating a map from the Open Orienteering application or other non-standard map (typically the Night Street League).

Click on a map pin for a link to the Area details, including a list of all events hosted by that area up to and including August 2023. These in turn have links to results etc where known. Alternatively scroll down to the table of areas which can be searched.

The “Get Directions” links on the map pins are generic and do not override instructions in event details. Much of the wording on the areas pages is taken from earlier work by David Williams (available here) and Dave Nevell.

The second column in this table is provided for future planners and organisers to see a quick overview of the level and nature of events held there in the past. This alone is not confirmation that it is still suitable; more information may be available from either the mapper or the Landowner Liaison Officer.

AreaLevel of recent past events
Arrow ValleyLocal and Regional
National Schools event
Aston ParkLocal
Baggeridge Country ParkLocal and Regional
Barr BeaconLocal
Birmingham City CentreNationalUrban
University of BirminghamLocal and Regional
Bodenham ArboretumLocal
Brampton BryanRegional and National
Breakneck BankRegional
Bringsty CommonLocal
British CampRegional
BrockhamptonLocal and Regional
Brown Clee HillNational
Bumble HoleLocal
Burlish TopLocal
Callow HillLocal and Regional
Cannon Hill ParkLocal
Castle ValeRegionalUrban
Castlemorton CommonLocal and Regional
Clent HillsLocal and Regional
Croft CastleRegional
Croome ParkLocal
DudmastonLocal and Regional
Dymock ForestRegional
Eastnor ParkRegional
Foxley and GarnstoneRegional
Frith WoodLocal and Regional
Gheluvelt ParkLocal
Habberley ValleyRegional
Handsworth ParkLocal
Haden HillLocal
Hartlebury CommonLocal
Hayhead WoodLocal
Highgate CommonLocal and Regional
Highbury ParkLocal
Hill TopLocal
Himley HallLocal
Hollybed CommonLocal
Hope EndLocal
Kingfisher ParkLocal
Kingsford Country ParkLocal
Kinver EdgeLocal and Regional
Leasowes ParkLocal
Lickey HillsLocal and Regional
Longdon, Wyre ForestRegional
Malvern CommonLocal
Malvern HillsLocal and Regional
Morton Stanley ParkLocal
New Park HallLocal
New Hall ValleyLocal
Nunnery or Worcester WoodsLocal
Old HillsLocal
Perry Hall ParkLocal
Perry ParkLocal
Pitcheroak WoodLocal
PostensplainRegional and National
Pype Hayes ParkLocal
Queslett Nature ReserveLocal
Rectory ParkLocal
Red House ParkLocal
Church HillRegionalUrban
Redditch UrbansLocal and Regional Urban
Rock CoppiceLocal
Rough WoodLocal
Saltwells WoodLocal
Sanders ParkLocal
Sandwell ValleyLocal and Regional
Shire OakLocal
Shrawley WoodLocal
Sutton ColdfieldRegionalUrban
Sutton ParkLocal
Titterstone Clee HillRegional
Uffmoor WoodLocal and Regional
Walsall ArboretumLocal
Walsall CampusLocalUrban
Walton HillLocal
Ward End ParkLocal
Witton LakesLocal
Woodgate ValleyLocal
Worcester WoodsLocal
Worcestershire BeaconLocal and Regional
Wyche RidgeLocal and Regional