All Events

All Events

This table allows you to search and filter on all the HOC events up to and including 2021. Links to missing results files etc are being added over time – currently 2014 onwards has all of the files I can find. The three leagues – Winter Evening, Winter Urban (NSL) and Summer Series have also been updated with all of the results I can find. Please contact me (Marian) if you spot a missing event or a broken link.

The blank row of cells at the bottom of the table allows you to search within an individual column.

16/12/2021Kinver Village Night Street LeagueDMandy MackerethResultsComments
04/12/2021Castlemorton Common Club ChampionshipsDO: Ashley Ford
P: Robert Rose / Dave Aldridge
Social: Mandy Mackereth
Trophy Winners
Bert Pardoe handicap
02/12/2021Uffmoor Winter Evening EventDAndy HemstedResultsComments
25/11/2021Worcester St Johns Night Street LeagueDIan PickeringResults and Comments
18/11/2021Shire Oak Winter Evening EventDJames ThomasResultsComments
Worcester Beacon, Malvern Hills
Midlands league
and West
Midlands Championships

P: Rob Atkins
O: Steve Chiverton
C: Alistair Powel (OD)
Comments and Champions
Church Hill, Redditch
new area
Midlands league

P: Dave Aldridge
O: Marian White
C: Bob Brandon (OD)
Photos (Andy J)
Summer Series
Country Park & Arboretum
Summer Series
Summer Series
Club Championships
Alex Morgan
Ian Gamlen
Andy Hemsted
Bert Pardoe Handicap
Trophy winners
BP factors
June Jaunter
and Walton Hills

Summer Series
Stanley Park, Redditch
Summer Series
Summer Series
Results and comments
and Rorrington
in Shropshire

Midland Championships
John Leeson
Peter Langmaid
Adrian Pickles
Provisional Results by Course (pdf file)

Photos (Andy Johnson)
Summer Series
Results and comments
Summer Series
10/12/2020BournvilleWinter UrbanDResults
26/11/2020HawkesleyWinter UrbanDResults
20/09/2020Castlemorton CommonDResults
12/03/2020Ledbury MapRun (NGOC)Night Street LeagueDResults
05/03/2020Worcester City CentreNight Street LeagueDResults
27/02/2020Kinver NorthWinter Evening EventDResults
20/02/2020Malvern MapRunNight Street LeagueDResults
13/02/2020Hope EndWinter Evening EventDResults
06/02/2020QuintonNight Street LeagueDResults
30/01/2020Arrow ValleyWinter Evening EventDResults
23/01/2020DroitwichNight Street LeagueDResults
16/01/2020Habberley ValleyWinter Evening EventDResults
01/01/2020Baggeridge and HimleyLaurie Bradley ScoreCResults
LB Team Results
Controller's comments
14/12/2019SaltwellsClub ChampionshipsDResults
Bert Pardoe Handicap
12/12/2019CoombeswoodWinter Evening EventDResults
05/12/2019Church Hill, RedditchNight Street LeagueDResults
28/11/2019ClentWinter Evening EventDResults
21/11/2019Kings Heath, BirminghamNight Street LeagueDResults
14/11/2019St Peter's Hill, WorcesterNight Street LeagueDResults
10/11/2019Titterstone CleeWest Midlands LeagueCResults
07/11/2019Stockland GreenNight Street LeagueDResults
02/11/2019Worcester BeaconWestern Night LeagueDResults
05/09/2019Pitcheroak WoodSummer SeriesDResults
25/07/2019Red House ParkSummer SeriesDResults
20/07/2019Barr BeaconSummer SeriesDResults
04/07/2019Saltwells Nature ReserveSummer SeriesDResultsComments
20/06/2019June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDResults
18/06/2019Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDResults
06/06/2019Kingsford Country ParkSummer SeriesDResults
23/05/2019Baggeridge Country ParkSummer SeriesDResults
11/05/2019Himley ParkSummer SeriesDResults
07/04/2019Arrow ValleyWest Midlands LeagueCResults
06/04/2019RedditchWest Midlands Urban LeagueCResults
Routegadget (Juniors)
Routegadget (Seniors)
07/03/2019Birmingham City CentreNight Street LeagueDResultsComments
28/02/2019Highgate CommonWinter Evening EventDResults
21/02/2019WarndonNight Street LeagueDResultsComments
14/02/2019Burlish TopWinter Evening EventDResults
10/02/2019Callow Hill NorthWest Midlands LeagueDResults
07/02/2019HalesowenNight Street LeagueDResultsComments
31/01/2019Kingsford Country ParkWinter Evening EventDResultsComments
24/01/2019Kings Heath, BirminghamNight Street LeagueDResults
17/01/2019Hollybed Common, MalvernWinter Evening EventDResultsComments
10/01/2019WorcesterNight Street LeagueDbroken link
16/12/2018British CampWest Midlands LeagueCResults
15/12/2018British CampWestern Night LeagueDResults
08/12/2018Clent HillsClub ChampionshipsDResults
Trophy Winners
Bert Pardoe Results
06/12/2018Beacon Hill, LickeysWinter Evening EventDResults
29/11/2018KingswinfordNight Street LeagueDResults
22/11/2018Redditch GreenlandsNight Street LeagueDResults
17/11/2018Sutton ParkWinter Evening EventDResults
14/10/2018Highgate CommonWest Midlands LeagueCResults
01/07/2018Arrow ValleyYvette Baker FinalBResults
21/06/2018June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDResults
17/06/2018Birmingham UniversityWest Midlands Urban LeagueCResults
Splits 1
Splits 2
16/06/2018Castle Vale (postponed from December 2017)2017 UK Urban League FinalCResults
Results by course
Splits by course
08/03/2018StourportNight Street LeagueDResults
15/02/2018Malvern CommonWinter Evening EventDResults
08/02/2018BlackheathNight Street LeagueDResults
01/02/2018Pitcheroak WoodsWinter Evening EventDResultsComments
25/01/2018BromsgroveNight Street LeagueDResults
21/01/2018Kinver EdgeWest Midlands LeagueCResults
18/01/2018Habberley ValleyWinter Evening EventDResults
11/01/2018MalvernNight Street LeagueDResults9
06/01/2018British CampWestern Night LeagueDResults
17/12/2017Burlish TopClub ChampionshipsDResults
Trophy Winners
Bert PardoeResults
Results by course
Splits by course
07/12/2017BaggeridgeWinter Evening EventDResults28
23/11/2017Worcester WoodsWinter Evening EventDResults28
16/11/2017WorcesterNight Street LeagueDResults16
12/11/2017DudmastonWest Midlands LeagueCResults
29/10/2017Hartlebury CommonWest Midlands RelaysDAndy WhiteResults
Leg Results22
06/09/2017Kingsford Country ParkSummer SeriesDAndy JohnsonResults22
22/07/2017Sanders ParkSummer SeriesDPeter LangmaidResults21
20/07/2017Arrow ValleySummer SeriesDDave AldridgeResults23
15/07/2017QueslettSummer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResults16
06/07/2017Callow HillSummer SeriesDAlison SlomanResults23
22/06/2017June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDAndy WhiteResultsComments18
15/06/2017Cannon Hill ParkSummer SeriesDAndy HemstedResults24
03/06/2017Rock CoppiceSummer SeriesDBarry HoughtonResults28
29/05/2017Brampton BryanSpringtime in ShropshireBLink is to SinS website with full results, WinSplits and Routegadget.608
27/05/2017The Long MyndSpringtime in ShropshireBLink is to SinS website with full results, WinSplits and Routegadget.638
20/05/2017BaggeridgeSummer SeriesDAlex MitchellResults30
13/05/2017Old HillsSummer SeriesDMike WilkinsonResultsComments29
29/04/2017HimleySummer SeriesDKerstin MitchellResults33
19/03/2017BaggeridgeYvette Baker HeatCResults
16/03/2017CoombeswoodWinter Evening EventDAdrian BaileyResults25
09/03/2017WordsleyNight Street LeagueDAndy WhiteResults14
02/03/2017Burlish Top and Rifle RangesWinter Evening EventDAndy JohnsonResults21
23/02/2017Birmingham City CentreNight Street LeagueDAdrian BaileyResults11
16/02/2017Old HillsWinter Evening EventDColin PalmerResultsComments25
09/02/2017BewdleyNight Street LeagueDRuss FausetResults20
02/02/2017DudmastonWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResultsComments31
25/01/2017Sutton ColdfieldNight Street LeagueDAndy HemstedResults30
19/01/2017Hartlebury CommonWinter Evening EventDAndy HemstedResults30
15/01/2017PostensplainWest Midlands LeagueDKerstin MitchellResults
12/01/2017LedburyNight Street LeagueDColin PalmerResults10
11/12/2016Highgate CommonClub ChampionshipsDBarry Houghton Course Results
Class Results
Trophy Winners
Bert Pardoe Results
08/12/2016Hayhead WoodWinter Evening EventDBarry McGowanResultsComments13
04/12/2016Dymock ForestWest Midlands ChampionshipsDBarbara FordResults
01/12/2016WombourneNight Street LeagueDBarry HoughtonResults14
24/11/2016Walton HillWinter Evening EventDKerstin MitchellResults28
17/11/2016WorcesterNight Street LeagueDJohn LeesonResults24
23/10/2016Castlemorton CommonWest Midlands LeagueDMarian WhiteResults
22/10/2016MalvernWest Midlands Urban leagueDJudith TaylorResults
17/09/2016Red House ParkSummer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResults30
03/09/2016Clent HillsSummer SeriesDAndy JohnsonResults14
02/07/2016Baggeridge Country ParkSummer SeriesDKerstin MitchellResults31
25/06/2016HawkbatchSummer SeriesDAlison SlomanResults28
19/06/2016Sandwell ValleyWest Midlands LeagueDPenny HemstedResults
16/06/2016June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults
11/06/2016Arrow ValleySummer SeriesDRobert RoseResults27
30/04/2016Brown Clee HillBritish ChampionshipsALester EvansResultsSPORTident page1338
19/03/2016Wyche RidgeWestern Night LeagueDJudith TaylorResults26
17/03/2016WorcesterNight Street LeagueDJohn LeesonResults17
10/03/2016Birmingham CityNight Street LeagueDAndy WhiteResults17
03/03/2016Kinver EdgeWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResults18
25/02/2016StourbridgeNight Street LeagueDAndy JohnsonResults10
14/02/2016Longdon WoodWest Midlands LeagueCSteve ChivertonResults
11/02/2016Habberley ValleyWinter Evening EventDDavid WilliamsResults24
06/02/2016Frith WoodWestern Night LeagueDColin PalmerResults17
28/01/2016Worcester WoodsWinter Evening EventDJohn LeesonResults22
14/01/2016Highgate CommonWinter Evening EventDKerstin MitchellResults30
07/01/2016WombourneNight Street LeagueDBarry HoughtonResults11
19/12/2015Callow HillClub ChampionshipsDHeather KieniewiczResults
Bert Pardoe Results
Class Results
05/12/2015Arrow ValleyLocal eventDJenny UffResults24
03/12/2015Hartlebury CommonWinter Evening EventDAndy JohnsonResults20
26/11/2015FrankleyNight Street LeagueDAndy HemstedResults13
19/11/2015Uffmoor WoodWinter Evening EventDAndy HemstedResults23
12/11/2015WorcesterNight Street LeagueDJohn LeesonResults17
03/10/2015Redditch UrbanWest Midlands Urban LeagueCMarian WhiteResults
Course Results
Course Splits
13/08/2015Castlemorton CommonSummer SeriesDJames WilkinsonResults
29/07/2015Sutton ParkSummer SeriesDJenny UffResults13
16/07/2015Saltwells WoodSummer SeriesDJenny UffResults13
09/07/2015Birmingham City Centre (URBAN)Summer SeriesDAndy WhiteResults31
02/07/2015New Hall ValleySummer SeriesDBob ScottResults24
25/06/2015Habberley ValleySummer SeriesDAndy JohnsonResults23
21/06/2015BrockhamptonWest Midlands League CJason HowellResults
18/06/2015Gheluvelt ParkSummer SeriesDJohn LeesonResults21
11/06/2015June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResultsComments18
04/06/2015Cannon Hill ParkSummer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResultsMedium Course26
23/05/2015Brampton BryanSpringtime in ShropshireBLester EvansLink is to SinS website with full results, WinSplits and Routegadget.591
21/05/2015Himley HallSummer SeriesDSteve NightingaleResults21
14/05/2015Baggeridge Country ParkSummer SeriesDKerstin MitchellResults20
12/04/2015Kinver EdgeWest Midlands LeagueCJenny UffResults
19/03/2015KidderminsterNight Street LeagueDRuss FausetResults16
15/03/2015Eastnor ParkCompassSport CupBStephen BramwellResults
Club Scores
14/03/2015BrockhamptonHereford and Worcester SchoolsDBarbara FordResults
Year Results
Year Splits
08/03/2015Highgate CommonWest Midlands LeagueCBarry HoughtonResults
26/02/2015Burlish TopWinter Evening EventDDavid WilliamsResults24
19/02/2015West BromwichNight Street LeagueDAndy WhiteResults10
14/02/2015Hope EndWestern Night LeagueDColin PalmerResults
12/02/2015Shire OakWinter Evening EventDBarry McGowanResultsComments19
07/02/2015Longdon WoodWest Midlands LeagueCSteve ChivertonResults
28/01/2015Sutton Coldfield (COBOC)Night Street LeagueResults
22/01/2015Worcester WoodsWinter Evening EventDRobert RoseResults21
08/01/2015Kingsford Country ParkWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResultsComments28
01/01/2015Sandwell ValleyLaurie Bradley ScoreDResults
21/12/2014Clent HillsClub ChampionshipsDResults
Class Results
Bert Pardoe results
11/12/2014Handsworth WoodNight Street LeagueDAndy WhiteResults9
06/12/2014Wyche RidgeWestern Night LeagueDResults
04/12/2014Arrow ValleyWinter Evening EventDKerstin MitchellResults21
20/11/2014Walton HillWinter Evening EventDAlison SlomanResults23
13/11/2014WalmleyNight Street LeagueDBob ScottResults19
09/11/2014Castlemorton CommonLevel CCResults
25/10/2014Redditch (URBAN)West Midlands Urban leagueCResults
19/10/2014DudmastonWest Midlands League EventCResults
11/10/2014Arrow ValleyBritish Schools Score ChampionshipsBO: Penny HemstedResultsSchools
Team Results
28/09/2014Rough WoodDResults
14/08/2014Worcestershire BeaconSummer SeriesDRichard DavisResults32
07/08/2014Gheluvelt ParkSummer SeriesDJohn LeesonResults21
24/07/2014Sandwell ValleySummer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResults13
17/07/2014Uffmoor WoodSummer SeriesDJenny UffResults16
10/07/2014Hayhead WoodSummer SeriesDBarry McGowanResultsComments24
05/07/2014Croome ParkPOC LaunchDResults23
26/06/2014Morton Stanley ParkSummer SeriesDJohn PearsonResults23
19/06/2014June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResultsComments17
12/06/2014Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDAllan McKinleyResults19
08/06/2014Titterstone Clee HillWest Midlands League EventCO: Steve ChivertonResults
07/06/2014Edwards and Caudwell CoppicesChildren's eventDTony ThornleyResults45
05/06/2014BrockhamptonSummer SeriesDMike FarringtonResults25
31/05/2014Sanders ParkSMILEDAndy & Marian WhiteResults50
22/05/2014Baggeridge Country ParkSummer SeriesDPeter LangmaidResults17
17/05/2014Croft CastleSMILE & POC launchDSpears and WhitesResults43
15/05/2014Malvern CommonSummer SeriesDClive CaffellResults21
08/05/2014Worcester WoodsSummer SeriesDRoger KeelingResults32
01/05/2014Himley HallSummer SeriesDKerstin MitchellResults22
27/04/2014Breakneck BankWest Midlands LeagueCO:
P: Barry Houghton
C: Derek Turner
PSUK Results
05/04/2014BrockhamptonH&W Schools and Level DDO: Barbara FordSchool's Results
School's Splits
School Champions
Local event Results
Local event Splits
29/03/2014Arrow ValleySmileDAndy & Marian WhiteResults50
15/03/2014Callow HillDJason HowellResults
20/02/2014Highgate CommonWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResults27
13/02/2014Jewellery QuarterNight Street LeagueDAndy WhiteResults26
06/02/2014Worcester WoodsWinter Evening EventDJohn LeesonResults28
29/01/2014Sutton Coldfield (COBOC)Night Street LeagueDResults
25/01/2014Hollybed CommonWestern Night LeagueDResults
23/01/2014Habberley ValleyWinter Evening EventDKerstin MitchellResults21
19/01/2014Sandwell ValleyWest Midlands LeagueCResults
16/01/2014TiptonNight Street LeagueDAdrian BaileyResults11
09/01/2014Hartlebury CommonWinter Evening EventDAndy HemstedResults31
15/12/2013Baggeridge Country ParkClub ChampionshipsDResults
Bert Pardoe Results
05/12/2013FrankleyNight Street LeagueDResults23
01/12/2013PostensplainWest Midlands LeagueCO: Rollo Rumford
P: Paul Basher and Kerstin Mitchell
C: Mike Callow (WRE)
Class Results
21/11/2013WorcesterNight Street LeagueDResults31
16/11/2013Worcestershire BeaconWestern Night leagueDResults
14/11/2013Clent HillsWinter Evening EventDResults26
07/11/2013WalmleyNight Street LeagueDResults23
08/09/2013DudmastonWest Midlands RelaysCResults
Splits by Class
Splits by Course
31/08/2013Walsall CampusLevel DDO: Marian White
P:Barry McGowan
08/08/2013Cannon Hill ParkSummer SeriesDDavid WilliamsResults18
01/08/2013Bumble HoleSummer SeriesDJenny UffResults9
25/07/2013Habberley ValleySummer SeriesDSteve NightingaleResults13
18/07/2013Burlish TopSummer SeriesDRuss FausetResults0
13/07/2013Sanders ParkSMILE / Summer SeriesDResults0
03/07/2013Perry ParkSummer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResults22
27/06/2013FibbersleySummer SeriesDAndy HemstedResults11
23/06/2013Castlemorton CommonDSteve ChivertonResults
20/06/2013June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResultsComments18
15/06/2013Leasowes ParkSMILE / Summer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResults28
09/06/2013Edwards and Caudwell CoppicesChildren's EventDTony ThornleyResults6
06/06/2013Morton Stanley ParkSummer SeriesDMike BaggottResults44
30/05/2013Arrow Valley (south)Summer SeriesDJohn LeesonResults15
27/05/2013Brown Clee HillSpringtime in ShropshireBLesley BrownResults812
25/05/2013Croft CastleSpringtime in ShropshireBResults743
18/05/2013Arrow Valley (central)SMILE / Summer SeriesDJohn LeesonResults45
12/05/2013Walsall ArboretumLevel DDO: Marian White
P: Barry McGowan
Results not found70
09/05/2013Worcestershire BeaconSummer SeriesDJason HowellResults29
02/05/2013Old HillsSummer SeriesDResults51
27/04/2013Hope EndLevel DDResults
25/04/2013Nunnery WoodSummer SeriesDRollo RumfordResults34
21/03/2013WorcesterNight Street LeagueDResults23
16/03/2013Eastnor ParkH&W School ChampsDCourse Results
Course Splits
Class Results
Class Splits
Helper Results
Helper Splits
School WinSplits
Helper WinSplits
07/03/2013Halesowen (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAdrian BaileyResults8
28/02/2013RedditchNight Street LeagueDMike BaggottResults14
21/02/2013Highgate CommonWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResults25
10/02/2013Lickey HillsWest Midlands LeagueCO: Rachel Dearden, P: Richard Dearden, C: Colin SpearsResults
31/01/2013Baggeridge Country ParkWinter Evening EventDKerstin MitchellResults34
26/01/2013Old HillsWestern Night leagueDColin PalmerResults
10/01/2013Clent HillsWinter Evening EventDAllan McKinleyResults36
20/12/2012MalvernNight Street LeagueDLester & Lynden HartmannResults17
15/12/2012HawkbatchClub ChampionshipsDO: Lyden Hartmann, P: David Williams 44
13/12/2012HawkesleyNight Street LeagueDJohn EmbreyResults10
06/12/2012Lickey HillsWinter Evening EventDDavid WilliamsResults25
29/11/2012Walsall (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAdrian BaileyResults10
24/11/2012Worcestershire BeaconWNLDO: Richard Davies, P: Tom Horton 18
22/11/2012Morton Stanley ParkWinter Evening EventDMike BaggottResults13
10/11/2012Castle Vale (URBAN)CO: John Embrey, P: Mike Abbott, C: Allan Williams (WCH)172
08/11/2012Kingsford Country ParkWinter Evening EventDKerstin MitchellResults16
28/10/2012Saltwells WoodCO: Adrian Bailey, P: John Leeson, C: Marcus Eassom (WRE)179
07/10/2012Hollybed CommonDO: Lindsey McMillan, P: Susan Matthews, C: Rollo Rumford76
16/08/2012Rough WoodSummer SeriesDBarry McGowanResultsComments33
02/08/2012Hill TopSummer SeriesDJohn BennisonResults22
19/07/2012Morton Stanley ParkSummer SeriesDCharlie NelsonResults26
12/07/2012Hartlebury CommonSummer SeriesDRoger KeelingResults29
28/06/2012Bumble HoleSummer SeriesDKerstin MitchellResults24
21/06/2012June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResultsComments17
14/06/2012Arrow ValleySummer SeriesDJohn LeesonResults24
07/06/2012Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDMike BaggottResults18
02/06/2012Baggeridge Country ParkDO: Stephen Bramwell, P: Peter Langmaid 35
27/05/2012Brown Clee HillBO: Charlie Nelson, P: Clive Caffell, C: Ray Collins (WCH)398
17/05/2012Barr BeaconSummer SeriesDBarry McGowanResultsComments19
12/05/2012New Park HallWest Midlands Schools ChampionshipsCBarbara Ford193
10/05/2012Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDResults52
05/05/2012Walsall ArboretumCATI & Park LeagueDAdrian Bailey8
03/05/2012Kingsford Country ParkSummer SeriesDAndy HemstedResults21
26/04/2012Haden HillSummer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResults26
01/04/2012Sandwell ValleyCATI & Park LeagueDAdrian Bailey20
17/03/2012Eastnor ParkWNLDO: Carol Farrington, P: Robert Farrington 18
17/03/2012Eastnor ParkCounty Schools champsDO: Carol Farrington, P: Robert Farrington 88
11/03/2012Foxley & GarnstoneMidlands Champs, UK Masters CupAO: Ant Clerici, P: Rollo Rumford, C: Mark Dyer600
10/03/2012Malvern (URBAN)CO: Lynden Hartmann, P: Lester Hartmann, C: Barry Elkington (OD)386
01/03/2012Highgate CommonWinter Evening EventDDavid WilliamsResultsComments27
25/02/2012Bringsty CommonDO: Ant Clerici & Brian Hughes, P: Andy Hemsted, C: Russ Fauset65
15/02/2012LedburyNight Street LeagueDColin PalmerResults25
09/02/2012Burlish TopWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResults
02/02/2012WorcesterNight Street LeagueDNigel CousinsResults13
26/01/2012DudmastonWinter Evening EventDEric BrownResults
19/01/2012Cradley HeathNight Street LeagueDPeter LangmaidResults9
12/01/2012WordsleyNight Street LeagueDKerstin MitchellResults15
05/01/2012Shire OakWinter Evening EventDBarry McGowanResults
18/12/2011Hartlebury CommonClub ChampionshipsD58
08/12/2011Kinver EdgeWinter Evening EventDResults
01/12/2011RedditchNight Street LeagueDResults12
19/11/2011Frith WoodD27
17/11/2011Uffmoor WoodWinter Evening EventDResults
12/11/2011Lickey HillsC189
10/11/2011Druids HeathNight Street LeagueDResults16
25/10/2011Shire OakD23
08/10/2011Wyche RidgeMini-LeagueDO: Julian Green, P: Judith Taylor 86
25/09/2011Queslett Nature ReserveD15
03/09/2011Callow HillC, P: Kerstin Mitchell, C: Brian Hughes73
14/07/2011Old HillsSummer SeriesDAnt ClericiResults36
07/07/2011Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDJohn PearsonResults32
30/06/2011Castlemorton CommonSummer SeriesDJulian GreenResults34
25/06/2011Worcestershire BeaconMini-LeagueDO: Jason Howell, P: Tony Knight, C: Dave Nevell81
23/06/2011June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResultsComments18
19/06/2011Breakneck BankCO: Steve Chiverton, P: John Embrey, C: Pat Pay157
16/06/2011Malvern CommonSummer SeriesDResults22
12/06/2011Baggeridge Country ParkC79
09/06/2011Leasowes ParkSummer SeriesDPeter LangmaidResults31
29/05/2011LudlowSINS UrbanCMarian White308
28/05/2011Brampton BryanSINS Day 1CO: Lesley Brown, P: Allan McKinley 825
19/05/2011Clent HillsSummer SeriesDResults40
12/05/2011Morton Stanley ParkSummer SeriesDResults33
08/05/2011Kingsford Country ParkD39
28/04/2011Nunnery WoodSummer SeriesDResults28
12/03/2011Eastnor ParkWestern Night LeagueD19
12/03/2011Eastnor ParkMini-leagueDO: Carol Farrington, P: Susan Matthews, C: Richard Davies86
12/03/2011Eastnor ParkH&W Schools ChampsDO: Carol Farrington, P: Susan Matthews, C: Richard Davies83
24/03/2011MalvernNight Street LeagueDLester HartmannResults14
17/03/2011Handsworth WoodNight Street LeagueDAndy & Marian WhiteResults9
03/03/2011Highgate CommonWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResults
19/02/2011Dymock ForestWestern Night LeagueD26
19/02/2011Dymock ForestMini-LeagueDMike Farrington , C: Clive Caffall116
17/02/2011ErdingtonNight Street LeagueDAndy HemstedResults10
13/02/2011Sandwell ValleyD79
10/02/2011DudmastonWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResultsComments38
06/02/2011HawkbatchYvette Baker Trophy Final/Mini-LeagueCO: Rachel Dearden, P: Richard Dearden, C: Russ Fauset439
27/01/2011Rough WoodWinter Evening EventDBarry McGowanResultsComments22
20/01/2011StourbridgeNight Street LeagueDRobert VickersResults11
13/01/2011Kings NortonNight Street LeagueDJohn EmbreyResults9
06/01/2011Shrawley WoodWinter Evening EventDRoger KeelingResultsComments30
16/12/2010Selly ParkNight Street LeagueDAlison SlomanResults7
12/12/2010BrockhamptonClub ChampionshipsDO: Alex Morgan, P: Andy Hemsted 55
09/12/2010Walton HillWinter Evening EventDPeter LangmaidResultsComments24
25/11/2010West BromwichNight Street LeagueDAdrian BaileyResults7
18/11/2010Kingsford Country ParkWinter Evening EventDResultsComments30
14/11/2010PostensplainCO: Lester Evans, P: Rollo Rumford 389
09/11/2010WorcesterNight Street LeagueDBrian HughesResults10
23/10/2010British CampMini-leagueDO: Steve Chiverton, P: Julian Green 102
25/09/2010Queslett Nature ReserveDAdrian Bailey18
19/09/2010Hartlebury CommonWest Midlands RelaysCO: Barbara Ford, P: Ashley Ford, C: Bob Brandon (OD)150
22/07/2010Worcestershire BeaconSummer SeriesDAnt ClericiResults25
15/07/2010Old HillsSummer SeriesDRoger & Dot KeelingResults13
11/07/2010Arrow ValleyDO: Colin Spears, P: John Leeson, C: Simon Thompson63
08/07/2010Barr BeaconSummer SeriesDBarry McGowanResultsComments41
01/07/2010Morton Stanley ParkSummer SeriesDMike BaggottResults23
24/06/2010June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults
17/06/2010Callow HillSummer SeriesDCharlie NelsonResultsComments28
12/06/2010Castlemorton CommonMini-leagueDO: Mike Farrington, P: John Embrey 69
10/06/2010HawkbatchSummer SeriesDRoger & Dot KeelingResults23
27/05/2010Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDJohn PearsonResults39
20/05/2010Malvern CommonSummer SeriesDMike FarringtonResults32
16/05/2010Kinver EdgeC231
13/05/2010Nunnery WoodSummer SeriesDBrian HughesResults27
06/05/2010Himley HallSummer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResults15
29/04/2010Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDJohn LeesonResults23
22/04/2010Baggeridge Country ParkSummer SeriesDAndy HemstedResults24
17/04/2010Sandwell ValleyDO: Marian White, P: Andy White, C: George Chambers62
28/03/2010DudmastonCEric & Lesley Brown146
27/03/2010Frith WoodWinter Evening EventDResults28
26/03/2010Droitwich (BIMM)Night Street LeagueDRuss FausetResults8
13/03/2010Eastnor ParkMini-leagueD101
13/03/2010Eastnor ParkH&W Schools ChampsDCarol Farrington170
06/03/2010Queslett Nature ReserveJoint event with COBOCDAdrian Bailey14
04/03/2010KingstandingNight Street LeagueDAdrian BaileyResults10
28/02/2010Dymock ForestCO: Andy Hemsted, P: Penny Hemsted 199
25/02/2010Bournville (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDColin SpearsResults10
20/02/2010Malvern CommonMini-LeagueDO: Mike Farrington, P: Tony Knight 88
13/02/2010Birmingham University CampusSprintC, P: Iain Embrey 80
02/02/2010RedditchNight Street LeagueDJohn PearsonResults10
28/01/2010Highgate CommonWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResults
24/01/2010Worcestershire BeaconC350
21/01/2010Halesowen N & Rowley RegisNight Street LeagueDPeter LangmaidResults11
01/01/2010Rough WoodLaurie Bradley ScoreC138
19/12/2009Callow HillClub ChampionshipsDO: Ant Clerici, P: John Embrey 59
15/12/2009MalvernNight Street LeagueDLynden & Lester HartmannResults14
08/12/2009StratfordNight Street LeagueDGeoffrey FosterResults10
28/11/2009Wyche RidgeWestern Light LeagueDO: Mike Farrington, P: Chris McSweeny 26
28/11/2009Wyche RidgeMini-LeagueDO: Mike Farrington, P: Chris McSweeny 78
25/11/2009WorcesterNight Street LeagueDBrian HughesResults15
10/11/2009WalsallNight Street LeagueDBarry McGowanResults13
08/11/2009Titterstone Clee HillCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Kath McMillan 205
25/10/2009Fownhope ParkWest Midlands League EventCO: Judith Taylor, P: Lindsay McMillan 180
13/09/2009Baggeridge Country ParkMiddle & sprint events (with Himley Hall)CO: Adrian Bailey, P: Paul Basher 39
30/07/2009East Park, WolverhamptonSummer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResults11
23/07/2009Himley HallSummer SeriesDPeter LangmaidResults26
12/07/2009Highgate CommonWM League EventCO: John Leeson, P: Barry Houghton 123
09/07/2009Arrow ValleySummer SeriesDJohn PearsonResults28
05/07/2009CarneddauJoint event with POWCBill Marlow (POW)99
02/07/2009FibbersleySummer SeriesDBarry McGowanResultsComments27
27/06/2009Old HillsMADO end of seasonDMike Farrington62
25/06/2009Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDDave WilliamsResults42
18/06/2009June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults16
14/06/2009Uffmoor WoodD120
11/06/2009Wyche RidgeSummer SeriesDRoger KeelingResultsComments30
04/06/2009Kingsford Country ParkSummer SeriesDAndy HemstedResults25
24/05/2009Brown Clee HillSINSC737
21/05/2009Habberley ValleySummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults31
14/05/2009Hartlebury CommonSummer SeriesDCharlie NelsonResults37
07/05/2009Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDMike BaggottResults41
30/04/2009BrockhamptonSummer SeriesDMike FarringtonResults
25/04/2009West Park, WolverhamptonSummer SeriesDAdrian Bailey14
23/04/2009Callow HillSummer SeriesDJohn LeesonResults22
19/04/2009Sandwell ValleyD124
18/04/2009Frith WoodMADODO: Mike Farrington, P: Clive Caffall 121
21/03/2009Eastnor ParkWNLD33
21/03/2009Eastnor ParkMADODMike Farrington230
21/03/2009Eastnor ParkH&W Schools ChampsD103
10/03/2009MalvernNight Street LeagueDJill MacKenzieResults13
27/02/2009Stourbridge (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRobert VickersResults9
21/02/2009Hollybed CommonMADOD122
19/02/2009The WeoleysNight Street LeagueDJohn EmbreyResultsComments12
15/02/2009Lickey Hillswith BUOCC203
12/02/2009Walton HillWinter Evening EventDAndy HemstedResultsComments19
29/01/2009Habberley ValleyWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResults13
25/01/2009Clent HillsD130
13/01/2009Rock CoppiceWinter Evening EventDResultsComments13
10/01/2009Wyche RidgeWNLD33
10/01/2009Wyche RidgeMADO (whole Ridge)DO: Mike Farrington, P: Jason Howell 121
08/01/2009Selly ParkNight Street LeagueDAlison SlomanResults12
17/12/2008StratfordNight Street LeagueDGeoffrey FosterResults10
13/12/2008Highgate CommonClub ChampionshipsDAndy Hemsted53
07/12/2008PostensplainCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Rollo Rumford 281
04/12/2008Lickey HillsWinter Evening EventDJohn EmbreyResultsComments18
02/12/2008Great BarrNight Street LeagueDAdrian BaileyResults7
22/11/2008East Park, WolverhamptonDAdrian Bailey10
20/11/2008WorcesterNight Street LeagueDBrian HughesResults9
16/11/2008Hawkbatchinc retro courseDO: Rachel White, P: Richard Dearden 70
13/11/2008Hartlebury CommonWinter Evening EventDAlison SlomanResultsComments18
08/11/2008British CampMADODO: Mike Farrington, P: John Embrey 104
04/11/2008ErdingtonNight Street LeagueDAndy HemstedResults10
25/10/2008Central London (BIMM)Night Street LeagueDRuss FausetResults6
18/10/2008West Park, WolverhamptonDAdrian Bailey47
18/10/2008Castlemorton CommonMADODO: Mike Farrington, P: Julian Green 119
21/09/2008Croft CastleYvette Baker TrophyCO: Eric & Lesley Brown, P: Alison Sloman, C: Mike Farrington122
28/08/2008Sandwell ValleySummer SeriesDAdrian BaileyResults27
21/08/2008Habberley ValleySummer SeriesDResults24
14/08/2008Arrow ValleySummer SeriesDJohn LeesonResults14
31/07/2008Kingsford Country ParkSummer SeriesDIan HopkinsResults23
24/07/2008Haden HillSummer SeriesDPeter LangmaidResults21
17/07/2008Clent HillsSummer SeriesDCharlie NelsonResults32
10/07/2008Sedgeley Hall FarmSummer SeriesDBarry McGowanResults14
06/07/2008Habberley ValleyJuniors eventDO: Susan Ford, P: Duncan Leeson 66
03/07/2008Morton Stanley ParkSummer SeriesDMike BaggottResults31
26/06/2008Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDJohn PearsonResults41
21/06/2008Old HillsMADODO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: Jason Howell 37
19/06/2008June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults22
12/06/2008Old HillsSummer SeriesDRoger KeelingResults30
08/06/2008Brown Clee HillNational & World Ranking eventBO: Rollo Rumford, P: John Richards 953
22/05/2008Cannon Hill ParkSummer SeriesDColin SpearsResults23
15/05/2008Baggeridge Country ParkSummer SeriesDBarry HoughtonResults23
10/05/2008Baggeridge Country ParkWM schools champsCO: Sue Chambers, P: George Chambers, C: Henry Morgan (POTOC)222
08/05/2008Callow HillSummer SeriesDAlison SlomanResults27
01/05/2008Brinton ParkSummer SeriesDRuss FausetResults33
26/04/2008Castlemorton CommonMADODO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: Neill Williamson 133
24/04/2008Highgate CommonSummer SeriesDAndy HemstedResults40
20/04/2008Clent HillsD79
16/03/2008DudmastonCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Barry McGowan, C: Robert Vickers169
15/03/2008Eastnor ParkMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann90
15/03/2008Eastnor ParkH&W Schools ChampsDCarol Farrington83
06/03/2008Uffmoor WoodWinter Evening EventDDavid WilliamsResults19
05/03/2008WorcesterNight Street LeagueDPeter LangmaidResults8
19/02/2008MalvernNight Street LeagueDSimon VickersResults10
12/02/2008Callow HillWinter Evening EventDRichard DeardenResults22
10/02/2008Eymore Woodwith BUOCC105
05/02/2008BournvilleNight Street LeagueDColin SpearsResults10
02/02/2008Wyche RidgeMADO (Northern part)DO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: Pete Bradshaw 120
22/01/2008Castle ValeNight Street LeagueDJohn EmbreyResults11
20/01/2008Haugh WoodMADODMike Farrington135
19/01/2008Haugh WoodWestern Night LeagueDMike Farrington46
17/01/2008Shrawley WoodWinter Evening EventDAndy HemstedResults22
09/01/2008KidderminsterNight Street LeagueDMartyn BickertonResults7
22/12/2007Frith WoodClub ChampionshipsDO: Carol Farrington, P: Brian Hughes, C: Neil MacKenzie63
16/12/2007Kinver EdgeCO: Robert Vickers, P: Alison Sloman & Barry Houghton, C: Brian Morris (WRE)320
12/12/2007StratfordNight Street LeagueDGeoffrey FosterResults11
06/12/2007Leasowes ParkWinter Evening EventDO: Barry Houghton, P: Mike Dugmore ResultsComments16
24/11/2007British CampMADODMike Farrington107
22/11/2007Harborne (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRachel WhiteResults10
15/11/2007Highgate CommonWinter Evening EventDBarry McGowanResults13
06/11/2007WorcesterNight Street LeagueDBrian HughesResults12
22/10/2007Venice (BIMM)Night Street LeagueDRuss FausetResults5
20/10/2007Malvern Hills SouthWestern Night LeagueD19
20/10/2007Malvern Hills SouthMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann105
30/09/2007Fownhope ParkWest Midlands Champs 27CO: Mike Farrington, P: Rollo Rumford & Neill Williamson, C: John Fallows (NGOC)216
09/09/2007Uffmoor WoodDMarian White79
17/07/2007Sandwell ValleySummer SeriesDAndy HemstedResults30
12/07/2007Cotwall EndSummer SeriesDJohn EmbreyResults21
08/07/2007Arrow ValleyDO: John Leeson, P: Mike Baggott 42
26/06/2007Worcestershire BeaconSummer SeriesDDavid NevellResults28
21/06/2007June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults17
17/06/2007Highgate CommonDO: Carole Sparke, P: Ian Hopkins 90
16/06/2007Hollybed CommonMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann60
14/06/2007Saltwells WoodSummer SeriesDBarry McGowanResults17
05/06/2007Hartlebury CommonSummer SeriesDCharlie NelsonResults29
28/05/2007Brampton BryanSINSCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Russ Fauset & Peter Langmaid, C: Andy Yeates (WCH)975
26/05/2007Titterstone Clee HillSINSCO: Graham Hardy (WRE), P: Mike Dugmore & Richard Dearden, C: Bob Brandon (OD)1057
17/05/2007Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDMike BaggottResults23
12/05/2007Wyche RidgeMADO (Southern part)DLynden & Lester Hartmann120
03/05/2007Callow HillSummer SeriesDO: Andy & Penny Hemsted, P: Andy Hemsted Results18
24/04/2007Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDJohn PearsonResults27
15/04/2007Breakneck BankCO: George Chambers, P: Kay Hughes & Neil MacKenzie, C: Robert Vickers223
12/04/2007Habberley ValleySummer SeriesDDave WilliamsResults34
17/03/2007Eastnor ParkWestern Night LeagueDMike Farrington33
17/03/2007Eastnor ParkMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann95
17/03/2007Eastnor ParkH&W Schools ChampsD79
06/03/2007The WeoleysNight Street LeagueDRichard DeardenResults11
04/03/2007HawkbatchCCharlie Nelson142
01/03/2007Rock CoppiceWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResults20
18/02/2007Lickey Hillswith BUOC (WM League)CO: Kath McMillan, P: Tess Hill & Kirsty Davies-Walters, C: Rollo Rumford294
15/02/2007WalsallNight Street LeagueDBarry McGowanResults7
01/02/2007Castle ValeNight Street LeagueDJohn EmbreyResults8
27/01/2007Old HillsMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann104
23/01/2007ErdingtonNight Street LeagueDAndy HemstedResults12
11/01/2007Hartlebury CommonWinter Evening EventDO: Barry Houghton, P: Allan McKinley Results25
09/01/2007StourbridgeNight Street LeagueDBrian HughesResults12
17/12/2006PostensplainClub ChampionshipsDTom Horton64
13/12/2006StratfordNight Street LeagueDGeoffrey FosterResults6
09/12/2006Haugh WoodMADODO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: David Nevell, C: Ashley Ford80
06/12/2006Clent HillsWinter Evening EventDO: Barry Houghton, P: Chris Embrey Results20
28/11/2006MalvernNight Street LeagueDO: Neill Williamson & Jenny Williamson, P: Neill Williamson Results11
19/11/2006HawkbatchBritish Schools ChampionshipsCGeorge Chambers834
16/11/2006Selly ParkNight Street LeagueDAlison SlomanResults11
11/11/2006Frith WoodWestern Light LeagueDMike Farrington25
11/11/2006Frith WoodMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann118
04/11/2006Callow HillSMILEDGeorge Chambers21
02/11/2006Kinver EdgeWinter Evening EventDAlison SlomanResults26
29/10/2006Malvern Hills SouthCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Lindsay McMillan & Katherine McMillan, C: Dave Holmes (QO)325
26/10/2006Birmingham UniversityNight Street LeagueDTessa HillResults11
21/10/2006Kingsford Country ParkSMILEDGeorge Chambers6
14/10/2006Worcestershire BeaconMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann117
30/09/2006Kinver MillionSMILEDGeorge Chambers13
24/09/2006Baggeridge Country ParkJuniors running eventDO: Dan Hartmann, P: Lizzie White & Matt Evans 53
16/09/2006Brinton ParkSMILEDGeorge Chambers16
11/07/2006Callow HillSummer SeriesDCharlie NelsonResults23
09/07/2006Hartlebury CommonDO: Dennis Mews, P: Alison Sloman, C: Brian Hughes54
06/07/2006Cotwall EndSummer SeriesDMike DugmoreResults17
01/07/2006Old HillsMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann55
27/06/2006Sandwell ValleySummer SeriesDBarry McGowanResults19
20/06/2006June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults12
18/06/2006Baggeridge Country ParkWM Relay Championships 26CO: Robert Vickers, P: Barry Houghton, C: Colin Spears162
13/06/2006Malvern CommonSummer SeriesDDavid NevellResults23
10/06/2006British CampMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann68
06/06/2006Kingsford Country ParkSummer SeriesDRuss FausetResults21
01/06/2006Highgate CommonSummer SeriesDO: Andy Hemsted & Chris Embrey, P: Andy Hemsted Results22
25/05/2006Old HillsSummer SeriesDSusan FordResults29
21/05/2006Titterstone Clee HillCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Barry McGowan 244
16/05/2006Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDMike BaggottResults22
13/05/2006Malvern Hills SouthMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann73
11/05/2006Habberley ValleySummer SeriesDAlison SlomanResults25
02/05/2006Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDTessa HillResults27
25/04/2006Saltwells WoodSummer SeriesDRichard DeardenResults19
22/04/2006Holme LacyMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann63
09/04/2006Croft CastleCompass Sport Cup QualifierCO: Rollo Rumford, P: John Richards, C: Mike Dugmore310
29/03/2006WorcesterNight Street LeagueDBob SchofieldResults8
19/03/2006Clent HillsCO: Robert Vickers, P: Rollo Rumford, C: Ian Hopkins208
16/03/2006Uffmoor WoodWinter Evening EventDDave WilliamsResults18
11/03/2006Eastnor ParkMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann77
26/02/2006Sandwell Valleywith BUOCCO: Tessa Hill, P: Katherine McMillan, C: Colin Spears165
25/02/2006Hollybed CommonMADODLynden & Lester Hartmann87
16/02/2006BournvilleNight Street LeagueDColin SpearsResults11
14/02/2006Habberley ValleyWinter Evening EventDAlison SlomanResultsComments22
31/01/2006Bewdley (BIMM)Night Street LeagueDRuss FausetResults14
26/01/2006Baggeridge Country ParkWinter Evening EventDBarry McGowanResultsComments16
14/01/2006Castlemorton CommonMADODO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: Tom Horton 99
12/01/2006The WeoleysNight Street LeagueDJohn EmbreyResults14
08/01/2006Haugh WoodCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Ron Smith, C: Mike Farrington163
03/01/2006KidderminsterNight Street LeagueDDennis MewsResults14
18/12/2005BrockhamptonClub ChampionshipsDColin Spears & Judith Evans61
06/12/2005Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBrian HughesResults14
03/12/2005Castlemorton CommonWestern Night LeagueD40
30/11/2005Kingsford Country ParkWinter Evening EventDBarry HoughtonResults16
23/11/2005Stourbridge (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRobert VickersResults7
20/11/2005PostensplainCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Dugmore, C: Rollo Rumford210
12/11/2005Worcestershire BeaconMADO IntroductoryDLynden & Lester Hartmann110
03/11/2005Malvern (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDLynden & Lester HartmannResults27
23/10/2005Fownhope ParkWM LeagueCO: Mike Farrington, P: Robert Farrington, C: Russ Fauset257
15/10/2005British CampMADO IntroductoryDLynden & Lester Hartmann98
01/10/2005Old HillsMADO IntroductoryDLynden & Lester Hartmann68
17/09/2005Castlemorton CommonMADO IntroductoryDLynden & Lester Hartmann63
11/09/2005Eastnor ParkMADO IntroductoryDLynden & Lester Hartmann83
10/07/2005Highgate CommonDO: Heather Houghton, P: Barry Houghton 91
05/07/2005Clent HillsSummer SeriesDMike DugmoreMissing Results19
28/06/2005Hill TopSummer SeriesDBarry McGowanResults15
26/06/2005Worcestershire BeaconCLester Hartmann81
21/06/2005Lickey hillsSummer SeriesDGeoff TrewinResults27
16/06/2005June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults18
11/06/2005Malvern CommonSMILEDAndy White41
07/06/2005Gheluvelt ParkSummer SeriesDBrian HughesResults26
02/06/2005Rock CoppiceSummer SeriesDJudith TaylorResults21
24/05/2005Uffmoor WoodSummer SeriesDAlison SlomanResults22
17/05/2005Kingsford Country ParkSEE (line)DDave WilliamsResults16
11/05/2005Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDMike BaggottResults22
05/05/2005Malvern Hills SouthSummer SeriesDNeill WilliamsonResults32
26/04/2005Habberley ValleySummer SeriesDRuss FausetResults18
23/04/2005Old HillsSMILEDAndy White35
17/04/2005Eymore WoodRadio orienteering "course"DO: Rollo Rumford, P: Ian Hopkins 69
26/03/2005Brown Clee HillJK Day 1B2747
09/03/2005Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBrian HughesResults5
02/03/2005Redditch (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDJohn PearsonResults8
20/02/2005Lickey Hillswith BUOCCO: Peter Broad, P: Frances Beedie, C: Colin Spears286
17/02/2005Selly Park (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAlison SlomanResults10
01/02/2005Walsall (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBarry McGowanResults9
18/01/2005Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAnt ClericiResults12
06/01/2005Bewdley (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRuss FausetResults7
01/01/2005Kinver EdgeLaurie Bradley ScoreCO: Sam Chambers, P: George Chambers, C: Rollo Rumford154
19/12/2004Highgate CommonClub ChampionshipsDO: Rollo Rumford, P: Alison Sloman 63
16/12/2004Streetly (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDMike DugmoreResults14
04/12/2004Callow HillSMILEDAndy White46
02/12/2004Kidderminster (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDMartyn BickertonResults10
16/11/2004Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBrian HughesResults9
14/11/2004BrockhamptonDO: Robert Vickers, P: Dave Williams 105
13/11/2004Kingsford Country ParkSMILEDAndy White29
04/11/2004Erdington (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAndy HemstedResults9
28/10/2004Malvern (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDNeill WilliamsonResults10
24/10/2004Haugh WoodCO: Barry McGowan, P: Mick Comery, Chris Earnshaw, C: John Fallows (NGOC)222
02/10/2004Habberley ValleySMILEDAndy White40
18/09/2004Hartlebury CommonHOC JuniorsDO: Carol White, P: Ian Roberts 35
10/07/2004Old HillsSummer SeriesDMatt Scriven & Neill WilliamsonResults
06/07/2004Sandwell ValleySummer SeriesDGeorge ChambersResults14
29/06/2004Kingsford Country ParkSummer SeriesDResults21
22/06/2004Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDSimon Goodwin (BUOC)Results30
17/06/2004June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults11
12/06/2004Baggeridge Country Parkincorporating SMILEDO: Marian White, P: Rollo Rumford 61
03/06/2004Rock CoppiceSummer SeriesDAlison SlomanResults27
25/05/2004Highgate CommonSummer SeriesDRuss FausetResults19
20/05/2004Eastnor ParkSummer SeriesDMike FarringtonResults34
13/05/2004Uffmoor WoodSummer SeriesDRuth LockleyResults36
09/05/2004Croft CastleCO: Sam Chambers, P: Barry Houghton, C: Mick Comery160
06/05/2004Habberley ValleySummer SeriesDDavid WilliamsResults19
27/04/2004PostensplainSummer SeriesDRobert VickersResults28
24/04/2004Malvern CommonSMILEDAndy White48
18/04/2004Breakneck BankFCC & Midlands Champs (also Sturt Common)CO: Steve Chiverton, P: Carole Sparke, John Bennison, C: Barry Elkington (OD)501
20/03/2004Old HillsSMILEDAndy White29
17/03/2004Malvern (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDO: Paul Hammond, P: Lester Hartmann 10
07/03/2004Kinver MillionCO: Mike Dugmore, P: Andy Hemsted, C: Robert Vickers143
03/03/2004Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDStephen Clark7
17/02/2004Bournville (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDColin Spears10
15/02/2004DudmastonCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Mike Farrington, C: Marcus Eassom (WRE)213
07/02/2004Callow HillSMILEDAndy White27
05/02/2004Great Barr (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAdrian Bailey9
20/01/2004Kidderminster (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDDennis Mews9
18/01/2004Sandwell Valleywith BUOCCO: Peter Broad (BUOC), P: Simon Goodwin (BUOC), C: Alison Sloman177
17/01/2004HawkbatchSMILEDMarian White41
06/01/2004Bewdley (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRuss Fauset9
18/12/2003Shenley Court (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBrian Hughes5
07/12/2003Hartlebury CommonClub ChampionshipsDColin Spears50
04/12/2003Streetly (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDMick Comery9
22/11/2003Kinver EdgeSMILEDAndy White31
18/11/2003Stourbridge (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRobert Vickers5
09/11/2003PostensplainCO: George Chambers, P: Lester Hartmann & Charlie Nelson, C: Ron Smith394
06/11/2003Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDJudith Taylor9
18/10/2003Brinton ParkSMILEDAndy White17
12/10/2003Croft CastleCO: Colin Spears, P: John Adams 276
20/09/2003Habberley ValleySMILEDAndy White46
13/09/2003Baggeridge Country ParkDO: Sam Evans, P: Heather Houghton, C: Barry Houghton64
14/08/2003Old HillsSummer SeriesDLester Hartmann35
17/07/2003Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDCharlie Nelson14
13/07/2003Eastnor ParkCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Robert Farrington 128
10/07/2003Rhydd CovertSummer SeriesDDavid Williams23
26/06/2003Bumble HoleSummer SeriesDGeorge Chambers18
22/06/2003Uffmoor WoodCO: Marian White, P: Sam Chambers, C: Alison Sloman116
17/06/2003Saltwells WoodSummer SeriesDAlison Sloman26
14/06/2003Hartlebury CommonSMILEDStephen Bickerton17
12/06/2003June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert Vickers26
10/06/2003Arrow ValleySummer SeriesDCharlie Nelson22
03/06/2003Baggeridge Country ParkSummer SeriesDRuss Fauset28
26/05/2003Brampton BryanSINSCRollo Rumford803
22/05/2003Eymore WoodSummer SeriesDRobert Vickers24
13/05/2003Clent HillsSummer SeriesDMike Dugmore30
06/05/2003HawkbatchSummer SeriesDPeter Bylett35
27/04/2003Worcestershire BeaconCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Brian Hughes, C: Judith Taylor80
12/04/2003HawkbatchSMILEDMartyn Bickerton25
23/03/2003Kinver MillionCO: Robert Vickers, P: Barry Houghton, C: George Chambers195
22/03/2003Malvern CommonSMILEDLester Hartmann36
11/03/2003Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRollo Rumford9
08/03/2003HawkbatchFCC Short RaceCRollo Rumford121
05/03/2003Kidderminster (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDMartyn Bickerton9
01/03/2003Old HillsSMILEDDan Hartmann40
27/02/2003Erdington (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAndy Hemsted9
23/02/2003Brown Clee HillCO: Judith & Lester Evans, P: Mick Comery, Chris Earnshaw, C: John Richards225
08/02/2003Old HillsWestern Night LeagueDJudith Taylor51
04/02/2003Warley WoodsNight Street LeagueDAlex Latham7
01/02/2003Callow HillSMILEDAndy White23
26/01/2003Clent Hillswith BUOCCO: Simon Goodwin (BUOC), P: Allan McKinley, C: Mike Dugmore208
22/01/2003Bewdley (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRuss Fauset10
08/01/2003Malvern (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDChris McSweeny14
14/12/2002Callow HillClub ChampionshipsDO: Kay Hughes, P: Ron & Angela Barker 51
12/12/2002Selly Park (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAlison Sloman4
04/12/2002Streetly (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAndy White9
10/11/2002Titterstone Clee Hillincluding CompassSport Cup Final, WM ChampsCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Pete Manancourt & Keith Ashley, C: Mark Garside (WCH)886
09/11/2002Kingsford Country ParkSMILEDLester Hartmann24
29/10/2002Stourbridge (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDO: Robert Vickers, P: Barry Parkinson 8
15/10/2002Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBrian Hughes6
05/10/2002Habberley ValleySMILEDLester Hartmann54
21/09/2002Brinton ParkSMILED31
27/08/2002Brinton ParkSummer SeriesDRollo Rumford12
20/08/2002Leasowes ParkSummer SeriesDAlison Sloman19
15/08/2002PostensplainSummer SeriesDMartyn Bickerton23
30/07/2002Haden HillSummer SeriesD18
23/07/2002Old HillsSummer SeriesDKay Hughes36
18/07/2002Saltwells WoodSummer SeriesDRobert Vickers26
14/07/2002DudmastonCO: Sue & Les Edlington, P: Chris Earnshaw, C: Sam Chambers133
09/07/2002Hartlebury CommonSummer SeriesDRollo Rumford17
04/07/2002Bumble HoleSummer SeriesDSam Chambers20
27/06/2002Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDCharlie Nelson27
20/06/2002June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDRobert Vickers6
18/06/2002Arrow ValleySummer SeriesDCharlie Nelson27
16/06/2002Uffmoor WoodCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Andy Hemsted, C: Chris Shaw100
13/06/2002Baggeridge Country ParkSummer SeriesDBarry McGowan13
11/06/2002Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDJudith Evans20
26/05/2002Brampton BryanCRon Barker396
25/05/2002Fownhope Parkwith WYECRollo Rumford350
21/05/2002Clent HillsSummer SeriesD22
11/05/2002Baggeridge Country ParkWM Schools ChampsCDot Keeling208
21/04/2002HawkbatchCO: Darren Tipper, P: David Williams 192
23/03/2002Eastnor ParkWestern Night LeagueDLester Hartmann31
20/03/2002Redditch (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDMike Baggott9
10/03/2002Brown Clee HillCompass Sport CupCChris Earnshaw247
06/03/2002Kidderminster (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDDennis Mews10
26/02/2002Malvern (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDLester Hartmann12
23/02/2002Old HillsSMILEDMike Farrington40
17/02/2002Sandwell Valleywith BUOCCO: Richard McGinn, P: Sam Chambers 66
29/01/2002Redditch (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDClark or Pearson8
22/01/2002Bewdley (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRuss Fauset7
19/01/2002Kingsford Country ParkSMILEDLester Hartmann24
08/01/2002Stourbridge (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRobert Vickers16
06/01/2002Malvern Hills SouthCO: Mike Farrington, P: Lester Hartmann, C: Alison Sloman212
23/12/2001PostensplainClub ChampionshipsDRuth Lockley & Sam Evans52
05/12/2001Streetly (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDMike Dugmore11
01/12/2001HawkbatchSMILEDLester Hartmann34
29/11/2001Bournville (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDColin Spears7
25/11/2001Kinver EdgeMidlands ChampsCTom Roach & Ian Chafer479
10/11/2001Malvern CommonSMILEDLester Hartmann45
06/11/2001Walsall (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBarry McGowan8
03/11/2001Clent HillsNight LeagueDDave Williams27
30/10/2001Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBrian Hughes11
06/10/2001Habberley ValleySMILEDLester Hartmann63
22/09/2001Brinton ParkSMILEDLester Hartmann49
02/09/2001Clent HillsCATIDDarren Tipper127
31/07/2001Bumble HoleSummer SeriesDAlison Sloman24
24/07/2001Woodgate ValleySummer SeriesDBarry Parkinson18
17/07/2001Highgate CommonSummer SeriesDDarren Tipper13
05/07/2001Pitcher Oak WoodSummer SeriesDJohn Pearson16
28/06/2001Leasowes ParkSummer SeriesDAlison Sloman29
21/06/2001Arrow ValleySummer SeriesDCharlie Nelson23
17/06/2001Lickey HillsDColin Spears102
05/06/2001Warley WoodsSummer SeriesDGeorge Chambers21
31/05/2001Bewdley (URBAN)Summer SeriesDRuss Fauset12
22/05/2001Brinton ParkSummer SeriesDRollo Rumford21
20/05/2001Pitcher Oak WoodDMike Baggott68
25/04/2001Worcester (URBAN)DBrian Hughes9
20/03/2001Bewdley (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRuss Fauset7
08/03/2001Kidderminster (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDMartyn Bickerton6
27/02/2001Redditch (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDJohn Pearson9
10/02/2001Old HillsSMILEDLester Hartmann36
07/02/2001Stourbridge (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRobert Vickers8
04/02/2001Ribbesford Woodswith BUOCCNicola Olivant130
28/01/2001Kinver MillionCBarry McGowan254
27/01/2001Malvern Hills SouthWestern Night LeagueCLester Hartmann35
25/01/2001Erdington (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAndy Hemsted8
13/01/2001Kingsford Country ParkSMILEDLester Hartmann19
11/01/2001Bournville (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDColin Spears8
16/12/2000Callow HillClub ChampionshipsDCharlie Nelson54
05/12/2000Streetly (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBarry McGowan9
26/11/2000PostensplainWMGCJohn Adams500
22/11/2000Malvern (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDLester Hartmann7
11/11/2000Highgate CommonDDarren Tipper27
09/11/2000Tamworth (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDSheena Williams6
31/10/2000Worcester (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDBrian Hughes5
28/10/2000Hartlebury CommonSMILEDLester Hartmann15
08/10/2000Clent HillsCO: Sam Chambers, P: Nick Pilsbury & Julia Ferguson & Aimee Lister, C: Pat Pay (WRE)295
07/10/2000Habberley ValleySMILEDLester Hartmann48
17/09/2000Highgate CommonDO: Peter Bylett, P: Darren Tipper 90
03/08/2000Kingsford Country ParkSummer SeriesDJudith Taylor18
27/07/2000Sandwell ValleySummer SeriesDSam Chambers33
20/07/2000Callow HillSummer SeriesDRuss Fauset28
11/07/2000Lickey HillsSummer SeriesDJulia Ferguson34
04/07/2000Cole Valley ParkSummer SeriesDAlan & Sheena Williams9
02/07/2000Malvern Hills SouthWMGCO: Alison Sloman, P: Lester Hartmann, C: Mike Dugmore187
27/06/2000Cotwall EndSummer SeriesDBarry McGowan22
20/06/2000Hartlebury CommonSummer SeriesDDarren Tipper33
15/06/2000June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsSummer SeriesDCharlie Nelson & Barry McGowan13
11/06/2000Titterstone Clee HillCO: Ron Barker, P: Alison Sloman, C: Chris Earnshaw224
05/06/2000Clent HillsSummer SeriesDAndy Hemsted34
25/05/2000PostensplainSummer SeriesDDavid Williams27
14/05/2000Penyard HillBritish RelaysBO: Rollo Rumford, P: Russ Fauset & James Preston 2200
09/05/2000Kinver MillionSummer SeriesDGeorge Chambers31
26/03/2000Brown Clee HillMidlands ChampsBRobert Vickers1606
16/03/2000Redditch (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDMike Baggott5
04/03/2000Callow HillDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Martyn Bickerton 81
01/03/2000Kidderminster (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDMartyn Bickerton8
27/02/2000Uffmoor WoodCO: John Adams, P: Barry Parkinson, C: Alison Sloman162
19/02/2000Eastnor ParkWestern Night LeagueDO: Mike Farrington, P: Mike Farrington, C: Rodney Archard (NGOC)30
15/02/2000Bearwood (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDJames Preston4
12/02/2000Habberley ValleySMILEDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Steven & Jonathan Bickerton 83
03/02/2000Malvern (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDLester Hartmann7
30/01/2000HawkbatchDO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Baggott, C: John Pearson116
29/01/2000HawkbatchDO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Baggott, C: John Pearson20
20/01/2000Selly Park (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDAlison Sloman8
15/01/2000Hartlebury CommonSMILEDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Lester Hartmann 83
06/01/2000Bewdley (URBAN)Night Street LeagueDRuss Fauset4
01/01/2000Kinver MillionTSB TrophyCO: Rollo Rumford, P: George Chambers & Alison Sloman, C: Chris Earnshaw154
21/12/1999Redditch (URBAN)NSLDJohn Pearson6
19/12/1999PostensplainClub Champs 1999DO: Sue Edlington, P: Alison Sloman 51
15/12/1999Streetly (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted9
28/11/1999Ribbesford WoodsWMGCRollo Rumford588
25/11/1999Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDRobert Vickers5
13/11/1999HawkbatchSMILEDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Steven & Jonathan Bickerton 79
10/11/1999Worcester (URBAN)NSLDBrian Hughes7
16/10/1999Kingsford Country ParkSMILEDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Darren Tipper 63
10/10/1999HawkbatchCO: Ron Barker, P: Mike & Carol Farrington, C: Barry McGowan283
05/09/1999Cotwall EndC, P: Judith Taylor, C: John Pearson?125
21/08/1999Sandwell ValleyCATIDRollo Rumford16
10/08/1999Baggeridge Country ParkSEEDMartyn Bickerton20
27/07/1999Sutton ParkSEEDMike Dugmore22
20/07/1999HawkbatchSEEDRuss Fauset30
18/07/1999Hartlebury CommonDRollo Rumford36
15/07/1999Callow HillSEEDRollo Rumford29
06/07/1999Uffmore WoodSEEDJames Preston27
04/07/1999Sandwell ValleyCO: Ian Gamlen (COBOC), P: Mik Clarke, C: Robert Roalfe (COBOC)177
01/07/1999Lickey HillsSEEDMike Baggott37
22/06/1999Cole Valley ParkSEEDLes & Sue Edlington21
17/06/1999Warley WoodsSEEDSam Chambers41
13/06/1999Highgate CommonAndy Hemsted 5th birthday eventDAndy Hemsted45
08/06/1999Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells8
03/06/1999Habberley ValleySEEDDavid Williams & Julia Ferguson29
31/05/1999Titterstone Clee HillSINS & WMGCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Mike Dugmore, C: Clive Geddis (DEE)974
25/05/1999Brinton ParkSEEDChris Shaw23
18/05/1999Rhydd CovertSEEDDarren Tipper33
11/05/1999Clent HillsSEEDGeorge Chambers29
06/05/1999Kingsford Country ParkSEEDBarry Parkinson22
11/04/1999DudmastonWMGCO: George Chambers, P: Aimee Lister & Nick Pilsbury, C: Pat Pay (WRE)246
28/03/1999Kinver MillionCO: Pete Manacourt, P: Chris Earnshaw, C: Mick Comery219
27/03/1999Kinver MillionMidland Night ChampsCO: Pete Manacourt, P: Colin Spears, C: Brian Morris (WRE)58
18/03/1999Kidderminster (URBAN)NSLDMartyn Bickerton10
06/03/1999Callow HillSchools/introductory eventDPeter & Ruth Bylett67
04/03/1999Redditch (URBAN)NSLDCharlie Nelson11
28/02/1999Eymore Woodwith BUOCCO: Paul Wilson, P: Michelle Spillar, C: Andy Hemsted168
27/02/1999Eymore WoodWM Night LeagueDO: Brian Laycock, P: Mike Farrington, C: Alison Sloman24
18/02/1999Redditch (URBAN)NSLDJohn Pearson12
06/02/1999HawkbatchSchools/introductory eventDPeter & Ruth Bylett55
04/02/1999Selly Park (URBAN)NSLDAlison Sloman11
23/01/1999Kingsford Country ParkSchools/introductory eventDPeter & Ruth Bylett50
21/01/1999Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset10
17/01/1999Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Ian Hopkins, P: Chris Ashley, C: Marcus Eassom (WRE)187
07/01/1999Bournville (URBAN)NSLDColin Spears15
19/12/1998Callow HillClub Champs 1998D54
15/12/1998Streetly (URBAN)NSLDDot Keeling14
28/11/1998Hartlebury CommonSchools/introductory eventDPeter & Ruth Bylett49
24/11/1998Worcester (URBAN)NSLDBrian Hughes9
22/11/1998Kinver EdgeCChris Shaw & Mike Dugmore546
12/11/1998Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted10
29/10/1998Kings Heath (URBAN)NSLDAlan Williams8
17/10/1998Rhydd CovertSchools/introductory eventDPeter & Ruth Bylett50
11/10/1998PostensplainCRollo Rumford246
26/09/1998Brinton ParkSchools/introductory eventDPeter & Ruth Bylett39
13/09/1998Sandwell ValleyCO: Tom Roach, P: George Chambers, C: Chris Earnshaw190
13/08/1998HawkbatchSEEDRollo Rumford18
30/07/1998Woodgate ValleySEEDGeorge Chambers26
23/07/1998PostensplainSEEDRuss Fauset34
14/07/1998Hartlebury CommonSEEDSteve Chiverton20
12/07/1998HawkbatchDRon Barker81
09/07/1998Highgate CommonSEEDBarry Houghton25
02/07/1998Uffmore WoodSEEDSue & Les Edlington36
25/06/1998Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells19
16/06/1998Baggeridge Country ParkSEE, also Himley HallDJames Preston26
09/06/1998Rhydd CovertSEEDMartyn Bickerton34
07/06/1998Clent HillsCO: Robert Vickers, P: Brian & Kaye Hughes, C: John Pearson187
02/06/1998Callow HillSEEDCharlie Nelson26
26/05/1998Kingsford Country ParkSEEDDavid Williams21
24/05/1998Brampton BryanWMGCAndy Hemsted217
21/05/1998Lickey HillsSEEDNick Barrable33
12/05/1998Habberley ValleySEEDDarren Tipper34
07/05/1998Kinver MillionSEEDIan Hopkins38
19/04/1998Croft CastleWMGCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Judith Taylor, C: Mike Dugmore (HOC)307
31/03/1998Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset5
29/03/1998Breakneck Bankalso Sturt CommonCO: Rollo Rumford & Alison Sloman, P: Pete Manancourt & Colin Spears, C: Bob Joiner (OD)486
24/03/1998Redditch (URBAN)NSLDJohn Pearson12
17/03/1998Worcester (URBAN)NSLDBrian Hughes7
17/02/1998Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDRobert Vickers6
15/02/1998Baggeridge Country Parkwith BUOCCO: Pete Sunley, P: Bruno Le Razer, C: Phil Presland126
14/02/1998Baggeridge Country ParkWM Night LeagueD28
05/02/1998Kings Heath (URBAN)NSLDAllan Williams6
31/05/1998Callow HillSchools CATIDPeter & Ruth Bylett50
20/01/1998Bournville (URBAN)NSLDColin Spears8
11/01/1998Highgate CommonCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Dugmore, C: Colin Spears248
08/01/1998Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted8
21/12/1997Uffmore WoodClub Champs 1997DO: Rollo Rumford, P: Alison Sloman, C: Andy Hemsted81
13/12/1997Habberley ValleySchools CATIDPeter & Ruth Bylett32
09/12/1997Streetly (URBAN)NSLDDot Keeling8
25/11/1997Walsall (URBAN)NSLDBarry McGowan6
02/11/1997Malvern Hills SouthWMGCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Robert Smith, C: Ernie Williams (LEI)515
12/10/1997Cotwall EndCO: Ron Barker, P: Mick Comery, C: Russ Wootten198
04/10/1997Kingsford Country ParkSchools CATIDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Barry Houghton 30
30/09/1997Brinton ParkSchools CATIDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Brian Laycock 46
14/09/1997Woodgate ValleyCATIDAdrian Bailey110
26/08/1997Hartlebury CommonSEEDJo Nelson19
21/08/1997Brinton ParkSEEDChris Shaw17
31/07/1997Sandwell ValleySEEDGeorge Chambers21
24/07/1997Lickey HillsSEEDAdrian Bailey27
15/07/1997Rhydd CovertSEEDRuss Fauset24
10/07/1997Kinver MillionSEEDDennis Mews15
24/06/1997Hill TopSEEDSue & Les Edlington23
19/06/1997Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells19
11/06/1997HawkbatchSEEDBrian Hughes27
08/06/1997Highgate CommonWest Midland relaysCO: Alex Wing, P: Allan Williams, C: John Bennison210
05/06/1997Kinver EdgeSEEDDavid Williams32
29/05/1997Habberley ValleySEEDRobert Vickers49
25/05/1997PostensplainSinS, with HawkbatchCO: Mike Felstead, P: Ian Hopkins & Steve Chiverton, C: Toby Norris1144
22/05/1997Callow HillSEEDMike Farrington27
13/05/1997Warley WoodsSEEDJames Preston48
06/05/1997Arrow ValleySEEDMike Baggott17
13/04/1997DudmastonWMGCO: Dennis Mews, P: John Norton, C: Carole Sperke436
23/03/1997Clent HillsCO: Phil Presland, P: Chris Earnshaw, C: David Williams294
19/03/1997Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset4
11/03/1997Bournville (URBAN)NSLDColin Spears7
08/03/1997Callow HillDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Mike Farrington 82
05/03/1997Worcester (URBAN)NSLDBrian Hughes4
18/02/1997Kings Heath (URBAN)NSLDAllan Williams9
09/02/1997Eymore WoodWith BUOCCCaroline McCollinoch , C: Colin Spears312
08/02/1997Eymore WoodCO: Alison Sloman, P: Rollo Rumford, C: Andy Hemsted47
01/02/1997Kinver EdgeSchools CATIDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Barry Houghton 116
26/01/1997Kinver MillionCO: Russ Wootten, P: Mike Dugmore, C: Peter Manancourt449
21/01/1997Bearwood (URBAN)NSLDJames Preston5
08/01/1997Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDRobert Vickers7
18/12/1996Streetly (URBAN)NSLDAdrian Bailey10
14/12/1996Callow HillClub Champs 1996DO: Marian Wootton, P: Hannah Wootten, C: Mike Dugmore60
05/12/1996Redditch (URBAN)NSLDMike Baggott6
24/11/1996Kinver EdgeWMGCO: Geoff Trewin & Carole Sparke, P: Roger Adams, C: John Bennison (OD)643
23/11/1996HawkbatchSchools CATIDPeter & Ruth Bylett33
21/11/1996Kingstanding (URBAN)NSLDAdrian Bailey7
27/10/1996Brown Clee HillCompass Sport Cup FinalCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Barry Parkinson, C: Colin Spears239
12/10/1996Habberley ValleySchools CATIDPeter & Ruth Bylett34
06/10/1996Clent HillsCATIDMick Comery220
15/09/1996Baggeridge Country ParkJuniors running eventCO: Dave & Jenny Hughes, P: Chris Ashley, C: John Bennison 115
25/07/1996Habberley ValleySEEDSteve Chiverton26
16/07/1996Baggeridge Country ParkSEEDBarry Houghton26
14/07/1996Sandwell ValleySEECJudith & Lester Evans136
11/07/1996Malvern CommonSEEDBrian Laycock17
02/07/1996Hartlebury CommonSEEDRuss Fauset34
25/06/1996Pitcher Oak WoodSEEDMike Baggott23
20/06/1996Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells17
13/06/1996Callow HillSEEDAlison Sloman51
05/06/1996Clent HillsSEEDBrian Hughes35
02/06/1996Titterstone Clee HillCO: Phil Presland, P: Allan Williams, C: Peter Downe (BOK)511
28/05/1996Lickey HillsSEEDDavid Williams31
23/05/1996Kinver MillionSEEDBarry Parkinson27
19/05/1996Malvern Hills SouthCO: Elaine Bass, P: Mick Comery, C: Barry McGowan217
14/05/1996Rhydd CovertSEEDRollo Rumford38
09/05/1996Sutton ParkSEEDJohn Bennison20
05/05/1996Pitcher Oak WoodCATIDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Charlie Nelson 100
03/04/1996Kings Heath (URBAN)NSLDAllan Williams10
24/03/1996HawkbatchCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Keith Ashley, C: Richard Haw(OD)323
21/03/1996Harborne (URBAN)NSLDBruno le Razer11
06/03/1996Worcester (URBAN)NSLDBrian Hughes6
25/02/1996Arrow ValleyCATIDPeter & Ruth Bylett40
24/02/1996Highgate CommonWM night leagueDO: Carole Sparke, P: Colin Spears, C: Russ Fauset25
21/02/1996Redditch (URBAN)NSLDMike Baggott8
08/02/1996Handsworth Wood (URBAN)NSLDRoger Adams3
25/01/1996Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset9
01/01/1996Lickey HillsTSB score champsCO: Allan Williams, P: Bob Robertson, C: Robert Roalfe173
18/12/1995Streetly (URBAN)NSLDDot Keeling9
17/12/1995PostensplainClub Champs 1995DO: Andy Hemsted, P: Alison Sloman, C: Colin Spears86
07/12/1995Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDSteve Hyde8
23/11/1995Great Barr (URBAN)NSLDAdrian Bailey10
19/11/1995Clent HillsCO: Nigel Argust, P: John Adams 315
09/11/1995Redditch (URBAN)NSLDCharlie Nelson11
22/10/1995Brown Clee HillWMGCO: Rollo Rumford, P: John Norton, C: Toby Norris (COBOC)618
10/09/1995Cotwall EndJunior eventDO: Hannah Wootton & Ruth Hammond, P: Robin Wootton 141
19/07/1995Kinver EdgeSEEDBarry Houghton57
16/07/1995Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Allan Williams, C: Wilf Hammond138
11/07/1995Habberley ValleySEEDPeter Bylett28
06/07/1995Malvern CommonSEEDMike Farrington69
27/06/1995Rhydd CovertDBUOC40
22/06/1995Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells20
18/06/1995Sandwell ValleyCO: Les Edlington, P: Ian Hopkins, C: Rollo Rumford157
15/06/1995Pitcher Oak WoodSEEDO: Karl Kingsman, P: K. Kingsman 28
07/06/1995Hartlebury CommonSEEDBrian Hughes54
29/05/1995Croft CastleSinS & WMGCO: Ant Clerici, P: Phil Presland, C: Kevin King1345
18/05/1995Cannon Hill ParkSEEDAdam Kent36
27/04/1995PostensplainDJohn Bennison48
23/04/1995Highgate CommonCElaine Bass , C: Roger Adams187
09/03/1995Worcester (URBAN)NSLDBrian Hughes10
28/02/1995Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset8
19/02/1995Hartlebury CommonD96
09/02/1995Handsworth Wood (URBAN)NSLDRoger Adams9
05/02/1995Kinver Millionwith BUOCCO: Bruno Le Razer, P: Adrian Butler & Dawn Clifford, C: Allan Williams300
26/01/1995Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted8
21/01/1995Clent HillsWMNLCO: Carole Sparke, P: Alison Sloman, C: Russ Fauset47
08/01/1995Kinver EdgeCO: John Herbert, P: Mick Comery, C: Andy Hemsted281
03/01/1995Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDRobert Vickers7
18/12/1994HawkbatchClub Champs 1994DO: Judith Evans, P: John Pearson, C: Mike Dugmore90
13/12/1994Streetly (URBAN)NSLDMike Dugmore10
22/11/1994Kings Heath (URBAN)NSLDAllan Williams6
20/11/1994PostensplainCO: Steve Chiverton, P: John Bennison & Kari Roberts, C: Richard Andrews (WYE)667
10/11/1994Redditch (URBAN)NSLDMike Baggott9
16/10/1994Malvern Hills Southplus Long-OCO: Pete Buckley, P: Russ Wootton, C: Rollo Rumford230
18/09/1994Baggeridge Country ParkCATIDO: Dave Goodwin, P: Bylett family, C: Barry McGowan31
31/08/1994Sutton ParkSEE with ODDJohn Bennison27
26/07/1994Hartlebury CommonSEEDRobin Wootton34
19/07/1994Rhydd CovertSEEDAllan Williams45
14/07/1994Pitcher Oak WoodSEEDMike Baggott18
12/07/1994Baggeridge Country ParkSEEDRuth Hammond29
07/07/1994Arrow ValleySEEDCharlie Nelson30
03/07/1994Habberley ValleyNovelty scoreDO: Les & Sue Edlington, P: Chris Earnshaw, C: Keith Ashley35
30/06/1994Clent HillsSEEDEmma Morris27
23/06/1994Cotwall EndSEEDJames Preston37
16/06/1994Clent HillsSEEBDick Wells32
12/06/1994Brown Clee HillWMGCO: Liz Naylor, P: Mike Dugmore, C: David Williams395
07/06/1994Himley HallSEEDIan Hopkins33
25/05/1994Cannon Hill ParkSEEDRon Barker23
22/05/1994Breakneck BankCO: Peter Warland, P: Phil Presland, C: Russ Fauset184
19/05/1994Lickey HillsSEEDDavid Williams59
12/05/1994Habberley ValleySEEDRuss Fauset29
24/04/1994Titterstone Clee HillCO: Russ Fauset, P: John Adams, C: Garri Owens(POWYS)416
02/04/1994Foxley & GarnstoneJK Day 2BO: Robert Vickers, P: Chris Shaw & Robert Smith, C: David Lee (NGOC) & Don Thompson4192
06/03/1994Hawkbatchwith BUOCCO: Emma Morris, P: Roger Manning, C: Pete Manancourt90
17/02/1994Redditch (URBAN)NSLDMike Baggott5
06/02/1994Clent HillsCO: Penny Hemsted, P: Mick Comery, C: Mike Baggott412
03/02/1994Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset9
26/01/1994Redditch (URBAN)NSLDJohn Pearson5
23/01/1994Eymore WoodCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Alison Sloman, C: Roger Adams320
01/01/1994Highgate CommonTSB Score ChampsCO: Dot Keeling, P: Graeme Beavers, C: Stuart Paul234
19/12/1993Baggeridge Country ParkClub Champs 1993DO: Andy Hemsted, P: Colin Spears 62
18/12/1993Baggeridge Country ParkWMNLCDennis Mews38
15/12/1993Streetly (URBAN)NSLDMike Fowler12
25/11/1993Bournville (URBAN)NSLDDavid Williams9
14/11/1993HawkbatchCO: Ron Barker, P: Carole Sparke 290
11/11/1993Walsall (URBAN)NSLDBarry McGowan8
17/10/1993Croft CastleWMGCO: John Plant, P: James Preston, C: Robert Vickers343
19/09/1993Lickey HillsCATIDO: Lester Evans, P: Ian Hopkins, C: Pete Manancourt269
19/08/1993Sandwell ValleySEEDMike Dugmore29
31/07/1993Sandwell ValleyFamily informal (Hilltop side)DJohn Bennison16
22/07/1993Lickey HillsSEEDAlison Sloman52
08/07/1993Kinver MillionSEEDJudith Evans40
01/07/1993Himley HallSEEDJames Preston21
22/06/1993Clent HillsSEEDBUOC37
20/06/1993Malvern Hills SouthCO: Russ Fauset, P: Bill Howard, C: Toby Norris112
17/06/1993Habberley ValleySEEDRuss Fauset35
03/06/1993Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells17
30/05/1993Brampton BryanSinSCO: Charlie Nelson, P: John Norton, C: Richard Andrews (WYE)1191
27/05/1993Cannon Hill ParkSEEDAllan Williams30
11/05/1993Rhydd CovertSEEDDavid Williams51
24/04/1993Brown Clee HillBritish ChampsBO: Ant Clerici, P: Russ Fauset, C: Eric Peckett1970
28/03/1993Kinver EdgeCO: Les & Sue Edlington, P: Richard Pay, C: Dave Gittus (WRE)478
09/03/1993Edgbaston (URBAN)NSLDPhil Presland3
24/02/1993Harborne (URBAN)NSLDRoger Manning8
11/02/1993Woodgate ValleyNSLDChris Shaw5
06/02/1993Kinver MillionMidlands Night Champs (with BUOC)CO: Peter Buckley, P: Robert Smith 191
27/01/1993Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted5
23/01/1993Pitcher Oak WoodWMNLCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Baggott, C: John Pearson37
12/01/1993Worcester (URBAN)NSLDSteve Chiverton5
10/01/1993Highgate CommonCO: Phil Presland, P: Roger Adams, C: John Bennison267
20/12/1992Hartlebury CommonClub Champs 1992DO: Charlie Nelson, P: Paul Graetz 87
17/12/1992Streetly (URBAN)NSLDRobbie Robertson10
08/12/1992Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset9
25/11/1992Redditch (URBAN)NSLDJohn Pearson5
11/11/1992Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDSteve Hyde9
08/11/1992Woodgate ValleyJunior eventCO: Amy Fauset, P: Jenny Keeling & Claire Pritchard, C: John Bennison312
29/10/1992Wolverhampton (URBAN)NSLDJohn Nightingale9
04/10/1992Titterstone Clee HillWMGCO: Steve Nightingale, P: Graeme Beavers, C: Pat Pay (WRE)329
06/09/1992Pitcher Oak WoodCATI/Trail-ODO: Liz Naylor, P: Paul Willets, C: John Adams69
12/07/1992Kingsford Country ParkDO: Charlie Nelson, P: James Preston, C: Russ Fauset66
05/07/1992Lickey HillsCO: Dot Keeling, P: Barry McGowan, C: John Pearson240
02/07/1992Himley HallSEEDJohn Nightingale27
27/06/1992Kinver MillionSEEDAlan Williams27
24/06/1992Lickey HillsSEEDRoger Manning27
18/06/1992Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells19
11/06/1992Malvern Hills SouthSEEDPeter Smith27
07/06/1992Clent HillsCS CupC112
27/05/1992Cannon Hill ParkSEEDPhil Presland30
24/05/1992Breakneck BankCO: Carole Sparke, P: K. Ashley 217
21/05/1992Baggeridge Country ParkSEEDIan Hopkins36
07/05/1992Clent HillsSEEDJohn Mottram38
28/04/1992Pype HayesSEEDMike Fowler27
12/04/1992Malvern Hills SouthWMGCO: Mike Felstead, P: Rollo Rumford, C: Gari Owen1221
12/03/1992Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset5
08/03/1992HawkbatchCO: John Plant, P: Roger Adams, C: David Williams287
26/02/1992Harborne (URBAN)NSLDAlan Williams6
16/02/1992Clent HillsCWendy Parkinson629
11/02/1992Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted7
02/02/1992Eymore Woodwith BUOCCO: Rodger Manning, P: Ian Chafer, C: Steve Nightingale377
30/01/1992Redditch (URBAN)NSLDJohn Pearson12
18/01/1992Hartlebury CommonWM night leagueCAlex Wing59
16/01/1992Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDSteve Hyde11
02/01/1992Walsall (URBAN)NSLDBarry McGowan8
17/12/1991Streetly (URBAN)NSLDMike Fowler11
15/12/1991Kinver EdgeClub Champs 1991DCharlie Nelson64
05/12/1991Bournville (URBAN)NSLDDavid Williams12
19/11/1991Shirley (URBAN)NSLDRob Smith6
17/11/1991Highgate CommonCRupert Connolly200
30/10/1991Rubery (URBAN)NSLDPete Manancourt13
13/10/1991Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Ron Barker, P: A Batsford, C: John Nightingale211
29/09/1991Sandwell ValleyCATIDTom Roach267
30/07/1991AlvechurchSEEDJohn Adams27
24/07/1991Leasowes ParkSEEDJohn Mottram26
18/07/1991Clent HillsSEEDTerry Foley40
14/07/1991Kinver EdgeMini-relaysDLiz Dell & Dave Tyler65
09/07/1991Sandwell ValleySEEDRoger Adams22
30/06/1991Hartlebury CommonDDennis Mews78
27/06/1991Lickey HillsBUOC runDAllan Williams57
19/06/1991Himley HallSEEDSteve Hyde29
16/06/1991Lickey HillsWM RelaysCO: Phil Presland, P: Robert Smith, C: Stuart Paul267
12/06/1991Clent HillsJune JaunterBDavid Williams26
06/06/1991Habberley ValleySEE - sprint 'O'DAmy Fauset32
27/05/1991Titterstone Clee HillSinSCAnt Clerici1714
22/05/1991Cannon Hill ParkSEEDRon Barker26
16/05/1991Baggeridge Country ParkSEEDBob Wootton26
30/04/1991Kingsford Country ParkSEEDDeb Turnbull35
14/04/1991Breakneck BankCO: Dot Keeling, P: Russ Fauset, C: Richard Andrews (WYE)610
06/03/1991Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset14
23/02/1991Clent HillsBritish Night ChampsBMike Griffin322
19/02/1991Wolverhampton (URBAN)NSLDJohn Nightingale12
17/02/1991Kinver Millionwith BUOCCO: Alan Williams, P: Andrew Haste & Jane Cannell, C: Derek Kenedy (WRE)257
06/02/1991Worcester (URBAN)NSLDAnt Clerici7
02/02/1991Sandwell ValleyCO: Mike Dugmore, P: Roger Adams, C: Mike Dudley (WCH)39
23/01/1991Shirley (URBAN)NSLDRob Smith10
08/01/1991Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted9
06/01/1991HawkbatchCO: Deb Turnbull, P: Derek Grainger, C: Tim Sands327
16/12/1990Pitcher Oak WoodCAlex Wing115
05/12/1990Streetly (URBAN)NSLDDot Keeling15
20/11/1990Redditch (URBAN)NSLDMike Baggott8
18/11/1990Hartlebury CommonClub Champs 199DO: Geoff Sara, P: Andy Hemsted, C: Rollo Rumford88
08/11/1990Sandwell Borders (URBAN)NSLDPhil Presland8
14/10/1990Cotwall Endwith Long-O (also Baggeridge/Himley)CBarry Wrighton151
16/09/1990Habberley Valleyplus CATIC118
18/07/1990Kinver EdgeSEEDDavid Oliver41
08/07/1990Sandwell ValleyCO: Dot Keeling, P: Bob Scott, C: Colin Spears199
26/06/1990Baggeridge Country ParkSEEDSteve Nightingale59
21/06/1990Cannon Hill ParkSEE - run by BUOCDAllan Williams22
12/06/1990Habberley ValleySEEDDeb Turnbull12
06/06/1990Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells19
03/06/1990Malvern Hills SouthDElaine Bass90
18/05/1990Clent HillsSEEDTerry Foley23
09/05/1990Sandwell ValleySEEDMike Dugmore16
06/05/1990Brown Clee HillCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Charlie Nelson & Robert Vickers, C: Dave Gittus (WRE)767
26/04/1990Lickey HillsSEEDOliver Cook38
22/04/1990Pitcher Oak WoodCDavid Williams104
01/04/1990Brampton BryanCMike Felstead , C: Garri Owens(POWYS)560
11/03/1990Breakneck BankCDot Keeling471
08/03/1990Sandwell Borders (URBAN)NSLDPhil Presland6
20/02/1990Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset9
08/02/1990Worcester (URBAN)NSLDAnt Clerici9
28/01/1990Eymore Woodwith BUOCCDavid Williams538
23/01/1990Kidderminster (URBAN)NSLDPeter Newman11
11/01/1990Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted14
21/12/1989Bournville (URBAN)NSLDDavid Williams9
10/12/1989Lickey HillsClub Champs 1989DO: Trevor Boning, P: Eddie Harwood, C: Pete Manancourt85
05/12/1989Rubery (URBAN)NSLDPete Manancourt10
26/11/1989Clent HillsWMOA ChampsCO: Roger Adams & Steve Wilkins, P: Phil Presland, C: Pete Manancourt350
21/11/1989Redditch (URBAN)D7
09/11/1989Kinver (URBAN)NSLDDeb Turnbull13
19/10/1989Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDRobert Vickers14
24/09/1989Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Peter Warland, P: Derek Halfpenny, C: John Pearson163
17/09/1989Cannon Hill ParkDColin Spears49
05/09/1989Kinver MillionDJohn Plant24
19/07/1989Malvern Hills SouthSEEDStuart Paul11
02/07/1989Sandwell ValleyCRichard Webb & Alan Batsford , C: Bob Carey (OD)74
28/06/1989Sandwell ValleySEEDDavid Williams22
21/06/1989Lickey HillsSEEDAndy Irvine21
18/06/1989Kinver EdgeCDave Ellis193
14/06/1989Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells30
07/06/1989Habberley ValleySEEDPeter Newman32
01/06/1989Leasowes ParkSEED16
28/05/1989Croft CastleSINSC, P: Don Thompson 1449
24/05/1989Himley HallSEEDJohn Nightingale39
18/05/1989Nunnery WoodSEEDBrian Cox24
09/05/1989Cannon Hill ParkSEEDRon & Jennifer Barker30
07/05/1989Pitcher Oak WoodCAlex Wing76
27/04/1989Sedgeley Hall FarmSEEDBarry McGowan17
19/04/1989Kingsford Country ParkSEEDBill Howard34
13/04/1989Clent HillsSEEDOliver Cook40
02/04/1989Habberley ValleyDDavid Williams61
01/04/1989Ribbesford Woods21st Birthday bashDMike Burbridge54
07/03/1989Kidderminster (URBAN)NSLDPeter Newman9
26/02/1989HawkbatchCO: Barker family, P: Russ Fauset, C: Pat Pay266
21/02/1989Sutton Coldfield (URBAN)NSLDRoger Keeling9
09/02/1989Worcester (URBAN)NSLDAnt Clerici12
31/01/1989Halesowen (URBAN)NSLDDick Wells9
22/01/1989Eymore WoodCDennis Mews468
21/01/1989Kinver EdgeMidland Night ChampsCO: Dennis Mews, P: Eddie Harwood 142
10/01/1988Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDRobert Vickers6
27/12/1988Sandwell ValleyTSB Score ChampsC50
13/12/1988Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted2
11/12/1988Cotwall EndCO: Peter Newman, P: Paddy Waldron, C: Barry McGowan216
10/12/1988Clent HillsClub Champs 1988DO: Richard Andrews, P: David Wiliams 57
17/11/1988Redditch (URBAN)NSLDJohn Pearson9
01/11/1988Bewdley (URBAN)NSLDRuss Fauset9
02/10/1988Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Tim Weller, P: Mike Fowler, C: Bob Scott246
04/09/1988Lickey HillsCDot Keeling315
18/08/1988Himley HallSEED27
07/07/1988Cotwall EndSEEDSteve Nightingale27
03/07/1988Sandwell ValleyCLouise Davies189
29/06/1988Sandwell ValleySEE - opening of permanent courseD26
21/06/1988Cannon Hill ParkSEEDPhil Lumley30
19/06/1988Brown Clee HillCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Dick Wells, C: Doug Peel (WCH)635
08/06/1988Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells30
24/05/1988Habberley ValleySEEDRuss Fauset27
15/05/1988Pitcher Oak WoodCO: Alex Wing, P: Bob Robertson, C: John Pearson162
10/05/1988Clent HillsSEEDDavid Williams32
24/04/1988Kinver EdgeCDeb Turnbull525
24/03/1988Sutton Coldfield (URBAN)NSLDBob Robertson9
08/03/1988Rubery (URBAN)NSLDPete Manancourt9
27/02/1988Titterstone Clee HillBEddie Harwood59
23/02/1988Streetly (URBAN)NSLDMike Fowler4
21/02/1988Eymore WoodCJoe Parkinson128
20/02/1988Eymore WoodDDavid Williams40
11/02/1988Worcester (URBAN)NSLDAnt Clerici16
24/01/1988Clent HillsCRobert Vickers683
20/01/1988Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss Fauset13
06/01/1988Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted10
27/12/1987HawkbatchTSB Score ChampsD161
09/12/1987Kinver (URBAN)NSLDDeb Turnbull7
22/11/1987HawkbatchClub Champs 1987DDick Wells91
19/11/1987Studley (URBAN)NSLDMike Baggott3
04/11/1987Walsall (URBAN)NSLDBarry McGowan9
22/10/1987Halesowen (URBAN)NSLDDick Wells9
14/10/1987Bournville (URBAN)NSLDDavid Williams9
04/10/1987Cotwall EndCO: Dot Keeling, P: Andy Hemsted, C: John Pearson217
20/09/1987Sturt CommonCMark Andrews140
09/09/1987Kinver EdgeWM RelaysCStuart Paul217
02/09/1987Kinver EdgeSEEDDennis Mews27
19/08/1987Arrow ValleySEEDIan McBriar23
28/07/1987Lickey HillsSEEDMark Hemsted27
22/07/1987Cannon Hill ParkSEEDBill Owens27
14/07/1987Himley HallSEEDPat Pay27
05/07/1987Sandwell ValleyCO: Colin Downey, P: John Norton, C: Mike Griffin183
01/07/1987Sandwell ValleySEEDSue Braddick27
30/06/1987Leasowes ParkSEEDDave Pugh & Bill Prinn23
23/06/1987Arrow ValleySEEDJohn Pearson35
17/06/1987Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells41
07/06/1987Malvern Hills SouthCO: Duncan Scott, P: Eddie Harwood, C: Stuart Paul228
03/06/1987Pitcher Oak WoodSEEDJames Preston27
24/05/1987Brown Clee HillBFred Ainsworth1679
12/05/1987Cannon Hill ParkSEEDAndy Hemsted27
28/04/1987Sutton ParkSEEDRobert Robertson27
12/04/1987Kinver EdgeCO: Russ Fauset, P: Derek Grainger, C: Robert Vickers395
03/04/1987Lickey HillsHOC Birthday eventDAngela Manancourt28
22/03/1987Brampton BryanCO: Nigel Binnersley, P: Colin Spears, C: Nigel Wilkins (WRE)628
17/03/1987Streetly (URBAN)NSLDMike Fowler9
14/03/1987Clent HillsDO: Ray Richmond, P: Dick Wells, C: John Pearson53
28/02/1987Titterstone Clee HillFell RaceBEddie Harwood69
22/02/1987HawkbatchCO: Ant Clerici, P: Charlie Nelson, C: Dick Wells300
19/02/1987Redditch (URBAN)NSLDMike Baggott9
03/02/1987Bournville (URBAN)NSLDSuzette Spears6
11/01/1987Cotwall EndCBrian Cox185
27/12/1986Rock CoppiceDIain Moore100
14/12/1986Pitcher Oak WoodCO: Alex Wing, P: Stuart Vick, C: Mike Baggott155
10/12/1986Redditch (URBAN)NSLDJohn Pearson9
07/12/1986Kinver EdgeClub Champs 1986DRichard Andrews103
06/12/1986Cannon Hill ParkBirmingham schools eventDAndy Hemsted25
02/12/1986Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDColin Downey9
19/11/1986Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted4
12/11/1986Halesowen (URBAN)NSLDPaddy Waldron9
06/11/1986Malvern (URBAN)NSLDStuart Paul14
02/11/1986Cotwall EndCGeoff Sara185
28/10/1986Quinton (URBAN)NSLDMike Griffin8
23/10/1986Edgbaston (URBAN)NSLD7
19/10/1986Clent HillsCO: Paddy Waldron, P: John Bant, C: Colin Spears475
29/09/1986Rubery (URBAN)NSLD6
21/09/1986Sturt CommonCO: David Ellis, P: Mark Andrews, C: Pat Pay262
02/09/1986Sandwell ValleySEEDBob Scott27
26/08/1986Saltwells WoodSEEDGeoff Sara27
20/08/1986Hayhead WoodSEEDPaul Sharman15
12/08/1986Sandwell ValleySEEDBrian Roberts27
06/08/1986Lickey HillsSEEDPete Manancourt27
29/07/1986Clent HillsSEEDDick Wells27
23/07/1986Pitcher Oak WoodSEEDStuart Vick27
15/07/1986Cannon Hill ParkSEEDHarry Tipping27
09/07/1986Lickey HillsSEEDColin & Suzette Spears27
06/07/1986Sandwell ValleyCO: Andy Hemsted, P: Barry McGowan, C: Dennis Mews298
02/07/1986Sandwell ValleyCATIDDeena Andrews25
01/07/1986Clent HillsSEEDRobert Vickers10
24/06/1986Leasowes ParkSEEDPaddy Waldron27
18/06/1986Pitcher Oak WoodSEEDDave Ballard27
11/06/1986Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells32
10/06/1986Cannon Hill ParkSEEDSteve Wadeson27
04/06/1986Saltwells WoodSEEDTim Weller27
27/05/1986Habberley ValleySEEDDon Thompson27
21/05/1986Sandwell ValleySEEDColin Southall27
13/05/1986Warley WoodsSEEDDavid Williams27
11/05/1986Malvern Hills SouthCO: Brian Cox, P: Mike Baggott, C: Robin Logan357
07/05/1986Malvern Hills SouthSEEDJulian Ellis27
29/04/1986Cannon Hill ParkSEEDDavid Williams27
23/04/1986Lickey HillsSEEDPete Manancourt27
20/04/1986Eymore WoodCO: Russ Fauset, P: Pat Pay, C: John Sampson238
15/04/1986Sandwell ValleySEEDMike Burt27
06/04/1986Kinver EdgeCCharlie Nelson543
23/03/1986Pitcher Oak WoodCO: Alex Wing, P: Fred Legge, C: Bob Scott212
21/03/1986Malvern (URBAN)NSLDStuart Paul9
11/03/1986Redditch (URBAN)NSLDMike Baggott8
22/02/1986Titterstone Clee HillFell RaceBEddie Harwood75
19/02/1986Erdington (URBAN)NSLDAndy Hemsted5
05/02/1986Kidderminster (URBAN)NSLDDavid Ellis6
02/02/1986Clent HillsCTim Weller208
25/01/1986The AckersDAndy Hemsted70
18/01/1986Sandwell ValleyDRay Richmond48
12/01/1986HawkbatchCO: Mike Felstead, P: Dick Wells, C: Don Thompson333
09/01/1986Rubery (URBAN)NSLDCath Manancourt12
29/12/1985Sturt CommonCO: Suzette Spears, P: Dick Wells 85
17/12/1985Bournville (URBAN)NSLDColin & Suzette Spears10
15/12/1985Lickey Hillswith SOLOSCO: Mike Baggott+D.Carter, P: Gilbert Herbert, C: Stephen Cross (SOLOS)388
28/11/1985Stourbridge (URBAN)NSLDColin Downey6
17/11/1985Rock CoppiceCO: Mark Andrews, P: Charlie Nelson, C: Richard Andrews185
12/11/1985Redditch (URBAN)NSLDJohn Pearson15
22/10/1985Sutton Coldfield (URBAN)NSLDMike Fowler8
09/10/1985Halesowen (URBAN)NSLDPaddy Waldron18
29/09/1985Brown Clee HillClub Champs 1985DO: Richard Andrews, P: Paul Addison 86
26/09/1985Edgbaston (URBAN)NSLDIan Moore5
08/09/1985Sandwell ValleyCM Tebbutt107
05/09/1985Clent HillsDAlex Wing27
29/08/1985Lickey HillsDColin Spears27
21/08/1985Habberley ValleyDMike Felstead27
15/08/1985Leasowes ParkDTim Weller27
07/08/1985Clent HillsJune Jaunter rerunDDick Wells46
21/07/1985Sandwell ValleyLong-Leg O & sprintDBob Scott19
07/07/1985Sandwell ValleyCBarry McGowan110
26/06/1985Sandwell ValleyDColin & Suzette Spears89
09/06/1985Sandwell ValleyDIan Moore50
16/06/1985Malvern Hills SouthCO: Elaine Bass, P: Pete Manancourt 227
05/06/1985Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells47
26/05/1985Brampton BryanSinSC1134
28/04/1985Eymore WoodC347
14/04/1985Malvern Hills SouthCO: Brian Cox, P: Stuart Paul, C: Derek Jarrett390
03/03/1985Wyre ForestBritish ChampsB2260
10/02/1985DudmastonCO: Mike Aitken, P: Robert Vickers, C: John Bennison82
08/01/1985Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert Vickers8
08/12/1984Pitcher Oak WoodBCharlie Nelson32
25/11/1984Lickey HillsClub Champs 1984DEddie Harwood108
18/11/1984Pitcher Oak WoodCShaun Kelly209
06/11/1984Bournville (URBAN)DColin Spears13
07/10/1984Habberley ValleyDDennis Mews100
01/08/1984Saltwells WoodDBarry McGowan32
08/07/1984Sandwell ValleyCJon Fraser161
27/06/1984Sandwell ValleyDSuzette Spears46
06/06/1984Clent HillsBDick Wells52
27/05/1984Titterstone Clee HillCO: Robert Vickers, P: Don Thompson+Mike Felstead, C: Laurie Bradley (WCH)380
30/03/1984Halesowen (URBAN)DDick Wells27
18/03/1984Eymore WoodCO: Pat Pay, P: Derek Grainger, C: Richard Andrews488
25/02/1984Titterstone Clee HillFell RaceBD. Thompson33
19/02/1984Clent HillsCBrian Cox260
17/02/1984Kidderminster (URBAN)DDennis Mews9
31/05/2012PostensplainSummer SeriesDCharlie NelsonResults24
24/05/2012Clent HillsSummer SeriesDDavid WilliamsResults37
28/01/1984Solihull (URBAN)DTony Jones9
15/01/1984Kinver EdgeDDick Wells77
20/11/1983Kinver EdgeClub Champs 1983D, P: Dennis Mews 89
30/10/1983Sandwell ValleyDO: Mike Burt, P: Bob Scott 187
02/10/1983Sandwell ValleyDO: Barry McGowan, P: Bob Scott 112
29/06/1983Haden HillDMike Griffin16
01/06/1983Clent HillsJune JaunterBDick Wells18
07/05/1983Brown Clee HillSinSCO: Alan Evers, P: Dick Wells, C: Stephen Cross (SOLOS)1000
26/03/1983Clent HillsWMOA night leagueCMike Rooke34
06/03/1983Kinver EdgeCO: Colin Spears, P: Mark Andrews, C: Brian Hickman262
19/02/1983Titterstone Clee HillFell RaceBEddie Harwood59
16/01/1983Breakneck BankWMG, also Sturt CommonCO: Robert Vickers, P: Richard Andrews, C: Roger Stenson602
08/12/1982Kidderminster (URBAN)DDennis Mews9
05/12/1982Titterstone Clee HillWMGCO: Mike Felstead, P: Mike Griffin, C: Richard Andrews400
24/11/1982Kinver (URBAN)D9
14/11/1982Sturt CommonClub Champs 1982D89
03/11/1982Droitwich (URBAN)D18
01/07/1982Sandwell ValleyTwo man relay & CATIDO: Colin Spears, P: Bob Scott 52
23/05/1982Brown Clee HillBO: Alan Evers, P: Colin Southall & Roger Stenson, C: Dave Gittus (WRE)720
14/03/1982DudmastonCRoger Stenson290
21/02/1982Clent HillsFirst ever colour coded eventCO: Colin Spears, P: Jeff Hancock, C: Roger Stenson318
30/01/1982Rock CoppiceWMOA RelaysCPaul Graetz143
24/01/1982Wyre forestClub Championships 1981DO: Nigel Binnersley, P: Dick Wells 81
19/12/1981Sandwell ValleyDMike Rooke25
09/12/1981Droitwich (URBAN)with Droitwich Scout GroupDBrian Cox13
23/09/1981Sutton ParkWMOA night leagueDAlan Evers30
09/07/1981Sandwell ValleySandwell Sports FestivalDBarrie Wright70
17/06/1981Saltwells WoodDO: Paul Graetz, P: Dick Wells, C: Mike Rooke55
14/06/1981Brecon BeaconsMini Mountain MarathonCWalter Cullis30
31/05/1981Titterstone Clee HillCAlan Robinson600
05/04/1981Wyre ForestLong-OCRichard Andrews250
15/03/1981Rock CoppiceWMOA schools champsCHilary Johson100
15/02/1981Wyre forestJunior badge eventCO: Nigel Binnersley, P: Paul Graetz, C: Stephen Cross (SOLOS)473
14/01/1981Kidderminster (URBAN)First ever night street eventDRichard Andrews33
07/12/1980Wyre forestWest Midlands RelaysCO: Alan Evers, P: Alan Mason 150
30/11/1980Kinver Edgewith SOLOSCO: Roger Stenson, P: Paul Graetz+Colin Maynard, C: Don Thompson631
16/11/1980Lickey HillsClub Championships 198DDick Wells91
19/10/1980Sandwell ValleyCATIDColin Southall50
08/10/1980Kinver EdgeDDick Wells30
24/08/1980Kingsford Country ParkDDennis Mews35
10/07/1980Sandwell ValleyDBob Scott99
29/06/1980Breakneck BankCO: Mike Felstead, P: Mike Rooke, C: Don Thompson288
21/05/1980Leasowes ParkCO: Dick Wells & Jim Marchant, P: Dick Wells 104
13/04/1980Titterstone Clee HillCO: Pat Pay, P: Colin Southall, C: Laurie Bradley (WCH)660
09/03/1980Rock CoppiceCO: Mike Rooke, P: Dick Wells, C: Paul Graetz377
02/12/1979Wyre forestCAlan Evers569
28/11/1979Haden HillDDick Wells14
18/11/1979Rock CoppiceClub Champs 1979DPaul Graetz98
27/10/1979Hartlebury CommonCO: Pieter Mulder, P: Alan Mason, C: Alan Mason35
30/09/1979Kinver EdgeCO: Ray Shakeshaft, P: Stuart Vick & Paul Brighton, C: Pat Pay352
19/08/1979Habberley ValleyKidderminster (URBAN) CarnivalDO: Paul Graetz, P: Barrie Towers 55
15/07/1979Ribbesford WoodsOn OS 1:25 mapDO: Peter Parker & Walter Cullis, P: Peter Parker & Walter Cullis, C: Don Thompson130
04/07/1979Haden HillSandwell sports festivalDO: Barrie Towers, P: Dennis Mews 70
13/05/1979Clent HillsCO: Mike Rooke, P: Andy Pearson, C: Peter Hague & Jim Marchant229
01/04/1979Clent HillsDO: Peter Hague, P: Ian McBriar, Peter Hague & Colin Southall 42
11/03/1979Rock CoppiceCO: Dick Wells & Alan Evers, P: Martin Evans & Ray Shakeshaft, C: Brian Hickman & Jim Marchant191
14/01/1979Breakneck Bankalso Sturt Common (with BUOC)CO: Peter Tetley, P: Paul Graetz & Ruth Lockley, C: Doug Peel (WCH)440
07/01/1979Hartlebury CommonDAllan Mason47
02/12/1978Kinver EdgeMidland Night ChampsCO: Pat Maynard, P: Ian Durie, C: Alan Mason50
05/11/1978Kinver EdgeClub Champs 1978DColin Maynard86
22/10/1978Hartlebury CommonCO: Iain McBriar, P: Marjorie Cashmore, C: Mike Griffin370
20/08/1978Habberley ValleyDO: Peter Tetley, P: Tony Jones, C: Alan Mason134
06/07/1978Haden HillSandwell sports festivalDSteve Round70
18/06/1978Clent HillsCO: Rod Turner, P: Peter Hague, C: Brian Hickman399
09/04/1978Kinver Edge1th anniversary eventCO: Pat Pay, P: Colin & Ian Maynard, C: Dave Gittus (WRE)650
19/02/1978Brand WoodCO: Peter Tetley, P: Paul Graetz 168
18/12/1977Hartlebury CommonCO: Walter Cullis, P: Peter Parker & Dave Cashmore, C: Simon Cane205
16/10/1977Habberley ValleyDPeter Tetley120
10/07/1977Haden HillSandwell sports festivalDJohn Deaton70
26/06/1977Brand WoodCO: Martin Evans, P: Don Thompson, C: Laurie Bradley (WCH)526
13/03/1977Malvern Hills SouthCO: Walter Cullis, P: Martin Evans, C: Bob Brandon281
20/02/1977Sandwell ValleyDBrian Hickman100
11/07/1976Sandwell ValleySandwell sports festivalDBrian Hickman20
04/07/1976Brown Clee HillCMike Griffin500
07/12/1975Malvern Hills SouthCWalter Cullis200
28/09/1975Warley WoodsDColin Southall28
07/07/1975Warley WoodsDJohn Bennison30
02/03/1975The ErcallWM schools champsCJohn Bennison , C: Jim Rand (WCH)390
26/01/1975Clent HillsDEddie Bright30
03/11/1974Kinver EdgeSchools eventD170
07/07/1974Brown Clee HillC450
16/03/1974Madeley CourtBDave Gittus30
24/02/1974Lickey HillsCGeoff Bell250
27/01/1974Trentham ParkCRoger Smith200
21/10/1973Brown Clee HillB400
02/09/1973DimmingsdaleClub Champs 1973DRoger Wilkinson40
01/07/1973Ribbesford WoodsCGeoff Bell200
26/11/1972Kinver MillionCATIDHarry Price120
11/11/1972Clent HillsBMike Griffin30
01/10/1972Swynnerton Old ParkCRoger Smith200
10/09/1972DimmingsdaleClub Champs 1972D30
04/06/1972Mortimer ForestCDon Thompson122
05/12/1971Malvern Hills SouthCPeter Parker120
21/11/1971Wyre ForestMidlands ChampsB300
19/09/1971Lickey HillsClub Champs 1971DTed Finch (BUOC)20
04/07/1971Brand WoodCColin Maynard120
18/04/1971The ErcallCGeoff Kay , C: Colin Maynard120
04/04/1971DimmingsdaleCRoger Wilkinson200
14/03/1971Clent HillsC100
06/12/1970Mortimer ForestCEric Ostle100
22/11/1970Ribbesford WoodsCPeter Parker100
13/09/1970Rheidol ValleyCHarry Price15
09/06/1970Brand WoodDTony Burton23
16/05/1970Clent HillsGirl Guide CATIDBrian Hickman70
09/05/1970Brand WoodWorcester scouts CATIDPeter Parker40
26/04/1970The WrekinCTony Burton150
22/03/1970?CPhilip Thompson100
22/02/1970Kinver MillionScout event also open to HOC membersDHarry Price80
16/11/1969Ribbesford WoodsDDon Thompson84
26/10/1969Brown Clee HillCO: Harry Price, P: Harry Price, C: Chris Schaanning146
28/09/1969Kinver MillionClub Champs 1969DO: OD, P: P Jackson (OD), C: R Haw (OD)35
25/05/1969Wyre ForestCColin Maynard123
26/01/1969The WrekinHDOC but after amalgamationCO: K.C. Westley, P: K.C. Westley, C: Knut Kjemhus119
05/01/1969Clent HillsDBrian Hickman28
01/12/1968Kinver MillionCPardoe19
17/11/1968The WrekinCColin Maynard30
22/09/1968Kinver EdgeCHarry Price89
29/05/1968Kinver MillionD25

Caveats and acknowlegment: Much of the data comes from David Nevell’s spreadsheet. The officials column is organisers only in later years.  The list of HOC events registered with BOF has been used as a check, but may have introduced a few phantom ones.

Grey areas:

  • The “level” column is an attempt to combine the various categories that have been used over the decades. D is roughly the current Local, C is roughly the old Colour Coded, B and A are probably inconsistent but cover CSC rounds through to BOCs.
  • When is a HOC event a HOC event?  The table includes some level Ds that were organised by COBOC but included in HOC leagues. And some that were activities (eg June Jaunter).
  • And then there are the SinS events that were registered to HOC but organised by WRE because of the quirks of the system at the time. They should all have been removed. Plus the major events such as BOCs / JK days that were not technically a HOC event – there may be some missing.