All Events

All Events

This table allows you to search and filter on all past HOC events. Links to missing results files etc are being added over time – currently 2014 onwards has all of the files I can find. The three leagues – Winter Evening, Winter Urban (NSL) and Summer Series have also been updated with all of the results I can find. Please contact me (Marian) if you spot a missing event or a broken link.

The blank row of cells at the bottom of the table allows you to search within an individual column.

11/05/2024Cannon Hill Park, BirminghamDWest Midlands Schools Championships
21/04/2024BaggeridgeCO:Kerstin Mitchell
P: Adrian Bailey
WMOA Relays
23/03/2024Aston Park, BirminghamDCity of Birmingham Orienteering
21/03/2024KingswinfordDMitchell familyNight Street League
07/03/2024Aston Fields, BromsgroveDKaren ThompsonNight Street League
29/02/2024CodsallDRichard PriceNight Street League
24/02/2024Lickey HillsDP: James ThomasCity of Birmingham Orienteering
22/02/2024Webheath, RedditchDBen CroneNight Street League
15/02/2024Castlemorton Common DRobert RoseWinter Evening Events
08/02/2024DroitwichDDetailsColin PalmerNight Street League
03/02/2024Wyche RidgeDDetailsRhys ManningWestern Night league
24/02/2024Prize Giving
01/02/2024Kinver Edge DDetailsJeremy GeereWinter Evening Events
27/01/2024Pype Hayes ParkDDetailsResultsP: Dave Ellis
O: Ian Gamlen
City of Birmingham Orienteering
25/01/2024BearwoodDDetailsResultsEloïse Lee & Simon LanckhamNight Street League
20/01/2024Hartlebury Common (Lower part)DDetailsResultsCharlie NelsonMulti-loop special!
18/01/2024Banners Gate, Sutton ParkDDetailsResultsJames ThomasWinter Evening Events
14/01/2024Bodenham Arboretum & Shatterford WoodsCFinal Details (updated 9th Jan)
O: Chris McCartney
P: Andy Hemsted
C: tbc
West Midlands League
11/01/2024BournvilleDDetailsResultsDavid WilliamsNight Street League
21/12/2023AlvechurchDDetailsResultsKaren & Craig ThompsonNight Street League
14/12/2023EymoreDDetailsResultsAndy JohnsonWinter Evening Events
09/12/2023Uffmoor WoodsDDetailsResults
Bert Pardoe handicap results
Controls visited
O: Mandy Mackereth
P: Jason Howell
Club Championships
30/11/2023Dudmaston DDetailsResultsKerstin MitchellWinter Evening Events
25/11/2023Ley Hill ParkDDetailsResultsP: Dave Ellis
O: Ian Gamlen
City of Birmingham Orienteering
23/11/2023RedditchDDetailsResultsPeter RoseNight Street League
19/11/2023Burlish Top
CFinal DetailsResults
O: Steve Chiverton
P: Dave Aldridge
C: Adrian Pickles
West Midlands League
16/11/2023Arrow Valley DDetailsResults
John LeesonWinter Evening Events
09/11/2023Edgbaston Village, BirminghamDDetailsResultsJames ThomasNight Street League
28/10/2023Red House ParkDDetailsResultsP: Adrian Bailey
O: James Thomas
City of Birmingham Orienteering
30/09/2023Banners Gate, Sutton ParkDDetailsResultsP: Mick Sadler
O: Ian Gamlen
City of Birmingham Orienteering
10/09/2023Malvern UrbanCDetails Results
Splits by course
O: Ian Gamlen
P: James Thomas
C: Richard Cronin (NGOC)
West Midlands Urban League
17/08/2023Bringsty CommonDDetailsResults
Colin PalmerSummer Series
06/07/2023Nunnery Woods, WorcesterDDetailsResultsRobert RoseSummer Series
28/06/2023Sutton Park Gates RunDResultsCOBOC Gates Run
22/06/202340th Anniversary June JaunterDDetails
MapRun Results
Andy WhiteSummer Series
15/06/2023HartleburyDDetailsResultsCommentsCharlie NelsonSummer Series
10/06/2023Pitcheroak Wood DDetailsResultsCraig ThompsonSummer Series
28/05/2023Brampton BryanBEntriesProvisional Results and Comments for all three SinS daysPhotos courtesy of Charlie LeventonO: Peter Langmaid

P: Andy Johnson

C: Henry Morgan (POTOC)
Springtime in Shropshire
25/05/2023Dudmaston DDetailsProvisional Results
Jeremey GeereSummer Series
20/05/2023Callow Hill DDetailsKerstin Mitchell and
Pete Rose
World Orienteering day Activity
13/05/2023New Hall ValleyDResultsCOBOC

Version 3 29/03

ResultsDavid WilliamsSummer Series
01/04/2023Highbury ParkDResultsCOBOC
01/04/2023Highbury ParkDDetailsResults
P: John LeesonSummer Series
02/03/2023KingswinfordDDetailsResultsMitchellsNight Street League
25/02/2023Perry Hall Playing FieldsDResultsCOBOC
23/02/2023Habberley ValleyDDetailsResultsPeter Langmaid Winter Evening Event
18/02/2023Hartlebury WestDRead both!
Final Details
ResultsAndy HemstedLocal event
CommentsColin PalmerNight Street League
09/02/2023ClentDDetailsResultsRobert Rose Winter Evening Event
Richard PriceNight Street League
28/01/2023Cannon Hill ParkDResultsCOBOC
26/01/2023BaggeridgeDDetailsResultsKerstin Mitchell Winter Evening Event
15/01/2023Longdon, Wyre ForestCDetailsResults
O: Steve Chiverton
P: Andy Hemsted
C: Henry Morgan
West Midlands League
12/01/2023Barr BeaconDDetailsResultsCommentsJames Thomas Winter Evening Event
07/01/2023Burlish TopDDetailsResultsCommentsKerstin MitchellLocal Event
10/12/2022Bodenham ArboretumDDetails
Handicap Factors

Planner's comments

Trophy Winners

Bert Pardoe handicap results
P: David WilliamsClub Championships
08/12/2022Pitcheroak WoodDDetailsResultsCommentsJohn Leeson Winter Evening Event
26/11/2022Pype Hayes ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
24/11/2022Highgate CommonDDetailsResultsCommentsBarry Houghton Winter Evening Event
20/11/2022Wyche RidgeDDetailsResults
RoutegadgetO: Ian Gamlen
P: Rob & Kath Atkins
C: Clive Richardson (WRE)
West Midlands League
19/11/2022Arrow ValleyDDetailsResultsO/P: Keiran Rose
C: Kerstin Mitchell
Local event
17/11/2022Aston, Birmingham DDetailsResults
MapRun results
CommentsJames ThomasNight Street League
26/10/2022Banners Gate, Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
27/10/2022Kings Heath, BirminghamDDetailsResultsComments
John Leeson
Night Street League
22/10/2022BaggeridgeDDetailsResultsArthur & Kerstin MitchellLocal event
09/10/2022Church Hill, RedditchCDetailsResults
RoutegadgetO: Chris McCartney
P: Harrison McCartney (JOK)
C: tbc
West Midlands Urban League
24/09/2022Rectory ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
11/09/2022Sutton ParkDTeams
COBOC Peter Palmer Relays
28/07/2022Hartlebury CommonDDetailsRobert RoseSummer Series
09/07/2022BaggeridgeDDetailsResultsPeter LangmaidSummer Series
29/06/2022Sutton ParkDResults
COBOC Gates Run
ResultsAndy HemstedSummer Series
23/06/2022June Jaunter, Clent HillsDDetails
MapRun results
Andy WhiteSummer Series26
19/06/2022Birmingham City CentreBFinal details
Event website
Start times
Results by Class
Results by Course
Splits by Class
Splits by Course
Organiser's comments
Planner's comments
Photos (Andy J)
O: Lesley Brown
P: Dave Aldridge
C: Richard Lewis (WRE)
City Race Euro Tour

UK Urban League
16/06/2022Old HillsDDetailsResultsCharlie NelsonSummer Series
11/06/2022Burlish TopDDetailsResultsKerstin MitchellSummer Series
19/05/2022UffmoorDDetailsResultsDavid WilliamsSummer Series
14/05/2022Sandwell ValleyDResultsCOBOC
30/04/2022HimleyDDetailsResultsArthur & Sebastian MitchellSummer Series
23/04/2022Ward End ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
26/03/2022New Hall ValleyDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
17/03/2022WombourneDDetailsResultsMapRun resultsRichard Price Night Street League
10/03/2022WalsallDDetailsResultsMapRun resultsJames Thomas Night Street League
03/03/2022BewdleyDDetailsResultsMapRunAdrian Bailey Night Street League
26/02/2022Perry Hall ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
24/02/2022Burlish TopDDetails
Risk Assessment
ResultsDavid Williams Winter Evening Event
Colin Palmer Night Street League
13/02/2022PostensplainBDetails (pdf)
Details (Word)
Start List
Blank map
Live results
Club Results
Club Scorers
P: Peter Langmaid
O: Ian Gamlen
C: Barry Elkington
CompassSport Cup/Trophy round
link to rules
10/02/2022Comer Woods, DudmastonDDetailsResultsCommentsBarry Houghton Winter Evening Event
03/02/2022BournvilleDDetailsResultsMapRun ResultsDavid Williams Night Street League
29/01/2022Worcester BeaconDDetailsResultsCommentsP: Rhys Manning (SWOC)Western Night League
27/01/2022SaltwellsDDetailsResultsKerstin Mitchell Winter Evening Event
22/01/2022Banners Gate, Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
Robert Vickers Night Street League
16/01/2022Comer Woods, DudmastonCFinal DetailsResults Splits
O: Andy Johnson
P: Kerstin Mitchell
C: Adrian Pickles (WRE)
West Midlands League
13/01/2022Walton HillDDetailsResultsRobert Rose Winter Evening Event
16/12/2021Kinver VillageDDetailsResultsComments
Mandy Mackereth Night Street League
04/12/2021Castlemorton CommonDDetailsResults
Trophy Winners
Bert Pardoe handicap
O: Ashley Ford
P: Robert Rose / Dave Aldridge
Social: Mandy Mackereth
Club Championships
02/12/2021UffmoorDDetailsResultsCommentsAndy Hemsted Winter Evening Event
25/11/2021Worcester St JohnsDDetailsResults and CommentsIan Pickering Night Street League
18/11/2021Shire OakDDetailsResultsCommentsJames Thomas Winter Evening Event
14/11/2021 Worcester Beacon, Malvern HillsCFinal details
Online entry
Comments and Champions
P: Rob Atkins
O: Steve Chiverton
C: Alistair Powel (OD)
West Midlands league and West Midlands Championships  
23/10/2021Witton LakesDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
25/09/2021Rectory ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
12/09/2021Church Hill, RedditchCFinal DetailsResults
Photos (Andy J)
P: Dave Aldridge
O: Marian White
C: Bob Brandon (OD)
West Midlands league(Urban event)  
29/07/2021Worcester WoodsDDetailsResultsRobert RoseSummer Series  
22/07/2021Walsall Country Park & ArboretumDDetailsResultsJames ThomasSummer Series  
07/07/2021Sutton ParkDResults
COBOC Gates Run
01/07/2022Highgate CommonDDetailsResultsKerstin MitchellSummer Series
26/06/2021Hartlebury CommonDDetailsResults
Bert Pardoe Handicap
Trophy winners
BP factors
P: Alex Morgan
O: Ian Gamlen
C: Andy Hemsted
Club Championships
24/06/2021June Jaunter
Clent and Walton Hills
CommentsAndy WhiteSummer Series21
19/06/2021Morton Stanley Park, RedditchDDetailsResultsSimon ThompsonSummer Series
10/06/2021Burlish TopDDetailsResults and commentsAndy HemstedSummer Series
30/05/2021Stapeley and RorringtonBSpringtime in ShropshireProvisional Results by Course (pdf file)
Provisional Results
Photos (Andy Johnson)
P: John Leeson
O: Peter Langmaid
C: Adrian Pickles
Springtime in Shropshire
Midland Championships
27/05/2021Habberley ValleyDDetailsResults and comments  
David WilliamsSummer Series
Kerstin MitchellSummer Series
24/12/2020StourbridgeDResultsWinter Urban
10/12/2020BournvilleDResultsWinter Urban
26/11/2020HawkesleyDResultsWinter Urban
20/09/2020Castlemorton CommonDResults
11/06/2020 to 18/06/2020Clent HillsDResultsDavid WilliamsSocially distanced June Jaunter19
12/03/2020Ledbury MapRun (NGOC)DResultsNight Street League
05/03/2020Worcester City CentreDResultsNight Street League
29/02/2020Handsworth ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
27/02/2020Kinver NorthDResultsWinter Evening Event
20/02/2020Malvern MapRunDResultsNight Street League
13/02/2020Hope EndDResultsWinter Evening Event
06/02/2020QuintonDResultsNight Street League
30/01/2020Arrow ValleyDResultsWinter Evening Event
25/01/2020Pype Hayes ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
23/01/2020DroitwichDResultsNight Street League
16/01/2020Habberley ValleyDResultsWinter Evening Event
01/01/2020Baggeridge and HimleyCResults
LB Team Results
Controller's comments
Laurie Bradley Score
Bert Pardoe HandicapClub Championships
12/12/2019CoombeswoodDResultsWinter Evening Event
05/12/2019Church Hill, RedditchDResultsNight Street League
30/11/2019Banners Gate, Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
28/11/2019ClentDResultsWinter Evening Event
21/11/2019Kings Heath, BirminghamDResultsNight Street League
14/11/2019St Peter's Hill, WorcesterDResultsNight Street League
10/11/2019Titterstone CleeCResults
West Midlands League
07/11/2019Stockland GreenDResultsNight Street League
02/11/2019Worcester BeaconDResults
Western Night League
26/10/2019Perry Hall ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
18/10/2019WalsallDResultsCOBOC Community Games
28/09/2019Woodgate ValleyDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
05/09/2019Pitcheroak WoodDResultsSummer Series
25/07/2019Red House ParkDResultsSummer Series
20/07/2019Barr BeaconDResultsSummer Series
04/07/2019Saltwells Nature ReserveDResultsCommentsSummer Series
26/06/2019Sutton ParkDResults
COBOC Gates Run
22/06/2019Pype Hayes ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
20/06/2019June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsAndy WhiteSummer Series40
18/06/2019Lickey HillsDResultsSummer Series
06/06/2019Kingsford Country ParkDResultsSummer Series
23/05/2019Baggeridge Country ParkDResultsSummer Series
18/05/2019New Hall ValleyDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
11/05/2019Himley ParkDResultsSummer Series
27/04/2019Hill TopDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
26/04/2019Sutton Park?DResultsCOBOC Accessible Games
07/04/2019Arrow ValleyCResults
West Midlands League
06/04/2019Hunt End, RedditchCResults
Routegadget (Juniors)
Routegadget (Seniors)
West Midlands Urban League
30/03/2019Perry Hall ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
07/03/2019Birmingham City CentreDResultsCommentsNight Street League
28/02/2019Highgate CommonDResultsWinter Evening Event
23/02/2019Aston ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
21/02/2019WarndonDResultsCommentsNight Street League
14/02/2019Burlish TopDResultsWinter Evening Event
10/02/2019Callow Hill NorthDResults
West Midlands League
07/02/2019HalesowenDResultsCommentsNight Street League
31/01/2019Kingsford Country ParkDResultsCommentsWinter Evening Event
26/01/2019Banners Gate, Sutton ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
24/01/2019Kings Heath, BirminghamDResultsNight Street League
17/01/2019Hollybed Common, MalvernDResultsCommentsWinter Evening Event
10/01/2019WorcesterDbroken linkNight Street League
16/12/2018British CampCResults
West Midlands League
15/12/2018British CampDResults
Western Night League
08/12/2018Clent HillsDResults
Trophy Winners
Bert Pardoe Results
Club Championships
06/12/2018Beacon Hill, LickeysDResultsWinter Evening Event
01/12/2018Perry ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
29/11/2018KingswinfordDResultsNight Street League
22/11/2018Redditch GreenlandsDResultsNight Street League
17/11/2018Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Winter Evening Event
17/11/2018Sutton ParkDResultsWinter Evening Event
27/10/2018Witton LakesDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
14/10/2018Highgate CommonCResults
RoutegadgetWest Midlands League
29/09/2018Rectory ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
15/07/2018Sutton Coldfield UrbanDResults
01/07/2018Arrow ValleyBResults
Yvette Baker Final
27/06/2018Sutton ParkDResults
Course Results
COBOC Gates Run
23/06/2018New Hall ValleyDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
21/06/2018June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResults
Andy WhiteSummer Series44
19/05/2018Perry Hall ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
17/06/2018Birmingham UniversityCResults
Splits 1
Splits 2
West Midlands Urban League
28/04/2018Pype Hayes ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
16/06/2018Castle Vale (postponed from December 2017)CResults
Results by course
Splits by course
2017 UK Urban League Final
24/03/2018Handsworth ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
08/03/2018StourportDResultsNight Street League
17/02/2018Banners Gate, Sutton ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
15/02/2018Malvern CommonDResultsWinter Evening Event
08/02/2018BlackheathDResultsNight Street League
01/02/2018Pitcheroak WoodsDResultsCommentsWinter Evening Event
27/01/2018Aston ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
25/01/2018BromsgroveDResultsNight Street League
21/01/2018Kinver EdgeCResults
West Midlands League
18/01/2018Habberley ValleyDResultsWinter Evening Event
11/01/2018MalvernDResultsNight Street League9
06/01/2018British CampDResults
Western Night League44
17/12/2017Burlish TopDResults
Trophy Winners
Bert PardoeResults
Results by course
Splits by course
Club Championships36
07/12/2017BaggeridgeDResultsWinter Evening Event28
25/11/2017Wyndley, Sutton ParkDResults
COBOC Schools Families and Beginners
23/11/2017Worcester WoodsDResultsWinter Evening Event28
16/11/2017WorcesterDResultsNight Street League16
West Midlands League185
28/10/2017Perry ParkDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
30/09/2017Witton LakesDResultsCOBOC Schools Families and Beginners
29/10/2017Hartlebury CommonDResults
Leg ResultsAndy WhiteWest Midlands Relays22
10/09/2017Sutton ParkDResults
COBOC Peter Palmer Junior Relays
06/09/2017Kingsford Country ParkDResultsAndy JohnsonSummer Series22
22/07/2017Sanders ParkDResultsPeter LangmaidSummer Series21
20/07/2017Arrow ValleyDResultsDave AldridgeSummer Series23
15/07/2017QueslettDResultsAdrian BaileySummer Series16
06/07/2017Callow HillDResultsAlison SlomanSummer Series23
28/06/2017Sutton ParkDResultsCourse ResultsCOBOC Gates Run
22/06/2017June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsCommentsAndy WhiteSummer Series18
15/06/2017Cannon Hill ParkDResultsAndy HemstedSummer Series24
03/06/2017Rock CoppiceDResultsBarry HoughtonSummer Series28
29/05/2017Brampton BryanBLink is to SinS website with full results, WinSplits and Routegadget.Springtime in Shropshire608
27/05/2017The Long MyndBLink is to SinS website with full results, WinSplits and Routegadget.Springtime in Shropshire638
20/05/2017BaggeridgeDResultsAlex MitchellSummer Series30
13/05/2017Old HillsDResultsCommentsMike WilkinsonSummer Series29
29/04/2017HimleyDResultsKerstin MitchellSummer Series33
26/04/2017Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
17/04/2017Birmingham Metropolitan CollegeDResultsCOBOC Activity
29/03/2017Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
Yvette Baker Heat131
16/03/2017CoombeswoodDResultsAdrian BaileyWinter Evening Event25
09/03/2017WordsleyDResultsAndy WhiteNight Street League14
02/03/2017Burlish Top and Rifle RangesDResultsAndy JohnsonWinter Evening Event21
23/02/2017Birmingham City CentreDResultsAdrian BaileyNight Street League11
22/02/2017Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
16/02/2017Old HillsDResultsCommentsColin PalmerWinter Evening Event25
09/02/2017BewdleyDResultsRuss FausetNight Street League20
02/02/2017DudmastonDResultsCommentsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event31
25/01/2017Sutton ColdfieldDResultsAndy HemstedNight Street League30
19/01/2017Hartlebury CommonDResultsAndy HemstedWinter Evening Event30
Kerstin MitchellWest Midlands League149
12/01/2017LedburyDResultsColin PalmerNight Street League10
11/12/2016Highgate CommonD Course Results
Class Results
Trophy Winners
Bert Pardoe Results
Barry HoughtonClub Championships43
08/12/2016Hayhead WoodDResultsCommentsBarry McGowanWinter Evening Event13
04/12/2016Dymock ForestDResults
WinSplitsBarbara FordWest Midlands Championships159
01/12/2016WombourneDResultsBarry HoughtonNight Street League14
30/11/2016Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
24/11/2016Walton HillDResultsKerstin MitchellWinter Evening Event28
17/11/2016WorcesterDResultsJohn LeesonNight Street League24
26/10/2016Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
23/10/2016Castlemorton CommonDResults
WinSplitsMarian WhiteWest Midlands League173
22/10/2016Malvern UrbanDResults
WinSplitsJudith TaylorWest Midlands Urban league175
15/10/2016HighburyDResultsCOBOC Harvest Maze
28/09/2016Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
17/09/2016Red House ParkDResultsAdrian BaileySummer Series30
03/09/2016Clent HillsDResultsAndy JohnsonSummer Series14
13/08/2016Kings NortonDResultsCOBOC Maze
27/07/2016Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
17/07/2016Perry Hall ParkDResultsCOBOC WM Park Champs
02/07/2016Baggeridge Country ParkDResultsKerstin MitchellSummer Series31
25/06/2016HawkbatchDResultsAlison SlomanSummer Series28
19/06/2016Sandwell ValleyDResults
Penny HemstedWest Midlands League118
16/06/2016June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResults
CommentsRobert VickersSummer Series14
11/06/2016Arrow ValleyDResultsRobert RoseSummer Series27
07/05/2016Kingfisher ParkDResults
Podium positions
COBOC WM Schools Champs
30/04/2016Brown Clee HillAResultsSPORTident pageLester EvansBritish Championships1338
16/04/2016Birmingham Metropolitan CollegeDResultsCOBOC Activity
19/03/2016Wyche RidgeDResultsJudith TaylorWestern Night League26
17/03/2016WorcesterDResultsJohn LeesonNight Street League17
10/03/2016Birmingham CityDResultsAndy WhiteNight Street League17
03/03/2016Kinver EdgeDResultsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event18
25/02/2016StourbridgeDResultsAndy JohnsonNight Street League10
24/02/2016Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
14/02/2016Longdon WoodCResults
Steve ChivertonWest Midlands League174
11/02/2016Habberley ValleyDResultsDavid WilliamsWinter Evening Event24
06/02/2016Frith WoodDResultsColin PalmerWestern Night League17
28/01/2016Worcester WoodsDResultsJohn LeesonWinter Evening Event22
27/01/2016Sutton ColdfieldDResultsCOBOC Night Street Event
14/01/2016Highgate CommonDResultsKerstin MitchellWinter Evening Event30
10/01/2016Lickey HillsCResults
COBOC West Midlands League Event
07/01/2016WombourneDResultsBarry HoughtonNight Street League11
19/12/2015Callow HillDResults
Bert Pardoe Results
Class Results
Heather KieniewiczClub Championships47
05/12/2015Arrow ValleyDResultsJenny UffLocal event24
03/12/2015Hartlebury CommonDResultsAndy JohnsonWinter Evening Event20
26/11/2015FrankleyDResultsAndy HemstedNight Street League13
25/11/2015Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
19/11/2015Uffmoor WoodDResultsAndy HemstedWinter Evening Event23
12/11/2015WorcesterDResultsJohn LeesonNight Street League17
28/10/2015Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
03/10/2015Redditch CentreCResults
Course Results
Course Splits
Marian WhiteWest Midlands Urban League66
30/09/2015Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
13/08/2015Castlemorton CommonDResults
James WilkinsonSummer Series30
29/07/2015Sutton ParkDResultsJenny UffSummer Series13
16/07/2015Saltwells WoodDResultsJenny UffSummer Series13
15/07/2015Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Maze
09/07/2015Birmingham City Centre (URBAN)DResultsAndy WhiteSummer Series31
02/07/2015New Hall ValleyDResultsBob ScottSummer Series24
25/06/2015Habberley ValleyDResultsAndy JohnsonSummer Series23
Jason HowellWest Midlands League 120
18/06/2015Gheluvelt ParkDResultsJohn LeesonSummer Series21
11/06/2015June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsCommentsRobert VickersSummer Series18
04/06/2015Cannon Hill ParkDResultsMedium CourseAdrian BaileySummer Series26
23/05/2015Brampton BryanBLink is to SinS website with full results, WinSplits and Routegadget.Lester EvansSpringtime in Shropshire591
21/05/2015Himley HallDResultsSteve NightingaleSummer Series21
20/05/2015Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
14/05/2015Baggeridge Country ParkDResultsKerstin MitchellSummer Series20
29/04/2015Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
12/04/2015Kinver EdgeCResults
WinSplitsJenny UffWest Midlands League151
21/03/2015Birmingham Metropolitan CollegeDResultsCOBOC
19/03/2015KidderminsterDResultsRuss FausetNight Street League16
15/03/2015Eastnor ParkBResults
Club Scores
Stephen BramwellCompassSport Cup278
Year Results
Year Splits
Barbara FordHereford and Worcester Schools47
08/03/2015Highgate CommonCResults
Barry HoughtonWest Midlands League195
26/02/2015Burlish TopDResultsDavid WilliamsWinter Evening Event24
25/02/2015Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC
19/02/2015West BromwichDResultsAndy WhiteNight Street League10
14/02/2015Hope EndDResults
Colin PalmerWestern Night League18
12/02/2015Shire OakDResultsCommentsBarry McGowanWinter Evening Event19
07/02/2015Longdon WoodCResults
WinSplitsSteve ChivertonWest Midlands League159
28/01/2015Sutton Coldfield (COBOC)ResultsNight Street League
22/01/2015Worcester WoodsDResultsRobert RoseWinter Evening Event21
08/01/2015Kingsford Country ParkDResultsCommentsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event28
01/01/2015Sandwell ValleyDResults
Laurie Bradley Score127
21/12/2014Clent HillsDResults
Class Results
Bert Pardoe results
Club Championships35
17/12/2014blankDResultsCOBOC Santa O
11/12/2014Handsworth WoodDResultsAndy WhiteNight Street League9
06/12/2014Wyche RidgeDResults
Western Night League25
04/12/2014Arrow ValleyDResultsKerstin MitchellWinter Evening Event21
26/11/2014Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
20/11/2014Walton HillDResultsAlison SlomanWinter Evening Event23
13/11/2014WalmleyDResultsBob ScottNight Street League19
09/11/2014Castlemorton CommonCResults
Level C69
02/11/2014Forge MillResultsCOBOC Maize maze
29/10/2014Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
25/10/2014Walkwood, Redditch CResults
WinSplitsWest Midlands Urban league53
WinSplitsWest Midlands League Event155
11/10/2014Arrow ValleyBResultsSchools
Team Results
O: Penny HemstedBritish Schools Score Championships351
24/09/2014Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
28/09/2014Rough WoodDResults
14/09/2014Kingfisher ParkDResultsCOBOC
14/08/2014Worcestershire BeaconDResultsRichard DavisSummer Series32
07/08/2014Gheluvelt ParkDResultsJohn LeesonSummer Series21
24/07/2014Sandwell ValleyDResultsAdrian BaileySummer Series13
17/07/2014Uffmoor WoodDResultsJenny UffSummer Series16
10/07/2014Hayhead WoodDResultsCommentsBarry McGowanSummer Series24
05/07/2014Croome ParkDResultsPOC Launch23
26/06/2014Morton Stanley ParkDResultsJohn PearsonSummer Series23
19/06/2014June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsCommentsRobert VickersSummer Series17
12/06/2014Pitcheroak WoodDResultsAllan McKinleySummer Series19
08/06/2014Titterstone Clee HillCResults
O: Steve ChivertonWest Midlands League Event212
07/06/2014Edwards and Caudwell CoppicesDResultsTony ThornleyChildren's event45
05/06/2014BrockhamptonDResultsMike FarringtonSummer Series25
31/05/2014Sanders ParkDResultsAndy & Marian WhiteSMILE50
22/05/2014Baggeridge Country ParkDResultsPeter LangmaidSummer Series17
17/05/2014Croft CastleDResultsSpears and WhitesSMILE & POC launch43
15/05/2014Malvern CommonDResultsClive CaffellSummer Series21
08/05/2014Worcester WoodsDResultsRoger KeelingSummer Series32
01/05/2014Himley HallDResultsKerstin MitchellSummer Series22
27/04/2014Breakneck BankCResults
PSUK Results
P: Barry Houghton
C: Derek Turner
West Midlands League192
05/04/2014BrockhamptonDSchool's Results
School's Splits
School Champions
Local event Results
Local event Splits
O: Barbara FordH&W Schools and Level D55
29/03/2014Birmingham Metropolitan CollegeDResultsCOBOC
29/03/2014Arrow ValleyDResultsAndy & Marian WhiteSmile50
26/03/2014Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Twilight event
15/03/2014Callow HillDResults
WinSplitsJason Howell50
26/02/2014Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Night Score
20/02/2014Highgate CommonDResultsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event27
13/02/2014Jewellery QuarterDResultsAndy WhiteNight Street League26
06/02/2014Worcester WoodsDResultsJohn LeesonWinter Evening Event28
29/01/2014Sutton Coldfield (COBOC)DResultsNight Street League
26/01/2014Perry ParkDResultsCOBOC Prologue and Pursuit
25/01/2014Hollybed CommonDResults
Western Night League33
23/01/2014Habberley ValleyDResultsKerstin MitchellWinter Evening Event21
19/01/2014Sandwell ValleyCResults
WinSplitsWest Midlands League178
16/01/2014TiptonDResultsAdrian BaileyNight Street League11
09/01/2014Hartlebury CommonDResultsAndy HemstedWinter Evening Event31
15/12/2013Baggeridge Country ParkDResults
Bert Pardoe Results
Club Championships51
05/12/2013FrankleyDResultsNight Street League23
Class Results
CommentsO: Rollo Rumford
P: Paul Basher and Kerstin Mitchell
C: Mike Callow (WRE)
West Midlands League240
30/11/2013Aston ParkDResultsCOBOC
27/11/2013Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
21/11/2013WorcesterDResultsNight Street League31
16/11/2013Worcestershire BeaconDResults
Western Night league36
14/11/2013Clent HillsDResultsWinter Evening Event26
07/11/2013WalmleyDResultsNight Street League23
12/10/2013Handsworth ParkDResultsCOBOC
Splits by Class
Splits by Course
West Midlands Relays168
31/08/2013Walsall CampusDResults
CommentsO: Marian White
P:Barry McGowan
Level D50
08/08/2013Cannon Hill ParkDResultsDavid WilliamsSummer Series18
01/08/2013Bumble HoleDResultsJenny UffSummer Series9
25/07/2013Habberley ValleyDResultsSteve NightingaleSummer Series13
18/07/2013Burlish TopDResultsRuss FausetSummer Series0
13/07/2013Sanders ParkDResultsSMILE / Summer Series0
03/07/2013Perry ParkDResultsAdrian BaileySummer Series22
27/06/2013FibbersleyDResultsAndy HemstedSummer Series11
23/06/2013Castlemorton CommonDResults
WinSplitsSteve Chiverton60
20/06/2013June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsCommentsRobert VickersSummer Series18
15/06/2013Leasowes ParkDResultsAdrian BaileySMILE / Summer Series28
09/06/2013Edwards and Caudwell CoppicesDResultsTony ThornleyChildren's Event6
06/06/2013Morton Stanley ParkDResultsMike BaggottSummer Series44
30/05/2013Arrow Valley (south)DResultsJohn LeesonSummer Series15
29/05/2013Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
27/05/2013Brown Clee HillBResultsLesley BrownSpringtime in Shropshire812
25/05/2013Croft CastleBResultsSpringtime in Shropshire743
19/05/2013Plantsbrook ValleyDResultsCOBOC WM Schools
18/05/2013Arrow Valley (central)DResultsJohn LeesonSMILE / Summer Series45
12/05/2013Walsall ArboretumDResults not foundO: Marian White
P: Barry McGowan
Level D70
09/05/2013Worcestershire BeaconDResultsJason HowellSummer Series29
02/05/2013Old HillsDResultsSummer Series51
27/04/2013Hope EndDResults
WinSplitsLevel D45
25/04/2013Nunnery WoodDResultsRollo RumfordSummer Series34
24/04/2013Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC 7's
27/03/2013Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Egg-O Score
21/03/2013WorcesterDResultsNight Street League23
16/03/2013Eastnor ParkDCourse Results
Course Splits
Class Results
Class Splits
Helper Results
Helper Splits
School WinSplits
Helper WinSplits
H&W School Champs88
09/03/2013Hilltop and ManwoodDBROKEN LINKCOBOC
07/03/2013Halesowen (URBAN)DResultsAdrian BaileyNight Street League8
28/02/2013RedditchDResultsMike BaggottNight Street League14
27/02/2013Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Night Lines
21/02/2013Highgate CommonDResultsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event25
10/02/2013Lickey HillsCResults
O: Rachel Dearden, P: Richard Dearden, C: Colin SpearsWest Midlands League133
31/01/2013Sutton ColdfieldDResultsCOBOC Street Club Night
31/01/2013Baggeridge Country ParkDResultsKerstin MitchellWinter Evening Event34
26/01/2013Old HillsDResults
Colin PalmerWestern Night league16
10/01/2013Clent HillsDResultsAllan McKinleyWinter Evening Event36
20/12/2012MalvernDResultsLester & Lynden HartmannNight Street League17
15/12/2012HawkbatchDO: Lyden Hartmann, P: David Williams Club Championships44
13/12/2012HawkesleyDResultsJohn EmbreyNight Street League10
06/12/2012Lickey HillsDResultsDavid WilliamsWinter Evening Event25
29/11/2012Walsall (URBAN)DResultsAdrian BaileyNight Street League10
24/11/2012Worcestershire BeaconDO: Richard Davies, P: Tom Horton WNL18
22/11/2012Morton Stanley ParkDResultsMike BaggottWinter Evening Event13
10/11/2012Castle Vale (URBAN)CO: John Embrey, P: Mike Abbott, C: Allan Williams (WCH)172
08/11/2012Kingsford Country ParkDResultsKerstin MitchellWinter Evening Event16
28/10/2012Saltwells WoodCO: Adrian Bailey, P: John Leeson, C: Marcus Eassom (WRE)179
07/10/2012Hollybed CommonDO: Lindsey McMillan, P: Susan Matthews, C: Rollo Rumford76
16/08/2012Rough WoodDResultsCommentsBarry McGowanSummer Series33
02/08/2012Hill TopDResultsJohn BennisonSummer Series22
19/07/2012Morton Stanley ParkDResultsCharlie NelsonSummer Series26
12/07/2012Hartlebury CommonDResultsRoger KeelingSummer Series29
28/06/2012Bumble HoleDResultsKerstin MitchellSummer Series24
21/06/2012June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsCommentsRobert VickersSummer Series17
14/06/2012Arrow ValleyDResultsJohn LeesonSummer Series24
07/06/2012Pitcheroak WoodDResultsMike BaggottSummer Series18
02/06/2012Baggeridge Country ParkDO: Stephen Bramwell, P: Peter Langmaid 35
31/05/2012PostensplainDResultsCharlie NelsonSummer Series24
27/05/2012Brown Clee HillBO: Charlie Nelson, P: Clive Caffell, C: Ray Collins (WCH)398
24/05/2012Clent HillsDResultsDavid WilliamsSummer Series37
17/05/2012Barr BeaconDResultsCommentsBarry McGowanSummer Series19
12/05/2012New Park HallCBarbara FordWest Midlands Schools Championships193
10/05/2012Lickey HillsDResultsSummer Series52
05/05/2012Walsall ArboretumDAdrian BaileyCATI & Park League8
03/05/2012Kingsford Country ParkDResultsAndy HemstedSummer Series21
26/04/2012Haden HillDResultsAdrian BaileySummer Series26
01/04/2012Sandwell ValleyDAdrian BaileyCATI & Park League20
28/03/2012Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Club Night
25/03/2012Pype HayesDResultsCOBOC
17/03/2012Eastnor ParkDO: Carol Farrington, P: Robert Farrington WNL18
17/03/2012Eastnor ParkDO: Carol Farrington, P: Robert Farrington County Schools champs88
11/03/2012Foxley & GarnstoneAO: Ant Clerici, P: Rollo Rumford, C: Mark DyerMidlands Champs, UK Masters Cup600
10/03/2012Malvern UrbanCO: Lynden Hartmann, P: Lester Hartmann, C: Barry Elkington (OD)386
01/03/2012Highgate CommonDResultsCommentsDavid WilliamsWinter Evening Event27
29/02/2012Sutton ColdfieldDResultsCOBOC Street Night Event
25/02/2012Bringsty CommonDO: Ant Clerici & Brian Hughes, P: Andy Hemsted, C: Russ Fauset65
15/02/2012LedburyDResultsColin PalmerNight Street League25
09/02/2012Burlish TopDResults
CommentsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event23
02/02/2012WorcesterDResultsNigel CousinsNight Street League13
Eric BrownWinter Evening Event36
19/01/2012Cradley HeathDResultsPeter LangmaidNight Street League9
18/01/2012Sutton ParkDResultsCOBOC Night Event
12/01/2012WordsleyDResultsKerstin MitchellNight Street League15
05/01/2012Shire OakDResults
CommentsBarry McGowanWinter Evening Event36
18/12/2011Hartlebury CommonDClub Championships58
08/12/2011Kinver EdgeDResults
Winter Evening Event23
01/12/2011RedditchDResultsNight Street League12
19/11/2011Frith WoodD27
17/11/2011Uffmoor WoodDResults
Winter Evening Event38
13/11/2011Sutton ParkDResultsO: Ian Gamlen
P: Dave Ellis
12/11/2011Lickey HillsC189
10/11/2011Druids HeathDResultsNight Street League16
25/10/2011Shire OakD23
08/10/2011Wyche RidgeDO: Julian Green, P: Judith Taylor Mini-League86
25/09/2011Queslett Nature ReserveD15
03/09/2011Callow HillC, P: Kerstin Mitchell, C: Brian Hughes73
14/07/2011Old HillsDResultsAnt ClericiSummer Series36
07/07/2011Lickey HillsDResultsJohn PearsonSummer Series32
30/06/2011Castlemorton CommonDResultsJulian GreenSummer Series34
26/06/2011Aston ParkDResultsCOBOC West Midlands Park Orienteering Championships
25/06/2011Worcestershire BeaconDO: Jason Howell, P: Tony Knight, C: Dave NevellMini-League81
23/06/2011June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsCommentsRobert VickersSummer Series18
19/06/2011Breakneck BankCO: Steve Chiverton, P: John Embrey, C: Pat Pay157
16/06/2011Malvern CommonDResultsSummer Series22
12/06/2011Baggeridge Country ParkC79
09/06/2011Leasowes ParkDResultsPeter LangmaidSummer Series31
29/05/2011LudlowCMarian WhiteSINS Urban308
28/05/2011Brampton BryanCO: Lesley Brown, P: Allan McKinley SINS Day 1825
19/05/2011Clent HillsDResultsSummer Series40
12/05/2011Morton Stanley ParkDResultsSummer Series33
08/05/2011Kingsford Country ParkD39
28/04/2011Nunnery WoodDResultsSummer Series28
12/03/2011Eastnor ParkDWestern Night League19
12/03/2011Eastnor ParkDO: Carol Farrington, P: Susan Matthews, C: Richard DaviesMini-league86
12/03/2011Eastnor ParkDO: Carol Farrington, P: Susan Matthews, C: Richard DaviesH&W Schools Champs83
24/03/2011MalvernDResultsLester HartmannNight Street League14
06/03/2011Queslett Nature ReserveDResultsCOBOC
17/03/2011Handsworth WoodDResultsAndy & Marian WhiteNight Street League9
03/03/2011Highgate CommonDResults
CommentsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event28
19/02/2011Dymock ForestDWestern Night League26
19/02/2011Dymock ForestDMike Farrington , C: Clive CaffallMini-League116
17/02/2011ErdingtonDResultsAndy HemstedNight Street League10
13/02/2011Sandwell ValleyD79
10/02/2011DudmastonDResultsCommentsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event38
06/02/2011HawkbatchCO: Rachel Dearden, P: Richard Dearden, C: Russ FausetYvette Baker Trophy Final/Mini-League439
29/01/2011New Hall Country ParkDResultsO: Ian Gamlen
P: Dave Ellis and Glynn Roberts
27/01/2011Rough WoodDResultsCommentsBarry McGowanWinter Evening Event22
20/01/2011StourbridgeDResultsRobert VickersNight Street League11
13/01/2011Kings NortonDResultsJohn EmbreyNight Street League9
06/01/2011Shrawley WoodDResultsCommentsRoger KeelingWinter Evening Event30
16/12/2010Selly ParkDResultsAlison SlomanNight Street League7
12/12/2010BrockhamptonDO: Alex Morgan, P: Andy Hemsted Club Championships55
09/12/2010Walton HillDResultsCommentsPeter LangmaidWinter Evening Event24
25/11/2010West BromwichDResultsAdrian BaileyNight Street League7
18/11/2010Kingsford Country ParkDResultsCommentsWinter Evening Event30
14/11/2010PostensplainCO: Lester Evans, P: Rollo Rumford 389
09/11/2010WorcesterDResultsBrian HughesNight Street League10
23/10/2010British CampDO: Steve Chiverton, P: Julian Green Mini-league102
25/09/2010Queslett Nature ReserveDAdrian Bailey18
19/09/2010Hartlebury CommonCO: Barbara Ford, P: Ashley Ford, C: Bob Brandon (OD)West Midlands Relays150
22/07/2010Worcestershire BeaconDResultsAnt ClericiSummer Series25
15/07/2010Old HillsDResultsRoger & Dot KeelingSummer Series13
11/07/2010Arrow ValleyDO: Colin Spears, P: John Leeson, C: Simon Thompson63
08/07/2010Barr BeaconDResultsCommentsBarry McGowanSummer Series41
01/07/2010Morton Stanley ParkDResultsMike BaggottSummer Series23
24/06/2010June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResults
Robert VickersSummer Series18
17/06/2010Callow HillDResultsCommentsCharlie NelsonSummer Series28
12/06/2010Castlemorton CommonDO: Mike Farrington, P: John Embrey Mini-league69
10/06/2010HawkbatchDResultsRoger & Dot KeelingSummer Series23
27/05/2010Lickey HillsDResultsJohn PearsonSummer Series39
20/05/2010Malvern CommonDResultsMike FarringtonSummer Series32
16/05/2010Kinver EdgeC231
13/05/2010Nunnery WoodDResultsBrian HughesSummer Series27
06/05/2010Himley HallDResultsAdrian BaileySummer Series15
29/04/2010Pitcheroak WoodDResultsJohn LeesonSummer Series23
22/04/2010Baggeridge Country ParkDResultsAndy HemstedSummer Series24
17/04/2010Sandwell ValleyDO: Marian White, P: Andy White, C: George Chambers62
28/03/2010DudmastonCEric & Lesley Brown146
27/03/2010Frith WoodDResultsWinter Evening Event28
26/03/2010Droitwich (BIMM)DResultsRuss FausetNight Street League8
13/03/2010Eastnor ParkDMini-league101
13/03/2010Eastnor ParkDCarol FarringtonH&W Schools Champs170
06/03/2010Queslett Nature ReserveDAdrian BaileyJoint event with COBOC14
04/03/2010KingstandingDResultsAdrian BaileyNight Street League10
28/02/2010Dymock ForestCO: Andy Hemsted, P: Penny Hemsted 199
25/02/2010Bournville (URBAN)DResultsColin SpearsNight Street League10
20/02/2010Malvern CommonDO: Mike Farrington, P: Tony Knight Mini-League88
13/02/2010Birmingham University CampusC, P: Iain Embrey Sprint80
02/02/2010RedditchDResultsJohn PearsonNight Street League10
28/01/2010Highgate CommonDResults
CommentsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event26
24/01/2010Worcestershire BeaconC350
21/01/2010Halesowen N & Rowley RegisDResultsPeter LangmaidNight Street League11
01/01/2010Rough WoodCLaurie Bradley Score138
19/12/2009Callow HillDO: Ant Clerici, P: John Embrey Club Championships59
15/12/2009MalvernDResultsLynden & Lester HartmannNight Street League14
08/12/2009StratfordDResultsGeoffrey FosterNight Street League10
28/11/2009Wyche RidgeDO: Mike Farrington, P: Chris McSweeny Western Light League26
28/11/2009Wyche RidgeDO: Mike Farrington, P: Chris McSweeny Mini-League78
25/11/2009WorcesterDResultsBrian HughesNight Street League15
10/11/2009WalsallDResultsBarry McGowanNight Street League13
08/11/2009Titterstone Clee HillCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Kath McMillan 205
25/10/2009Fownhope ParkCO: Judith Taylor, P: Lindsay McMillan West Midlands League Event180
13/09/2009Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Adrian Bailey, P: Paul Basher Middle & sprint events (with Himley Hall)39
30/07/2009East Park, WolverhamptonDResultsAdrian BaileySummer Series11
23/07/2009Himley HallDResultsPeter LangmaidSummer Series26
12/07/2009Highgate CommonCO: John Leeson, P: Barry Houghton WM League Event123
09/07/2009Arrow ValleyDResultsJohn PearsonSummer Series28
05/07/2009CarneddauCBill Marlow (POW)Joint event with POW99
02/07/2009FibbersleyDResultsCommentsBarry McGowanSummer Series27
27/06/2009Old HillsDMike FarringtonMADO end of season62
25/06/2009Lickey HillsDResultsDave WilliamsSummer Series42
18/06/2009June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsRobert VickersSummer Series16
14/06/2009Uffmoor WoodD120
11/06/2009Wyche RidgeDResultsCommentsRoger KeelingSummer Series30
04/06/2009Kingsford Country ParkDResultsAndy HemstedSummer Series25
24/05/2009Brown Clee HillCSINS737
21/05/2009Habberley ValleyDResultsRobert VickersSummer Series31
14/05/2009Hartlebury CommonDResultsCharlie NelsonSummer Series37
07/05/2009Pitcheroak WoodDResultsMike BaggottSummer Series41
Mike FarringtonSummer Series20
25/04/2009West Park, WolverhamptonDAdrian BaileySummer Series14
23/04/2009Callow HillDResultsJohn LeesonSummer Series22
19/04/2009Sandwell ValleyD124
18/04/2009Frith WoodDO: Mike Farrington, P: Clive Caffall MADO121
21/03/2009Eastnor ParkDWNL33
21/03/2009Eastnor ParkDMike FarringtonMADO230
21/03/2009Eastnor ParkDH&W Schools Champs103
10/03/2009MalvernDResultsJill MacKenzieNight Street League13
27/02/2009Stourbridge (URBAN)DResultsRobert VickersNight Street League9
21/02/2009Hollybed CommonDMADO122
19/02/2009The WeoleysDResultsCommentsJohn EmbreyNight Street League12
15/02/2009Lickey HillsCwith BUOC203
12/02/2009Walton HillDResultsCommentsAndy HemstedWinter Evening Event19
29/01/2009Habberley ValleyDResultsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event13
25/01/2009Clent HillsD130
13/01/2009Rock CoppiceDResultsCommentsWinter Evening Event13
10/01/2009Wyche RidgeDWNL33
10/01/2009Wyche RidgeDO: Mike Farrington, P: Jason Howell MADO (whole Ridge)121
08/01/2009Selly ParkDResultsAlison SlomanNight Street League12
17/12/2008StratfordDResultsGeoffrey FosterNight Street League10
13/12/2008Highgate CommonDAndy HemstedClub Championships53
07/12/2008PostensplainCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Rollo Rumford 281
04/12/2008Lickey HillsDResultsCommentsJohn EmbreyWinter Evening Event18
02/12/2008Great BarrDResultsAdrian BaileyNight Street League7
22/11/2008East Park, WolverhamptonDAdrian Bailey10
20/11/2008WorcesterDResultsBrian HughesNight Street League9
16/11/2008HawkbatchDO: Rachel White, P: Richard Dearden inc retro course70
13/11/2008Hartlebury CommonDResultsCommentsAlison SlomanWinter Evening Event18
08/11/2008British CampDO: Mike Farrington, P: John Embrey MADO104
04/11/2008ErdingtonDResultsAndy HemstedNight Street League10
25/10/2008Central London (BIMM)DResultsRuss FausetNight Street League6
18/10/2008West Park, WolverhamptonDAdrian Bailey47
18/10/2008Castlemorton CommonDO: Mike Farrington, P: Julian Green MADO119
21/09/2008Croft CastleCO: Eric & Lesley Brown, P: Alison Sloman, C: Mike FarringtonYvette Baker Trophy122
28/08/2008Sandwell ValleyDResultsAdrian BaileySummer Series27
21/08/2008Habberley ValleyDResultsSummer Series24
14/08/2008Arrow ValleyDResultsJohn LeesonSummer Series14
31/07/2008Kingsford Country ParkDResultsIan HopkinsSummer Series23
24/07/2008Haden HillDResultsPeter LangmaidSummer Series21
17/07/2008Clent HillsDResultsCharlie NelsonSummer Series32
10/07/2008Sedgeley Hall FarmDResultsBarry McGowanSummer Series14
06/07/2008Habberley ValleyDO: Susan Ford, P: Duncan Leeson Juniors event66
03/07/2008Morton Stanley ParkDResultsMike BaggottSummer Series31
26/06/2008Lickey HillsDResultsJohn PearsonSummer Series41
21/06/2008Old HillsDO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: Jason Howell MADO37
19/06/2008June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsRobert VickersSummer Series22
12/06/2008Old HillsDResultsRoger KeelingSummer Series30
08/06/2008Brown Clee HillBO: Rollo Rumford, P: John Richards National & World Ranking event953
22/05/2008Cannon Hill ParkDResultsColin SpearsSummer Series23
15/05/2008Baggeridge Country ParkDResultsBarry HoughtonSummer Series23
10/05/2008Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Sue Chambers, P: George Chambers, C: Henry Morgan (POTOC)WM schools champs222
08/05/2008Callow HillDResultsAlison SlomanSummer Series27
01/05/2008Brinton ParkDResultsRuss FausetSummer Series33
26/04/2008Castlemorton CommonDO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: Neill Williamson MADO133
24/04/2008Highgate CommonDResultsAndy HemstedSummer Series40
20/04/2008Clent HillsD79
16/03/2008DudmastonCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Barry McGowan, C: Robert Vickers169
15/03/2008Eastnor ParkDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO90
15/03/2008Eastnor ParkDCarol FarringtonH&W Schools Champs83
06/03/2008Uffmoor WoodDResultsDavid WilliamsWinter Evening Event19
05/03/2008WorcesterDResultsPeter LangmaidNight Street League8
19/02/2008MalvernDResultsSimon VickersNight Street League10
12/02/2008Callow HillDResultsRichard DeardenWinter Evening Event22
10/02/2008Eymore WoodCwith BUOC105
05/02/2008BournvilleDResultsColin SpearsNight Street League10
02/02/2008Wyche RidgeDO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: Pete Bradshaw MADO (Northern part)120
22/01/2008Castle ValeDResultsJohn EmbreyNight Street League11
20/01/2008Haugh WoodDMike FarringtonMADO135
19/01/2008Haugh WoodDMike FarringtonWestern Night League46
17/01/2008Shrawley WoodDResultsAndy HemstedWinter Evening Event22
09/01/2008KidderminsterDResultsMartyn BickertonNight Street League7
22/12/2007Frith WoodDO: Carol Farrington, P: Brian Hughes, C: Neil MacKenzieClub Championships63
16/12/2007Kinver EdgeCO: Robert Vickers, P: Alison Sloman & Barry Houghton, C: Brian Morris (WRE)320
12/12/2007StratfordDResultsGeoffrey FosterNight Street League11
06/12/2007Leasowes ParkDResultsCommentsO: Barry Houghton, P: Mike Dugmore Winter Evening Event16
24/11/2007British CampDMike FarringtonMADO107
22/11/2007Harborne (URBAN)DResultsRachel WhiteNight Street League10
15/11/2007Highgate CommonDResultsBarry McGowanWinter Evening Event13
06/11/2007WorcesterDResultsBrian HughesNight Street League12
22/10/2007Venice (BIMM)DResultsRuss FausetNight Street League5
20/10/2007Malvern Hills SouthDWestern Night League19
20/10/2007Malvern Hills SouthDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO105
30/09/2007Fownhope ParkCO: Mike Farrington, P: Rollo Rumford & Neill Williamson, C: John Fallows (NGOC)West Midlands Champs 27216
09/09/2007Uffmoor WoodDMarian White79
17/07/2007Sandwell ValleyDResultsAndy HemstedSummer Series30
12/07/2007Cotwall EndDResultsJohn EmbreySummer Series21
08/07/2007Arrow ValleyDO: John Leeson, P: Mike Baggott 42
26/06/2007Worcestershire BeaconDResultsDavid NevellSummer Series28
21/06/2007June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsRobert VickersSummer Series17
17/06/2007Highgate CommonDO: Carole Sparke, P: Ian Hopkins 90
16/06/2007Hollybed CommonDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO60
14/06/2007Saltwells WoodDResultsBarry McGowanSummer Series17
05/06/2007Hartlebury CommonDResultsCharlie NelsonSummer Series29
28/05/2007Brampton BryanCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Russ Fauset & Peter Langmaid, C: Andy Yeates (WCH)SINS975
26/05/2007Titterstone Clee HillCO: Graham Hardy (WRE), P: Mike Dugmore & Richard Dearden, C: Bob Brandon (OD)SINS1057
17/05/2007Lickey HillsDResultsMike BaggottSummer Series23
12/05/2007Wyche RidgeDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO (Southern part)120
03/05/2007Callow HillDResultsO: Andy & Penny Hemsted, P: Andy Hemsted Summer Series18
24/04/2007Pitcheroak WoodDResultsJohn PearsonSummer Series27
15/04/2007Breakneck BankCO: George Chambers, P: Kay Hughes & Neil MacKenzie, C: Robert Vickers223
12/04/2007Habberley ValleyDResultsDave WilliamsSummer Series34
17/03/2007Eastnor ParkDMike FarringtonWestern Night League33
17/03/2007Eastnor ParkDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO95
17/03/2007Eastnor ParkDH&W Schools Champs79
06/03/2007The WeoleysDResultsRichard DeardenNight Street League11
04/03/2007HawkbatchCCharlie Nelson142
01/03/2007Rock CoppiceDResultsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event20
18/02/2007Lickey HillsCO: Kath McMillan, P: Tess Hill & Kirsty Davies-Walters, C: Rollo Rumfordwith BUOC (WM League)294
15/02/2007WalsallDResultsBarry McGowanNight Street League7
01/02/2007Castle ValeDResultsJohn EmbreyNight Street League8
27/01/2007Old HillsDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO104
23/01/2007ErdingtonDResultsAndy HemstedNight Street League12
11/01/2007Hartlebury CommonDResultsO: Barry Houghton, P: Allan McKinley Winter Evening Event25
09/01/2007StourbridgeDResultsBrian HughesNight Street League12
17/12/2006PostensplainDTom HortonClub Championships64
13/12/2006StratfordDResultsGeoffrey FosterNight Street League6
09/12/2006Haugh WoodDO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: David Nevell, C: Ashley FordMADO80
06/12/2006Clent HillsDResultsO: Barry Houghton, P: Chris Embrey Winter Evening Event20
28/11/2006MalvernDResultsO: Neill Williamson & Jenny Williamson, P: Neill Williamson Night Street League11
19/11/2006HawkbatchCGeorge ChambersBritish Schools Championships834
16/11/2006Selly ParkDResultsAlison SlomanNight Street League11
11/11/2006Frith WoodDMike FarringtonWestern Light League25
11/11/2006Frith WoodDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO118
04/11/2006Callow HillDGeorge ChambersSMILE21
02/11/2006Kinver EdgeDResultsAlison SlomanWinter Evening Event26
29/10/2006Malvern Hills SouthCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Lindsay McMillan & Katherine McMillan, C: Dave Holmes (QO)325
26/10/2006Birmingham UniversityDResultsTessa HillNight Street League11
21/10/2006Kingsford Country ParkDGeorge ChambersSMILE6
14/10/2006Worcestershire BeaconDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO117
30/09/2006Kinver MillionDGeorge ChambersSMILE13
24/09/2006Baggeridge Country ParkDO: Dan Hartmann, P: Lizzie White & Matt Evans Juniors running event53
16/09/2006Brinton ParkDGeorge ChambersSMILE16
11/07/2006Callow HillDResultsCharlie NelsonSummer Series23
09/07/2006Hartlebury CommonDO: Dennis Mews, P: Alison Sloman, C: Brian Hughes54
06/07/2006Cotwall EndDResultsMike DugmoreSummer Series17
01/07/2006Old HillsDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO55
27/06/2006Sandwell ValleyDResultsBarry McGowanSummer Series19
20/06/2006June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsRobert VickersSummer Series12
18/06/2006Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Robert Vickers, P: Barry Houghton, C: Colin SpearsWM Relay Championships 26162
13/06/2006Malvern CommonDResultsDavid NevellSummer Series23
10/06/2006British CampDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO68
06/06/2006Kingsford Country ParkDResultsRuss FausetSummer Series21
01/06/2006Highgate CommonDResultsO: Andy Hemsted & Chris Embrey, P: Andy Hemsted Summer Series22
25/05/2006Old HillsDResultsSusan FordSummer Series29
21/05/2006Titterstone Clee HillCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Barry McGowan 244
16/05/2006Pitcheroak WoodDResultsMike BaggottSummer Series22
13/05/2006Malvern Hills SouthDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO73
11/05/2006Habberley ValleyDResultsAlison SlomanSummer Series25
02/05/2006Lickey HillsDResultsTessa HillSummer Series27
25/04/2006Saltwells WoodDResultsRichard DeardenSummer Series19
22/04/2006Holme LacyDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO63
09/04/2006Croft CastleCO: Rollo Rumford, P: John Richards, C: Mike DugmoreCompass Sport Cup Qualifier310
29/03/2006WorcesterDResultsBob SchofieldNight Street League8
19/03/2006Clent HillsCO: Robert Vickers, P: Rollo Rumford, C: Ian Hopkins208
16/03/2006Uffmoor WoodDResultsDave WilliamsWinter Evening Event18
11/03/2006Eastnor ParkDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO77
26/02/2006Sandwell ValleyCO: Tessa Hill, P: Katherine McMillan, C: Colin Spearswith BUOC165
25/02/2006Hollybed CommonDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO87
16/02/2006BournvilleDResultsColin SpearsNight Street League11
14/02/2006Habberley ValleyDResultsCommentsAlison SlomanWinter Evening Event22
31/01/2006Bewdley (BIMM)DResultsRuss FausetNight Street League14
26/01/2006Baggeridge Country ParkDResultsCommentsBarry McGowanWinter Evening Event16
14/01/2006Castlemorton CommonDO: Lynden & Lester Hartmann, P: Tom Horton MADO99
12/01/2006The WeoleysDResultsJohn EmbreyNight Street League14
08/01/2006Haugh WoodCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Ron Smith, C: Mike Farrington163
03/01/2006KidderminsterDResultsDennis MewsNight Street League14
18/12/2005BrockhamptonDColin Spears & Judith EvansClub Championships61
06/12/2005Worcester (URBAN)DResultsBrian HughesNight Street League14
03/12/2005Castlemorton CommonDWestern Night League40
30/11/2005Kingsford Country ParkDResultsBarry HoughtonWinter Evening Event16
23/11/2005Stourbridge (URBAN)DResultsRobert VickersNight Street League7
20/11/2005PostensplainCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Dugmore, C: Rollo Rumford210
12/11/2005Worcestershire BeaconDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO Introductory110
03/11/2005Malvern (URBAN)DResultsLynden & Lester HartmannNight Street League27
23/10/2005Fownhope ParkCO: Mike Farrington, P: Robert Farrington, C: Russ FausetWM League257
15/10/2005British CampDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO Introductory98
01/10/2005Old HillsDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO Introductory68
17/09/2005Castlemorton CommonDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO Introductory63
11/09/2005Eastnor ParkDLynden & Lester HartmannMADO Introductory83
10/07/2005Highgate CommonDO: Heather Houghton, P: Barry Houghton 91
05/07/2005Clent HillsDMissing ResultsMike DugmoreSummer Series19
28/06/2005Hill TopDResultsBarry McGowanSummer Series15
26/06/2005Worcestershire BeaconCLester Hartmann81
21/06/2005Lickey hillsDResultsGeoff TrewinSummer Series27
16/06/2005June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsRobert VickersSummer Series18
11/06/2005Malvern CommonDAndy WhiteSMILE41
07/06/2005Gheluvelt ParkDResultsBrian HughesSummer Series26
02/06/2005Rock CoppiceDResultsJudith TaylorSummer Series21
24/05/2005Uffmoor WoodDResultsAlison SlomanSummer Series22
17/05/2005Kingsford Country ParkDResultsDave WilliamsSEE (line)16
11/05/2005Pitcheroak WoodDResultsMike BaggottSummer Series22
05/05/2005Malvern Hills SouthDResultsNeill WilliamsonSummer Series32
26/04/2005Habberley ValleyDResultsRuss FausetSummer Series18
23/04/2005Old HillsDAndy WhiteSMILE35
17/04/2005Eymore WoodDO: Rollo Rumford, P: Ian Hopkins Radio orienteering "course"69
26/03/2005Brown Clee HillBJK Day 12747
09/03/2005Worcester (URBAN)DResultsBrian HughesNight Street League5
02/03/2005Redditch (URBAN)DResultsJohn PearsonNight Street League8
20/02/2005Lickey HillsCO: Peter Broad, P: Frances Beedie, C: Colin Spearswith BUOC286
17/02/2005Selly Park (URBAN)DResultsAlison SlomanNight Street League10
01/02/2005Walsall (URBAN)DResultsBarry McGowanNight Street League9
18/01/2005Worcester (URBAN)DResultsAnt ClericiNight Street League12
06/01/2005Bewdley (URBAN)DResultsRuss FausetNight Street League7
01/01/2005Kinver EdgeCO: Sam Chambers, P: George Chambers, C: Rollo RumfordLaurie Bradley Score154
19/12/2004Highgate CommonDO: Rollo Rumford, P: Alison Sloman Club Championships63
16/12/2004Streetly (URBAN)DResultsMike DugmoreNight Street League14
04/12/2004Callow HillDAndy WhiteSMILE46
02/12/2004Kidderminster (URBAN)DResultsMartyn BickertonNight Street League10
16/11/2004Worcester (URBAN)DResultsBrian HughesNight Street League9
14/11/2004BrockhamptonDO: Robert Vickers, P: Dave Williams 105
13/11/2004Kingsford Country ParkDAndy WhiteSMILE29
04/11/2004Erdington (URBAN)DResultsAndy HemstedNight Street League9
28/10/2004Malvern (URBAN)DResultsNeill WilliamsonNight Street League10
24/10/2004Haugh WoodCO: Barry McGowan, P: Mick Comery, Chris Earnshaw, C: John Fallows (NGOC)222
02/10/2004Habberley ValleyDAndy WhiteSMILE40
18/09/2004Hartlebury CommonDO: Carol White, P: Ian Roberts HOC Juniors35
10/07/2004Old HillsDResults
Matt Scriven & Neill WilliamsonSummer Series29
06/07/2004Sandwell ValleyDResultsGeorge ChambersSummer Series14
29/06/2004Kingsford Country ParkDResultsSummer Series21
22/06/2004Lickey HillsDResultsSimon Goodwin (BUOC)Summer Series30
17/06/2004June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDResultsRobert VickersSummer Series11
12/06/2004Baggeridge Country ParkDO: Marian White, P: Rollo Rumford incorporating SMILE61
03/06/2004Rock CoppiceDResultsAlison SlomanSummer Series27
25/05/2004Highgate CommonDResultsRuss FausetSummer Series19
20/05/2004Eastnor ParkDResultsMike FarringtonSummer Series34
13/05/2004Uffmoor WoodDResultsRuth LockleySummer Series36
09/05/2004Croft CastleCO: Sam Chambers, P: Barry Houghton, C: Mick Comery160
06/05/2004Habberley ValleyDResultsDavid WilliamsSummer Series19
27/04/2004PostensplainDResultsRobert VickersSummer Series28
24/04/2004Malvern CommonDAndy WhiteSMILE48
18/04/2004Breakneck BankCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Carole Sparke, John Bennison, C: Barry Elkington (OD)FCC & Midlands Champs (also Sturt Common)501
20/03/2004Old HillsDAndy WhiteSMILE29
17/03/2004Malvern (URBAN)DO: Paul Hammond, P: Lester Hartmann Night Street League10
07/03/2004Kinver MillionCO: Mike Dugmore, P: Andy Hemsted, C: Robert Vickers143
03/03/2004Worcester (URBAN)DStephen ClarkNight Street League7
17/02/2004Bournville (URBAN)DColin SpearsNight Street League10
15/02/2004DudmastonCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Mike Farrington, C: Marcus Eassom (WRE)213
07/02/2004Callow HillDAndy WhiteSMILE27
05/02/2004Great Barr (URBAN)DAdrian BaileyNight Street League9
20/01/2004Kidderminster (URBAN)DDennis MewsNight Street League9
18/01/2004Sandwell ValleyCO: Peter Broad (BUOC), P: Simon Goodwin (BUOC), C: Alison Slomanwith BUOC177
17/01/2004HawkbatchDMarian WhiteSMILE41
06/01/2004Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNight Street League9
18/12/2003Shenley Court (URBAN)DBrian HughesNight Street League5
07/12/2003Hartlebury CommonDColin SpearsClub Championships50
04/12/2003Streetly (URBAN)DMick ComeryNight Street League9
22/11/2003Kinver EdgeDAndy WhiteSMILE31
18/11/2003Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert VickersNight Street League5
09/11/2003PostensplainCO: George Chambers, P: Lester Hartmann & Charlie Nelson, C: Ron Smith394
06/11/2003Worcester (URBAN)DJudith TaylorNight Street League9
18/10/2003Brinton ParkDAndy WhiteSMILE17
12/10/2003Croft CastleCO: Colin Spears, P: John Adams 276
20/09/2003Habberley ValleyDAndy WhiteSMILE46
13/09/2003Baggeridge Country ParkDO: Sam Evans, P: Heather Houghton, C: Barry Houghton64
14/08/2003Old HillsDLester HartmannSummer Series35
17/07/2003Pitcheroak WoodDCharlie NelsonSummer Series14
13/07/2003Eastnor ParkCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Robert Farrington 128
10/07/2003Rhydd CovertDDavid WilliamsSummer Series23
26/06/2003Bumble HoleDGeorge ChambersSummer Series18
22/06/2003Uffmoor WoodCO: Marian White, P: Sam Chambers, C: Alison Sloman116
17/06/2003Saltwells WoodDAlison SlomanSummer Series26
14/06/2003Hartlebury CommonDStephen BickertonSMILE17
12/06/2003June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDRobert VickersSummer Series26
10/06/2003Arrow ValleyDCharlie NelsonSummer Series22
03/06/2003Baggeridge Country ParkDRuss FausetSummer Series28
26/05/2003Brampton BryanCRollo RumfordSINS803
22/05/2003Eymore WoodDRobert VickersSummer Series24
13/05/2003Clent HillsDMike DugmoreSummer Series30
06/05/2003HawkbatchDPeter BylettSummer Series35
27/04/2003Worcestershire BeaconCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Brian Hughes, C: Judith Taylor80
12/04/2003HawkbatchDMartyn BickertonSMILE25
23/03/2003Kinver MillionCO: Robert Vickers, P: Barry Houghton, C: George Chambers195
22/03/2003Malvern CommonDLester HartmannSMILE36
11/03/2003Worcester (URBAN)DRollo RumfordNight Street League9
08/03/2003HawkbatchCRollo RumfordFCC Short Race121
05/03/2003Kidderminster (URBAN)DMartyn BickertonNight Street League9
01/03/2003Old HillsDDan HartmannSMILE40
27/02/2003Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNight Street League9
23/02/2003Brown Clee HillCO: Judith & Lester Evans, P: Mick Comery, Chris Earnshaw, C: John Richards225
08/02/2003Old HillsDJudith TaylorWestern Night League51
04/02/2003Warley WoodsDAlex LathamNight Street League7
01/02/2003Callow HillDAndy WhiteSMILE23
26/01/2003Clent HillsCO: Simon Goodwin (BUOC), P: Allan McKinley, C: Mike Dugmorewith BUOC208
22/01/2003Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNight Street League10
08/01/2003Malvern (URBAN)DChris McSweenyNight Street League14
14/12/2002Callow HillDO: Kay Hughes, P: Ron & Angela Barker Club Championships51
12/12/2002Selly Park (URBAN)DAlison SlomanNight Street League4
04/12/2002Streetly (URBAN)DAndy WhiteNight Street League9
10/11/2002Titterstone Clee HillCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Pete Manancourt & Keith Ashley, C: Mark Garside (WCH)including CompassSport Cup Final, WM Champs886
09/11/2002Kingsford Country ParkDLester HartmannSMILE24
29/10/2002Stourbridge (URBAN)DO: Robert Vickers, P: Barry Parkinson Night Street League8
15/10/2002Worcester (URBAN)DBrian HughesNight Street League6
05/10/2002Habberley ValleyDLester HartmannSMILE54
21/09/2002Brinton ParkDSMILE31
27/08/2002Brinton ParkDRollo RumfordSummer Series12
20/08/2002Leasowes ParkDAlison SlomanSummer Series19
15/08/2002PostensplainDMartyn BickertonSummer Series23
30/07/2002Haden HillDSummer Series18
23/07/2002Old HillsDKay HughesSummer Series36
18/07/2002Saltwells WoodDRobert VickersSummer Series26
14/07/2002DudmastonCO: Sue & Les Edlington, P: Chris Earnshaw, C: Sam Chambers133
09/07/2002Hartlebury CommonDRollo RumfordSummer Series17
04/07/2002Bumble HoleDSam ChambersSummer Series20
27/06/2002Pitcheroak WoodDCharlie NelsonSummer Series27
20/06/2002June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDRobert VickersSummer Series6
18/06/2002Arrow ValleyDCharlie NelsonSummer Series27
16/06/2002Uffmoor WoodCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Andy Hemsted, C: Chris Shaw100
13/06/2002Baggeridge Country ParkDBarry McGowanSummer Series13
11/06/2002Lickey HillsDJudith EvansSummer Series20
26/05/2002Brampton BryanCRon Barker396
25/05/2002Fownhope ParkCRollo Rumfordwith WYE350
21/05/2002Clent HillsDSummer Series22
11/05/2002Baggeridge Country ParkCDot KeelingWM Schools Champs208
21/04/2002HawkbatchCO: Darren Tipper, P: David Williams 192
23/03/2002Eastnor ParkDLester HartmannWestern Night League31
20/03/2002Redditch (URBAN)DMike BaggottNight Street League9
10/03/2002Brown Clee HillCChris EarnshawCompass Sport Cup247
06/03/2002Kidderminster (URBAN)DDennis MewsNight Street League10
26/02/2002Malvern (URBAN)DLester HartmannNight Street League12
23/02/2002Old HillsDMike FarringtonSMILE40
17/02/2002Sandwell ValleyCO: Richard McGinn, P: Sam Chambers with BUOC66
29/01/2002Redditch (URBAN)DClark or PearsonNight Street League8
22/01/2002Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNight Street League7
19/01/2002Kingsford Country ParkDLester HartmannSMILE24
08/01/2002Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert VickersNight Street League16
06/01/2002Malvern Hills SouthCO: Mike Farrington, P: Lester Hartmann, C: Alison Sloman212
23/12/2001PostensplainDRuth Lockley & Sam EvansClub Championships52
05/12/2001Streetly (URBAN)DMike DugmoreNight Street League11
01/12/2001HawkbatchDLester HartmannSMILE34
29/11/2001Bournville (URBAN)DColin SpearsNight Street League7
25/11/2001Kinver EdgeCTom Roach & Ian ChaferMidlands Champs479
10/11/2001Malvern CommonDLester HartmannSMILE45
06/11/2001Walsall (URBAN)DBarry McGowanNight Street League8
03/11/2001Clent HillsDDave WilliamsNight League27
30/10/2001Worcester (URBAN)DBrian HughesNight Street League11
06/10/2001Habberley ValleyDLester HartmannSMILE63
22/09/2001Brinton ParkDLester HartmannSMILE49
02/09/2001Clent HillsDDarren TipperCATI127
31/07/2001Bumble HoleDAlison SlomanSummer Series24
24/07/2001Woodgate ValleyDBarry ParkinsonSummer Series18
17/07/2001Highgate CommonDDarren TipperSummer Series13
05/07/2001Pitcheroak WoodDJohn PearsonSummer Series16
28/06/2001Leasowes ParkDAlison SlomanSummer Series29
21/06/2001Arrow ValleyDCharlie NelsonSummer Series23
17/06/2001Lickey HillsDColin Spears102
05/06/2001Warley WoodsDGeorge ChambersSummer Series21
31/05/2001Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetSummer Series12
22/05/2001Brinton ParkDRollo RumfordSummer Series21
20/05/2001Pitcheroak WoodDMike Baggott68
25/04/2001Worcester (URBAN)DBrian Hughes9
20/03/2001Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNight Street League7
08/03/2001Kidderminster (URBAN)DMartyn BickertonNight Street League6
27/02/2001Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNight Street League9
10/02/2001Old HillsDLester HartmannSMILE36
07/02/2001Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert VickersNight Street League8
04/02/2001Ribbesford WoodsCNicola Olivantwith BUOC130
28/01/2001Kinver MillionCBarry McGowan254
27/01/2001Malvern Hills SouthCLester HartmannWestern Night League35
25/01/2001Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNight Street League8
13/01/2001Kingsford Country ParkDLester HartmannSMILE19
11/01/2001Bournville (URBAN)DColin SpearsNight Street League8
16/12/2000Callow HillDCharlie NelsonClub Championships54
05/12/2000Streetly (URBAN)DBarry McGowanNight Street League9
26/11/2000PostensplainCJohn AdamsWMG500
22/11/2000Malvern (URBAN)DLester HartmannNight Street League7
11/11/2000Highgate CommonDDarren Tipper27
09/11/2000Tamworth (URBAN)DSheena WilliamsNight Street League6
31/10/2000Worcester (URBAN)DBrian HughesNight Street League5
28/10/2000Hartlebury CommonDLester HartmannSMILE15
08/10/2000Clent HillsCO: Sam Chambers, P: Nick Pilsbury & Julia Ferguson & Aimee Lister, C: Pat Pay (WRE)295
07/10/2000Habberley ValleyDLester HartmannSMILE48
17/09/2000Highgate CommonDO: Peter Bylett, P: Darren Tipper 90
03/08/2000Kingsford Country ParkDJudith TaylorSummer Series18
27/07/2000Sandwell ValleyDSam ChambersSummer Series33
20/07/2000Callow HillDRuss FausetSummer Series28
11/07/2000Lickey HillsDJulia FergusonSummer Series34
04/07/2000Cole Valley ParkDAlan & Sheena WilliamsSummer Series9
02/07/2000Malvern Hills SouthCO: Alison Sloman, P: Lester Hartmann, C: Mike DugmoreWMG187
27/06/2000Cotwall EndDBarry McGowanSummer Series22
20/06/2000Hartlebury CommonDDarren TipperSummer Series33
15/06/2000June Jaunter at Clent and Walton HillsDCharlie Nelson & Barry McGowanSummer Series13
11/06/2000Titterstone Clee HillCO: Ron Barker, P: Alison Sloman, C: Chris Earnshaw224
05/06/2000Clent HillsDAndy HemstedSummer Series34
25/05/2000PostensplainDDavid WilliamsSummer Series27
14/05/2000Penyard HillBO: Rollo Rumford, P: Russ Fauset & James Preston British Relays2200
09/05/2000Kinver MillionDGeorge ChambersSummer Series31
26/03/2000Brown Clee HillBRobert VickersMidlands Champs1606
16/03/2000Redditch (URBAN)DMike BaggottNight Street League5
04/03/2000Callow HillDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Martyn Bickerton 81
01/03/2000Kidderminster (URBAN)DMartyn BickertonNight Street League8
27/02/2000Uffmoor WoodCO: John Adams, P: Barry Parkinson, C: Alison Sloman162
19/02/2000Eastnor ParkDO: Mike Farrington, P: Mike Farrington, C: Rodney Archard (NGOC)Western Night League30
15/02/2000Bearwood (URBAN)DJames PrestonNight Street League4
12/02/2000Habberley ValleyDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Steven & Jonathan Bickerton SMILE83
03/02/2000Malvern (URBAN)DLester HartmannNight Street League7
30/01/2000HawkbatchDO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Baggott, C: John Pearson116
29/01/2000HawkbatchDO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Baggott, C: John Pearson20
20/01/2000Selly Park (URBAN)DAlison SlomanNight Street League8
15/01/2000Hartlebury CommonDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Lester Hartmann SMILE83
06/01/2000Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNight Street League4
01/01/2000Kinver MillionCO: Rollo Rumford, P: George Chambers & Alison Sloman, C: Chris EarnshawTSB Trophy154
21/12/1999Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNSL6
19/12/1999PostensplainDO: Sue Edlington, P: Alison Sloman Club Champs 199951
15/12/1999Streetly (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL9
28/11/1999Ribbesford WoodsCRollo RumfordWMG588
25/11/1999Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert VickersNSL5
13/11/1999HawkbatchDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Steven & Jonathan Bickerton SMILE79
10/11/1999Worcester (URBAN)DBrian HughesNSL7
16/10/1999Kingsford Country ParkDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Darren Tipper SMILE63
10/10/1999HawkbatchCO: Ron Barker, P: Mike & Carol Farrington, C: Barry McGowan283
05/09/1999Cotwall EndC, P: Judith Taylor, C: John Pearson?125
21/08/1999Sandwell ValleyDRollo RumfordCATI16
10/08/1999Baggeridge Country ParkDMartyn BickertonSEE20
27/07/1999Sutton ParkDMike DugmoreSEE22
20/07/1999HawkbatchDRuss FausetSEE30
18/07/1999Hartlebury CommonDRollo Rumford36
15/07/1999Callow HillDRollo RumfordSEE29
06/07/1999Uffmore WoodDJames PrestonSEE27
04/07/1999Sandwell ValleyCO: Ian Gamlen (COBOC), P: Mik Clarke, C: Robert Roalfe (COBOC)177
01/07/1999Lickey HillsDMike BaggottSEE37
22/06/1999Cole Valley ParkDLes & Sue EdlingtonSEE21
17/06/1999Warley WoodsDSam ChambersSEE41
13/06/1999Highgate CommonDAndy HemstedAndy Hemsted 5th birthday event45
08/06/1999Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter8
03/06/1999Habberley ValleyDDavid Williams & Julia FergusonSEE29
31/05/1999Titterstone Clee HillCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Mike Dugmore, C: Clive Geddis (DEE)SINS & WMG974
25/05/1999Brinton ParkDChris ShawSEE23
18/05/1999Rhydd CovertDDarren TipperSEE33
11/05/1999Clent HillsDGeorge ChambersSEE29
06/05/1999Kingsford Country ParkDBarry ParkinsonSEE22
11/04/1999DudmastonCO: George Chambers, P: Aimee Lister & Nick Pilsbury, C: Pat Pay (WRE)WMG246
28/03/1999Kinver MillionCO: Pete Manacourt, P: Chris Earnshaw, C: Mick Comery219
27/03/1999Kinver MillionCO: Pete Manacourt, P: Colin Spears, C: Brian Morris (WRE)Midland Night Champs58
18/03/1999Kidderminster (URBAN)DMartyn BickertonNSL10
06/03/1999Callow HillDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools/introductory event67
04/03/1999Redditch (URBAN)DCharlie NelsonNSL11
28/02/1999Eymore WoodCO: Paul Wilson, P: Michelle Spillar, C: Andy Hemstedwith BUOC168
27/02/1999Eymore WoodDO: Brian Laycock, P: Mike Farrington, C: Alison SlomanWM Night League24
18/02/1999Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNSL12
06/02/1999HawkbatchDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools/introductory event55
04/02/1999Selly Park (URBAN)DAlison SlomanNSL11
23/01/1999Kingsford Country ParkDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools/introductory event50
21/01/1999Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL10
17/01/1999Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Ian Hopkins, P: Chris Ashley, C: Marcus Eassom (WRE)187
07/01/1999Bournville (URBAN)DColin SpearsNSL15
19/12/1998Callow HillDClub Champs 199854
15/12/1998Streetly (URBAN)DDot KeelingNSL14
28/11/1998Hartlebury CommonDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools/introductory event49
24/11/1998Worcester (URBAN)DBrian HughesNSL9
22/11/1998Kinver EdgeCChris Shaw & Mike Dugmore546
12/11/1998Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL10
29/10/1998Kings Heath (URBAN)DAlan WilliamsNSL8
17/10/1998Rhydd CovertDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools/introductory event50
11/10/1998PostensplainCRollo Rumford246
26/09/1998Brinton ParkDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools/introductory event39
13/09/1998Sandwell ValleyCO: Tom Roach, P: George Chambers, C: Chris Earnshaw190
13/08/1998HawkbatchDRollo RumfordSEE18
30/07/1998Woodgate ValleyDGeorge ChambersSEE26
23/07/1998PostensplainDRuss FausetSEE34
14/07/1998Hartlebury CommonDSteve ChivertonSEE20
12/07/1998HawkbatchDRon Barker81
09/07/1998Highgate CommonDBarry HoughtonSEE25
02/07/1998Uffmore WoodDSue & Les EdlingtonSEE36
25/06/1998Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter19
16/06/1998Baggeridge Country ParkDJames PrestonSEE, also Himley Hall26
09/06/1998Rhydd CovertDMartyn BickertonSEE34
07/06/1998Clent HillsCO: Robert Vickers, P: Brian & Kaye Hughes, C: John Pearson187
02/06/1998Callow HillDCharlie NelsonSEE26
26/05/1998Kingsford Country ParkDDavid WilliamsSEE21
24/05/1998Brampton BryanCAndy HemstedWMG217
21/05/1998Lickey HillsDNick BarrableSEE33
12/05/1998Habberley ValleyDDarren TipperSEE34
07/05/1998Kinver MillionDIan HopkinsSEE38
19/04/1998Croft CastleCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Judith Taylor, C: Mike Dugmore (HOC)WMG307
31/03/1998Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL5
29/03/1998Breakneck BankCO: Rollo Rumford & Alison Sloman, P: Pete Manancourt & Colin Spears, C: Bob Joiner (OD)also Sturt Common486
24/03/1998Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNSL12
17/03/1998Worcester (URBAN)DBrian HughesNSL7
17/02/1998Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert VickersNSL6
15/02/1998Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Pete Sunley, P: Bruno Le Razer, C: Phil Preslandwith BUOC126
14/02/1998Baggeridge Country ParkDWM Night League28
05/02/1998Kings Heath (URBAN)DAllan WilliamsNSL6
31/05/1998Callow HillDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools CATI50
20/01/1998Bournville (URBAN)DColin SpearsNSL8
11/01/1998Highgate CommonCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Dugmore, C: Colin Spears248
08/01/1998Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL8
21/12/1997Uffmore WoodDO: Rollo Rumford, P: Alison Sloman, C: Andy HemstedClub Champs 199781
13/12/1997Habberley ValleyDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools CATI32
09/12/1997Streetly (URBAN)DDot KeelingNSL8
25/11/1997Walsall (URBAN)DBarry McGowanNSL6
02/11/1997Malvern Hills SouthCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Robert Smith, C: Ernie Williams (LEI)WMG515
12/10/1997Cotwall EndCO: Ron Barker, P: Mick Comery, C: Russ Wootten198
04/10/1997Kingsford Country ParkDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Barry Houghton Schools CATI30
30/09/1997Brinton ParkDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Brian Laycock Schools CATI46
14/09/1997Woodgate ValleyDAdrian BaileyCATI110
26/08/1997Hartlebury CommonDJo NelsonSEE19
21/08/1997Brinton ParkDChris ShawSEE17
31/07/1997Sandwell ValleyDGeorge ChambersSEE21
24/07/1997Lickey HillsDAdrian BaileySEE27
15/07/1997Rhydd CovertDRuss FausetSEE24
10/07/1997Kinver MillionDDennis MewsSEE15
24/06/1997Hill TopDSue & Les EdlingtonSEE23
19/06/1997Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter19
11/06/1997HawkbatchDBrian HughesSEE27
08/06/1997Highgate CommonCO: Alex Wing, P: Allan Williams, C: John BennisonWest Midland relays210
05/06/1997Kinver EdgeDDavid WilliamsSEE32
29/05/1997Habberley ValleyDRobert VickersSEE49
25/05/1997PostensplainCO: Mike Felstead, P: Ian Hopkins & Steve Chiverton, C: Toby NorrisSinS, with Hawkbatch1144
22/05/1997Callow HillDMike FarringtonSEE27
13/05/1997Warley WoodsDJames PrestonSEE48
06/05/1997Arrow ValleyDMike BaggottSEE17
13/04/1997DudmastonCO: Dennis Mews, P: John Norton, C: Carole SperkeWMG436
23/03/1997Clent HillsCO: Phil Presland, P: Chris Earnshaw, C: David Williams294
19/03/1997Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL4
11/03/1997Bournville (URBAN)DColin SpearsNSL7
08/03/1997Callow HillDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Mike Farrington 82
05/03/1997Worcester (URBAN)DBrian HughesNSL4
18/02/1997Kings Heath (URBAN)DAllan WilliamsNSL9
09/02/1997Eymore WoodCCaroline McCollinoch , C: Colin SpearsWith BUOC312
08/02/1997Eymore WoodCO: Alison Sloman, P: Rollo Rumford, C: Andy Hemsted47
01/02/1997Kinver EdgeDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Barry Houghton Schools CATI116
26/01/1997Kinver MillionCO: Russ Wootten, P: Mike Dugmore, C: Peter Manancourt449
21/01/1997Bearwood (URBAN)DJames PrestonNSL5
08/01/1997Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert VickersNSL7
18/12/1996Streetly (URBAN)DAdrian BaileyNSL10
14/12/1996Callow HillDO: Marian Wootton, P: Hannah Wootten, C: Mike DugmoreClub Champs 199660
05/12/1996Redditch (URBAN)DMike BaggottNSL6
24/11/1996Kinver EdgeCO: Geoff Trewin & Carole Sparke, P: Roger Adams, C: John Bennison (OD)WMG643
23/11/1996HawkbatchDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools CATI33
21/11/1996Kingstanding (URBAN)DAdrian BaileyNSL7
27/10/1996Brown Clee HillCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Barry Parkinson, C: Colin SpearsCompass Sport Cup Final239
12/10/1996Habberley ValleyDPeter & Ruth BylettSchools CATI34
06/10/1996Clent HillsDMick ComeryCATI220
15/09/1996Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Dave & Jenny Hughes, P: Chris Ashley, C: John Bennison Juniors running event115
25/07/1996Habberley ValleyDSteve ChivertonSEE26
16/07/1996Baggeridge Country ParkDBarry HoughtonSEE26
14/07/1996Sandwell ValleyCJudith & Lester EvansSEE136
11/07/1996Malvern CommonDBrian LaycockSEE17
02/07/1996Hartlebury CommonDRuss FausetSEE34
25/06/1996Pitcheroak WoodDMike BaggottSEE23
20/06/1996Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter17
13/06/1996Callow HillDAlison SlomanSEE51
05/06/1996Clent HillsDBrian HughesSEE35
02/06/1996Titterstone Clee HillCO: Phil Presland, P: Allan Williams, C: Peter Downe (BOK)511
28/05/1996Lickey HillsDDavid WilliamsSEE31
23/05/1996Kinver MillionDBarry ParkinsonSEE27
19/05/1996Malvern Hills SouthCO: Elaine Bass, P: Mick Comery, C: Barry McGowan217
14/05/1996Rhydd CovertDRollo RumfordSEE38
09/05/1996Sutton ParkDJohn BennisonSEE20
05/05/1996Pitcheroak WoodDO: Peter & Ruth Bylett, P: Charlie Nelson CATI100
03/04/1996Kings Heath (URBAN)DAllan WilliamsNSL10
24/03/1996HawkbatchCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Keith Ashley, C: Richard Haw(OD)323
21/03/1996Harborne (URBAN)DBruno le RazerNSL11
06/03/1996Worcester (URBAN)DBrian HughesNSL6
25/02/1996Arrow ValleyDPeter & Ruth BylettCATI40
24/02/1996Highgate CommonDO: Carole Sparke, P: Colin Spears, C: Russ FausetWM night league25
21/02/1996Redditch (URBAN)DMike BaggottNSL8
08/02/1996Handsworth Wood (URBAN)DRoger AdamsNSL3
25/01/1996Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL9
01/01/1996Lickey HillsCO: Allan Williams, P: Bob Robertson, C: Robert RoalfeTSB score champs173
18/12/1995Streetly (URBAN)DDot KeelingNSL9
17/12/1995PostensplainDO: Andy Hemsted, P: Alison Sloman, C: Colin SpearsClub Champs 199586
07/12/1995Stourbridge (URBAN)DSteve HydeNSL8
23/11/1995Great Barr (URBAN)DAdrian BaileyNSL10
19/11/1995Clent HillsCO: Nigel Argust, P: John Adams 315
09/11/1995Redditch (URBAN)DCharlie NelsonNSL11
22/10/1995Brown Clee HillCO: Rollo Rumford, P: John Norton, C: Toby Norris (COBOC)WMG618
10/09/1995Cotwall EndDO: Hannah Wootton & Ruth Hammond, P: Robin Wootton Junior event141
19/07/1995Kinver EdgeDBarry HoughtonSEE57
16/07/1995Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Allan Williams, C: Wilf Hammond138
11/07/1995Habberley ValleyDPeter BylettSEE28
06/07/1995Malvern CommonDMike FarringtonSEE69
27/06/1995Rhydd CovertDBUOC40
22/06/1995Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter20
18/06/1995Sandwell ValleyCO: Les Edlington, P: Ian Hopkins, C: Rollo Rumford157
15/06/1995Pitcheroak WoodDO: Karl Kingsman, P: K. Kingsman SEE28
07/06/1995Hartlebury CommonDBrian HughesSEE54
29/05/1995Croft CastleCO: Ant Clerici, P: Phil Presland, C: Kevin KingSinS & WMG1345
18/05/1995Cannon Hill ParkDAdam KentSEE36
27/04/1995PostensplainDJohn Bennison48
23/04/1995Highgate CommonCElaine Bass , C: Roger Adams187
09/03/1995Worcester (URBAN)DBrian HughesNSL10
28/02/1995Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL8
19/02/1995Hartlebury CommonD96
09/02/1995Handsworth Wood (URBAN)DRoger AdamsNSL9
05/02/1995Kinver MillionCO: Bruno Le Razer, P: Adrian Butler & Dawn Clifford, C: Allan Williamswith BUOC300
26/01/1995Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL8
21/01/1995Clent HillsCO: Carole Sparke, P: Alison Sloman, C: Russ FausetWMNL47
08/01/1995Kinver EdgeCO: John Herbert, P: Mick Comery, C: Andy Hemsted281
03/01/1995Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert VickersNSL7
18/12/1994HawkbatchDO: Judith Evans, P: John Pearson, C: Mike DugmoreClub Champs 199490
13/12/1994Streetly (URBAN)DMike DugmoreNSL10
22/11/1994Kings Heath (URBAN)DAllan WilliamsNSL6
20/11/1994PostensplainCO: Steve Chiverton, P: John Bennison & Kari Roberts, C: Richard Andrews (WYE)667
10/11/1994Redditch (URBAN)DMike BaggottNSL9
16/10/1994Malvern Hills SouthCO: Pete Buckley, P: Russ Wootton, C: Rollo Rumfordplus Long-O230
18/09/1994Baggeridge Country ParkDO: Dave Goodwin, P: Bylett family, C: Barry McGowanCATI31
31/08/1994Sutton ParkDJohn BennisonSEE with OD27
26/07/1994Hartlebury CommonDRobin WoottonSEE34
19/07/1994Rhydd CovertDAllan WilliamsSEE45
14/07/1994Pitcheroak WoodDMike BaggottSEE18
12/07/1994Baggeridge Country ParkDRuth HammondSEE29
07/07/1994Arrow ValleyDCharlie NelsonSEE30
03/07/1994Habberley ValleyDO: Les & Sue Edlington, P: Chris Earnshaw, C: Keith AshleyNovelty score35
30/06/1994Clent HillsDEmma MorrisSEE27
23/06/1994Cotwall EndDJames PrestonSEE37
16/06/1994Clent HillsDDick WellsJune Jaunter32
12/06/1994Brown Clee HillCO: Liz Naylor, P: Mike Dugmore, C: David WilliamsWMG395
07/06/1994Himley HallDIan HopkinsSEE33
25/05/1994Cannon Hill ParkDRon BarkerSEE23
22/05/1994Breakneck BankCO: Peter Warland, P: Phil Presland, C: Russ Fauset184
19/05/1994Lickey HillsDDavid WilliamsSEE59
12/05/1994Habberley ValleyDRuss FausetSEE29
24/04/1994Titterstone Clee HillCO: Russ Fauset, P: John Adams, C: Garri Owens(POWYS)416
02/04/1994Foxley & GarnstoneBO: Robert Vickers, P: Chris Shaw & Robert Smith, C: David Lee (NGOC) & Don ThompsonJK Day 24192
06/03/1994HawkbatchCO: Emma Morris, P: Roger Manning, C: Pete Manancourtwith BUOC90
17/02/1994Redditch (URBAN)DMike BaggottNSL5
06/02/1994Clent HillsCO: Penny Hemsted, P: Mick Comery, C: Mike Baggott412
03/02/1994Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL9
26/01/1994Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNSL5
23/01/1994Eymore WoodCO: Rollo Rumford, P: Alison Sloman, C: Roger Adams320
01/01/1994Highgate CommonCO: Dot Keeling, P: Graeme Beavers, C: Stuart PaulTSB Score Champs234
19/12/1993Baggeridge Country ParkDO: Andy Hemsted, P: Colin Spears Club Champs 199362
18/12/1993Baggeridge Country ParkCDennis MewsWMNL38
15/12/1993Streetly (URBAN)DMike FowlerNSL12
25/11/1993Bournville (URBAN)DDavid WilliamsNSL9
14/11/1993HawkbatchCO: Ron Barker, P: Carole Sparke 290
11/11/1993Walsall (URBAN)DBarry McGowanNSL8
17/10/1993Croft CastleCO: John Plant, P: James Preston, C: Robert VickersWMG343
19/09/1993Lickey HillsDO: Lester Evans, P: Ian Hopkins, C: Pete ManancourtCATI269
19/08/1993Sandwell ValleyDMike DugmoreSEE29
31/07/1993Sandwell ValleyDJohn BennisonFamily informal (Hilltop side)16
22/07/1993Lickey HillsDAlison SlomanSEE52
08/07/1993Kinver MillionDJudith EvansSEE40
01/07/1993Himley HallDJames PrestonSEE21
22/06/1993Clent HillsDBUOCSEE37
20/06/1993Malvern Hills SouthCO: Russ Fauset, P: Bill Howard, C: Toby Norris112
17/06/1993Habberley ValleyDRuss FausetSEE35
03/06/1993Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter17
30/05/1993Brampton BryanCO: Charlie Nelson, P: John Norton, C: Richard Andrews (WYE)SinS1191
27/05/1993Cannon Hill ParkDAllan WilliamsSEE30
11/05/1993Rhydd CovertDDavid WilliamsSEE51
24/04/1993Brown Clee HillBO: Ant Clerici, P: Russ Fauset, C: Eric PeckettBritish Champs1970
28/03/1993Kinver EdgeCO: Les & Sue Edlington, P: Richard Pay, C: Dave Gittus (WRE)478
09/03/1993Edgbaston (URBAN)DPhil PreslandNSL3
24/02/1993Harborne (URBAN)DRoger ManningNSL8
11/02/1993Woodgate ValleyDChris ShawNSL5
06/02/1993Kinver MillionCO: Peter Buckley, P: Robert Smith Midlands Night Champs (with BUOC)191
27/01/1993Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL5
23/01/1993Pitcheroak WoodCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Mike Baggott, C: John PearsonWMNL37
12/01/1993Worcester (URBAN)DSteve ChivertonNSL5
10/01/1993Highgate CommonCO: Phil Presland, P: Roger Adams, C: John Bennison267
20/12/1992Hartlebury CommonDO: Charlie Nelson, P: Paul Graetz Club Champs 199287
17/12/1992Streetly (URBAN)DRobbie RobertsonNSL10
08/12/1992Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL9
25/11/1992Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNSL5
11/11/1992Stourbridge (URBAN)DSteve HydeNSL9
08/11/1992Woodgate ValleyCO: Amy Fauset, P: Jenny Keeling & Claire Pritchard, C: John BennisonJunior event312
29/10/1992Wolverhampton (URBAN)DJohn NightingaleNSL9
04/10/1992Titterstone Clee HillCO: Steve Nightingale, P: Graeme Beavers, C: Pat Pay (WRE)WMG329
06/09/1992Pitcheroak WoodDO: Liz Naylor, P: Paul Willets, C: John AdamsCATI/Trail-O69
12/07/1992Kingsford Country ParkDO: Charlie Nelson, P: James Preston, C: Russ Fauset66
05/07/1992Lickey HillsCO: Dot Keeling, P: Barry McGowan, C: John Pearson240
02/07/1992Himley HallDJohn NightingaleSEE27
27/06/1992Kinver MillionDAlan WilliamsSEE27
24/06/1992Lickey HillsDRoger ManningSEE27
18/06/1992Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter19
11/06/1992Malvern Hills SouthDPeter SmithSEE27
07/06/1992Clent HillsCCS Cup112
27/05/1992Cannon Hill ParkDPhil PreslandSEE30
24/05/1992Breakneck BankCO: Carole Sparke, P: K. Ashley 217
21/05/1992Baggeridge Country ParkDIan HopkinsSEE36
07/05/1992Clent HillsDJohn MottramSEE38
28/04/1992Pype HayesDMike FowlerSEE27
12/04/1992Malvern Hills SouthCO: Mike Felstead, P: Rollo Rumford, C: Gari OwenWMG1221
12/03/1992Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL5
08/03/1992HawkbatchCO: John Plant, P: Roger Adams, C: David Williams287
26/02/1992Harborne (URBAN)DAlan WilliamsNSL6
16/02/1992Clent HillsCWendy Parkinson629
11/02/1992Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL7
02/02/1992Eymore WoodCO: Rodger Manning, P: Ian Chafer, C: Steve Nightingalewith BUOC377
30/01/1992Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNSL12
18/01/1992Hartlebury CommonCAlex WingWM night league59
16/01/1992Stourbridge (URBAN)DSteve HydeNSL11
02/01/1992Walsall (URBAN)DBarry McGowanNSL8
17/12/1991Streetly (URBAN)DMike FowlerNSL11
15/12/1991Kinver EdgeDCharlie NelsonClub Champs 199164
05/12/1991Bournville (URBAN)DDavid WilliamsNSL12
19/11/1991Shirley (URBAN)DRob SmithNSL6
17/11/1991Highgate CommonCRupert Connolly200
30/10/1991Rubery (URBAN)DPete ManancourtNSL13
13/10/1991Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Ron Barker, P: A Batsford, C: John Nightingale211
29/09/1991Sandwell ValleyDTom RoachCATI267
30/07/1991AlvechurchDJohn AdamsSEE27
24/07/1991Leasowes ParkDJohn MottramSEE26
18/07/1991Clent HillsDTerry FoleySEE40
14/07/1991Kinver EdgeDLiz Dell & Dave TylerMini-relays65
09/07/1991Sandwell ValleyDRoger AdamsSEE22
30/06/1991Hartlebury CommonDDennis Mews78
27/06/1991Lickey HillsDAllan WilliamsBUOC run57
19/06/1991Himley HallDSteve HydeSEE29
16/06/1991Lickey HillsCO: Phil Presland, P: Robert Smith, C: Stuart PaulWM Relays267
12/06/1991Clent HillsBDavid WilliamsJune Jaunter26
06/06/1991Habberley ValleyDAmy FausetSEE - sprint 'O'32
27/05/1991Titterstone Clee HillCAnt ClericiSinS1714
22/05/1991Cannon Hill ParkDRon BarkerSEE26
16/05/1991Baggeridge Country ParkDBob WoottonSEE26
30/04/1991Kingsford Country ParkDDeb TurnbullSEE35
14/04/1991Breakneck BankCO: Dot Keeling, P: Russ Fauset, C: Richard Andrews (WYE)610
06/03/1991Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL14
23/02/1991Clent HillsBMike GriffinBritish Night Champs322
19/02/1991Wolverhampton (URBAN)DJohn NightingaleNSL12
17/02/1991Kinver MillionCO: Alan Williams, P: Andrew Haste & Jane Cannell, C: Derek Kenedy (WRE)with BUOC257
06/02/1991Worcester (URBAN)DAnt ClericiNSL7
02/02/1991Sandwell ValleyCO: Mike Dugmore, P: Roger Adams, C: Mike Dudley (WCH)39
23/01/1991Shirley (URBAN)DRob SmithNSL10
08/01/1991Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL9
06/01/1991HawkbatchCO: Deb Turnbull, P: Derek Grainger, C: Tim Sands327
16/12/1990Pitcheroak WoodCAlex Wing115
05/12/1990Streetly (URBAN)DDot KeelingNSL15
20/11/1990Redditch (URBAN)DMike BaggottNSL8
18/11/1990Hartlebury CommonDO: Geoff Sara, P: Andy Hemsted, C: Rollo RumfordClub Champs 19988
08/11/1990Sandwell Borders (URBAN)DPhil PreslandNSL8
14/10/1990Cotwall EndCBarry Wrightonwith Long-O (also Baggeridge/Himley)151
16/09/1990Habberley ValleyCplus CATI118
18/07/1990Kinver EdgeDDavid OliverSEE41
08/07/1990Sandwell ValleyCO: Dot Keeling, P: Bob Scott, C: Colin Spears199
26/06/1990Baggeridge Country ParkDSteve NightingaleSEE59
21/06/1990Cannon Hill ParkDAllan WilliamsSEE - run by BUOC22
12/06/1990Habberley ValleyDDeb TurnbullSEE12
06/06/1990Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter19
03/06/1990Malvern Hills SouthDElaine Bass90
18/05/1990Clent HillsDTerry FoleySEE23
09/05/1990Sandwell ValleyDMike DugmoreSEE16
06/05/1990Brown Clee HillCO: Steve Chiverton, P: Charlie Nelson & Robert Vickers, C: Dave Gittus (WRE)767
26/04/1990Lickey HillsDOliver CookSEE38
22/04/1990Pitcheroak WoodCDavid Williams104
01/04/1990Brampton BryanCMike Felstead , C: Garri Owens(POWYS)560
11/03/1990Breakneck BankCDot Keeling471
08/03/1990Sandwell Borders (URBAN)DPhil PreslandNSL6
20/02/1990Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL9
08/02/1990Worcester (URBAN)DAnt ClericiNSL9
28/01/1990Eymore WoodCDavid Williamswith BUOC538
23/01/1990Kidderminster (URBAN)DPeter NewmanNSL11
11/01/1990Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL14
21/12/1989Bournville (URBAN)DDavid WilliamsNSL9
10/12/1989Lickey HillsDO: Trevor Boning, P: Eddie Harwood, C: Pete ManancourtClub Champs 198985
05/12/1989Rubery (URBAN)DPete ManancourtNSL10
26/11/1989Clent HillsCO: Roger Adams & Steve Wilkins, P: Phil Presland, C: Pete ManancourtWMOA Champs350
21/11/1989Redditch (URBAN)D7
09/11/1989Kinver (URBAN)DDeb TurnbullNSL13
19/10/1989Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert VickersNSL14
24/09/1989Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Peter Warland, P: Derek Halfpenny, C: John Pearson163
17/09/1989Cannon Hill ParkDColin Spears49
05/09/1989Kinver MillionDJohn Plant24
19/07/1989Malvern Hills SouthDStuart PaulSEE11
02/07/1989Sandwell ValleyCRichard Webb & Alan Batsford , C: Bob Carey (OD)74
28/06/1989Sandwell ValleyDDavid WilliamsSEE22
21/06/1989Lickey HillsDAndy IrvineSEE21
18/06/1989Kinver EdgeCDave Ellis193
14/06/1989Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter30
07/06/1989Habberley ValleyDPeter NewmanSEE32
01/06/1989Leasowes ParkDSEE16
28/05/1989Croft CastleC, P: Don Thompson SINS1449
24/05/1989Himley HallDJohn NightingaleSEE39
18/05/1989Nunnery WoodDBrian CoxSEE24
09/05/1989Cannon Hill ParkDRon & Jennifer BarkerSEE30
07/05/1989Pitcheroak WoodCAlex Wing76
27/04/1989Sedgeley Hall FarmDBarry McGowanSEE17
19/04/1989Kingsford Country ParkDBill HowardSEE34
13/04/1989Clent HillsDOliver CookSEE40
02/04/1989Habberley ValleyDDavid Williams61
01/04/1989Ribbesford WoodsDMike Burbridge21st Birthday bash54
07/03/1989Kidderminster (URBAN)DPeter NewmanNSL9
26/02/1989HawkbatchCO: Barker family, P: Russ Fauset, C: Pat Pay266
21/02/1989Sutton Coldfield (URBAN)DRoger KeelingNSL9
09/02/1989Worcester (URBAN)DAnt ClericiNSL12
31/01/1989Halesowen (URBAN)DDick WellsNSL9
22/01/1989Eymore WoodCDennis Mews468
21/01/1989Kinver EdgeCO: Dennis Mews, P: Eddie Harwood Midland Night Champs142
10/01/1988Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert VickersNSL6
27/12/1988Sandwell ValleyCTSB Score Champs50
13/12/1988Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL2
11/12/1988Cotwall EndCO: Peter Newman, P: Paddy Waldron, C: Barry McGowan216
10/12/1988Clent HillsDO: Richard Andrews, P: David Wiliams Club Champs 198857
17/11/1988Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNSL9
01/11/1988Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss FausetNSL9
02/10/1988Baggeridge Country ParkCO: Tim Weller, P: Mike Fowler, C: Bob Scott246
04/09/1988Lickey HillsCDot Keeling315
18/08/1988Himley HallDSEE27
07/07/1988Cotwall EndDSteve NightingaleSEE27
03/07/1988Sandwell ValleyCLouise Davies189
29/06/1988Sandwell ValleyDSEE - opening of permanent course26
21/06/1988Cannon Hill ParkDPhil LumleySEE30
19/06/1988Brown Clee HillCO: Charlie Nelson, P: Dick Wells, C: Doug Peel (WCH)635
08/06/1988Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter30
24/05/1988Habberley ValleyDRuss FausetSEE27
15/05/1988Pitcheroak WoodCO: Alex Wing, P: Bob Robertson, C: John Pearson162
10/05/1988Clent HillsDDavid WilliamsSEE32
24/04/1988Kinver EdgeCDeb Turnbull525
24/03/1988Sutton Coldfield (URBAN)DBob RobertsonNSL9
08/03/1988Rubery (URBAN)DPete ManancourtNSL9
27/02/1988Titterstone Clee HillBEddie Harwood59
23/02/1988Streetly (URBAN)DMike FowlerNSL4
21/02/1988Eymore WoodCJoe Parkinson128
20/02/1988Eymore WoodDDavid Williams40
11/02/1988Worcester (URBAN)DAnt ClericiNSL16
24/01/1988Clent HillsCRobert Vickers683
20/01/1988Bewdley (URBAN)DRuss Fauset13
06/01/1988Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL10
27/12/1987HawkbatchDTSB Score Champs161
09/12/1987Kinver (URBAN)DDeb TurnbullNSL7
22/11/1987HawkbatchDDick WellsClub Champs 198791
19/11/1987Studley (URBAN)DMike BaggottNSL3
04/11/1987Walsall (URBAN)DBarry McGowanNSL9
22/10/1987Halesowen (URBAN)DDick WellsNSL9
14/10/1987Bournville (URBAN)DDavid WilliamsNSL9
04/10/1987Cotwall EndCO: Dot Keeling, P: Andy Hemsted, C: John Pearson217
20/09/1987Sturt CommonCMark Andrews140
09/09/1987Kinver EdgeCStuart PaulWM Relays217
02/09/1987Kinver EdgeDDennis MewsSEE27
19/08/1987Arrow ValleyDIan McBriarSEE23
28/07/1987Lickey HillsDMark HemstedSEE27
22/07/1987Cannon Hill ParkDBill OwensSEE27
14/07/1987Himley HallDPat PaySEE27
05/07/1987Sandwell ValleyCO: Colin Downey, P: John Norton, C: Mike Griffin183
01/07/1987Sandwell ValleyDSue BraddickSEE27
30/06/1987Leasowes ParkDDave Pugh & Bill PrinnSEE23
23/06/1987Arrow ValleyDJohn PearsonSEE35
17/06/1987Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter41
07/06/1987Malvern Hills SouthCO: Duncan Scott, P: Eddie Harwood, C: Stuart Paul228
03/06/1987Pitcheroak WoodDJames PrestonSEE27
24/05/1987Brown Clee HillBFred Ainsworth1679
12/05/1987Cannon Hill ParkDAndy HemstedSEE27
28/04/1987Sutton ParkDRobert RobertsonSEE27
12/04/1987Kinver EdgeCO: Russ Fauset, P: Derek Grainger, C: Robert Vickers395
03/04/1987Lickey HillsDAngela ManancourtHOC Birthday event28
22/03/1987Brampton BryanCO: Nigel Binnersley, P: Colin Spears, C: Nigel Wilkins (WRE)628
17/03/1987Streetly (URBAN)DMike FowlerNSL9
14/03/1987Clent HillsDO: Ray Richmond, P: Dick Wells, C: John Pearson53
28/02/1987Titterstone Clee HillBEddie HarwoodFell Race69
22/02/1987HawkbatchCO: Ant Clerici, P: Charlie Nelson, C: Dick Wells300
19/02/1987Redditch (URBAN)DMike BaggottNSL9
03/02/1987Bournville (URBAN)DSuzette SpearsNSL6
11/01/1987Cotwall EndCBrian Cox185
27/12/1986Rock CoppiceDIain Moore100
14/12/1986Pitcheroak WoodCO: Alex Wing, P: Stuart Vick, C: Mike Baggott155
10/12/1986Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNSL9
07/12/1986Kinver EdgeDRichard AndrewsClub Champs 1986103
06/12/1986Cannon Hill ParkDAndy HemstedBirmingham schools event25
02/12/1986Stourbridge (URBAN)DColin DowneyNSL9
19/11/1986Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL4
12/11/1986Halesowen (URBAN)DPaddy WaldronNSL9
06/11/1986Malvern (URBAN)DStuart PaulNSL14
02/11/1986Cotwall EndCGeoff Sara185
28/10/1986Quinton (URBAN)DMike GriffinNSL8
23/10/1986Edgbaston (URBAN)DNSL7
19/10/1986Clent HillsCO: Paddy Waldron, P: John Bant, C: Colin Spears475
29/09/1986Rubery (URBAN)DNSL6
21/09/1986Sturt CommonCO: David Ellis, P: Mark Andrews, C: Pat Pay262
02/09/1986Sandwell ValleyDBob ScottSEE27
26/08/1986Saltwells WoodDGeoff SaraSEE27
20/08/1986Hayhead WoodDPaul SharmanSEE15
12/08/1986Sandwell ValleyDBrian RobertsSEE27
06/08/1986Lickey HillsDPete ManancourtSEE27
29/07/1986Clent HillsDDick WellsSEE27
23/07/1986Pitcheroak WoodDStuart VickSEE27
15/07/1986Cannon Hill ParkDHarry TippingSEE27
09/07/1986Lickey HillsDColin & Suzette SpearsSEE27
06/07/1986Sandwell ValleyCO: Andy Hemsted, P: Barry McGowan, C: Dennis Mews298
02/07/1986Sandwell ValleyDDeena AndrewsCATI25
01/07/1986Clent HillsDRobert VickersSEE10
24/06/1986Leasowes ParkDPaddy WaldronSEE27
18/06/1986Pitcheroak WoodDDave BallardSEE27
11/06/1986Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter32
10/06/1986Cannon Hill ParkDSteve WadesonSEE27
04/06/1986Saltwells WoodDTim WellerSEE27
27/05/1986Habberley ValleyDDon ThompsonSEE27
21/05/1986Sandwell ValleyDColin SouthallSEE27
13/05/1986Warley WoodsDDavid WilliamsSEE27
11/05/1986Malvern Hills SouthCO: Brian Cox, P: Mike Baggott, C: Robin Logan357
07/05/1986Malvern Hills SouthDJulian EllisSEE27
29/04/1986Cannon Hill ParkDDavid WilliamsSEE27
23/04/1986Lickey HillsDPete ManancourtSEE27
20/04/1986Eymore WoodCO: Russ Fauset, P: Pat Pay, C: John Sampson238
15/04/1986Sandwell ValleyDMike BurtSEE27
06/04/1986Kinver EdgeCCharlie Nelson543
23/03/1986Pitcheroak WoodCO: Alex Wing, P: Fred Legge, C: Bob Scott212
21/03/1986Malvern (URBAN)DStuart PaulNSL9
11/03/1986Redditch (URBAN)DMike BaggottNSL8
22/02/1986Titterstone Clee HillBEddie HarwoodFell Race75
19/02/1986Erdington (URBAN)DAndy HemstedNSL5
05/02/1986Kidderminster (URBAN)DDavid EllisNSL6
02/02/1986Clent HillsCTim Weller208
25/01/1986The AckersDAndy Hemsted70
18/01/1986Sandwell ValleyDRay Richmond48
12/01/1986HawkbatchCO: Mike Felstead, P: Dick Wells, C: Don Thompson333
09/01/1986Rubery (URBAN)DCath ManancourtNSL12
29/12/1985Sturt CommonCO: Suzette Spears, P: Dick Wells 85
17/12/1985Bournville (URBAN)DColin & Suzette SpearsNSL10
15/12/1985Lickey HillsCO: Mike Baggott+D.Carter, P: Gilbert Herbert, C: Stephen Cross (SOLOS)with SOLOS388
28/11/1985Stourbridge (URBAN)DColin DowneyNSL6
17/11/1985Rock CoppiceCO: Mark Andrews, P: Charlie Nelson, C: Richard Andrews185
12/11/1985Redditch (URBAN)DJohn PearsonNSL15
22/10/1985Sutton Coldfield (URBAN)DMike FowlerNSL8
09/10/1985Halesowen (URBAN)DPaddy WaldronNSL18
29/09/1985Brown Clee HillDO: Richard Andrews, P: Paul Addison Club Champs 198586
26/09/1985Edgbaston (URBAN)DIan MooreNSL5
08/09/1985Sandwell ValleyCM Tebbutt107
05/09/1985Clent HillsDAlex Wing27
29/08/1985Lickey HillsDColin Spears27
21/08/1985Habberley ValleyDMike Felstead27
15/08/1985Leasowes ParkDTim Weller27
07/08/1985Clent HillsDDick WellsJune Jaunter rerun46
21/07/1985Sandwell ValleyDBob ScottLong-Leg O & sprint19
07/07/1985Sandwell ValleyCBarry McGowan110
26/06/1985Sandwell ValleyDColin & Suzette Spears89
09/06/1985Sandwell ValleyDIan Moore50
16/06/1985Malvern Hills SouthCO: Elaine Bass, P: Pete Manancourt 227
05/06/1985Clent HillsBDick WellsJune Jaunter47
26/05/1985Brampton BryanCSinS1134
28/04/1985Eymore WoodC347
14/04/1985Malvern Hills SouthCO: Brian Cox, P: Stuart Paul, C: Derek Jarrett390
03/03/1985Wyre ForestBBritish Champs2260
10/02/1985DudmastonCO: Mike Aitken, P: Robert Vickers, C: John Bennison82
08/01/1985Stourbridge (URBAN)DRobert Vickers8
08/12/1984Pitcheroak WoodBCharlie Nelson32
25/11/1984Lickey HillsDEddie HarwoodClub Champs 1984108
18/11/1984Pitcheroak WoodCShaun Kelly209
06/11/1984Bournville (URBAN)DColin Spears13
07/10/1984Habberley ValleyDDennis Mews100
01/08/1984Saltwells WoodDBarry McGowan32
08/07/1984Sandwell ValleyCJon Fraser161
27/06/1984Sandwell ValleyDSuzette Spears46
06/06/1984Clent HillsDDick WellsJune Jaunter52
27/05/1984Titterstone Clee HillCO: Robert Vickers, P: Don Thompson+Mike Felstead, C: Laurie Bradley (WCH)380
30/03/1984Halesowen (URBAN)DDick Wells27
18/03/1984Eymore WoodCO: Pat Pay, P: Derek Grainger, C: Richard Andrews488
25/02/1984Titterstone Clee HillBD. ThompsonFell Race33
19/02/1984Clent HillsCBrian Cox260
17/02/1984Kidderminster (URBAN)DDennis Mews9
28/01/1984Solihull (URBAN)DTony Jones9
15/01/1984Kinver EdgeDDick Wells77
20/11/1983Kinver EdgeD, P: Dennis Mews Club Champs 198389
30/10/1983Sandwell ValleyDO: Mike Burt, P: Bob Scott 187
02/10/1983Sandwell ValleyDO: Barry McGowan, P: Bob Scott 112
29/06/1983Haden HillDMike Griffin16
01/06/1983Clent HillsDDick WellsJune Jaunter18
07/05/1983Brown Clee HillCO: Alan Evers, P: Dick Wells, C: Stephen Cross (SOLOS)SinS1000
26/03/1983Clent HillsCMike RookeWMOA night league34
06/03/1983Kinver EdgeCO: Colin Spears, P: Mark Andrews, C: Brian Hickman262
19/02/1983Titterstone Clee HillBEddie HarwoodFell Race59
16/01/1983Breakneck BankCO: Robert Vickers, P: Richard Andrews, C: Roger StensonWMG, also Sturt Common602
08/12/1982Kidderminster (URBAN)DDennis Mews9
05/12/1982Titterstone Clee HillCO: Mike Felstead, P: Mike Griffin, C: Richard AndrewsWMG400
24/11/1982Kinver (URBAN)D9
14/11/1982Sturt CommonDClub Champs 198289
03/11/1982Droitwich (URBAN)D18
01/07/1982Sandwell ValleyDO: Colin Spears, P: Bob Scott Two man relay & CATI52
23/05/1982Brown Clee HillBO: Alan Evers, P: Colin Southall & Roger Stenson, C: Dave Gittus (WRE)720
14/03/1982DudmastonCRoger Stenson290
21/02/1982Clent HillsCO: Colin Spears, P: Jeff Hancock, C: Roger StensonFirst ever colour coded event318
30/01/1982Rock CoppiceCPaul GraetzWMOA Relays143
24/01/1982Wyre forestDO: Nigel Binnersley, P: Dick Wells Club Championships 198181
19/12/1981Sandwell ValleyDMike Rooke25
09/12/1981Droitwich (URBAN)DBrian Coxwith Droitwich Scout Group13
23/09/1981Sutton ParkDAlan EversWMOA night league30
09/07/1981Sandwell ValleyDBarrie WrightSandwell Sports Festival70
17/06/1981Saltwells WoodDO: Paul Graetz, P: Dick Wells, C: Mike Rooke55
14/06/1981Brecon BeaconsCWalter CullisMini Mountain Marathon30
31/05/1981Titterstone Clee HillCAlan Robinson600
05/04/1981Wyre ForestCRichard AndrewsLong-O250
15/03/1981Rock CoppiceCHilary JohsonWMOA schools champs100
15/02/1981Wyre forestCO: Nigel Binnersley, P: Paul Graetz, C: Stephen Cross (SOLOS)Junior badge event473
14/01/1981Kidderminster (URBAN)DRichard AndrewsFirst ever night street event33
07/12/1980Wyre forestCO: Alan Evers, P: Alan Mason West Midlands Relays150
30/11/1980Kinver EdgeCO: Roger Stenson, P: Paul Graetz+Colin Maynard, C: Don Thompsonwith SOLOS631
16/11/1980Lickey HillsDDick WellsClub Championships 19891
19/10/1980Sandwell ValleyDColin SouthallCATI50
08/10/1980Kinver EdgeDDick Wells30
24/08/1980Kingsford Country ParkDDennis Mews35
10/07/1980Sandwell ValleyDBob Scott99
29/06/1980Breakneck BankCO: Mike Felstead, P: Mike Rooke, C: Don Thompson288
21/05/1980Leasowes ParkCO: Dick Wells & Jim Marchant, P: Dick Wells 104
13/04/1980Titterstone Clee HillCO: Pat Pay, P: Colin Southall, C: Laurie Bradley (WCH)660
09/03/1980Rock CoppiceCO: Mike Rooke, P: Dick Wells, C: Paul Graetz377
02/12/1979Wyre forestCAlan Evers569
28/11/1979Haden HillDDick Wells14
18/11/1979Rock CoppiceDPaul GraetzClub Champs 197998
27/10/1979Hartlebury CommonCO: Pieter Mulder, P: Alan Mason, C: Alan Mason35
30/09/1979Kinver EdgeCO: Ray Shakeshaft, P: Stuart Vick & Paul Brighton, C: Pat Pay352
19/08/1979Habberley ValleyDO: Paul Graetz, P: Barrie Towers Kidderminster (URBAN) Carnival55
15/07/1979Ribbesford WoodsDO: Peter Parker & Walter Cullis, P: Peter Parker & Walter Cullis, C: Don ThompsonOn OS 1:25 map130
04/07/1979Haden HillDO: Barrie Towers, P: Dennis Mews Sandwell sports festival70
13/05/1979Clent HillsCO: Mike Rooke, P: Andy Pearson, C: Peter Hague & Jim Marchant229
01/04/1979Clent HillsDO: Peter Hague, P: Ian McBriar, Peter Hague & Colin Southall 42
11/03/1979Rock CoppiceCO: Dick Wells & Alan Evers, P: Martin Evans & Ray Shakeshaft, C: Brian Hickman & Jim Marchant191
14/01/1979Breakneck BankCO: Peter Tetley, P: Paul Graetz & Ruth Lockley, C: Doug Peel (WCH)also Sturt Common (with BUOC)440
07/01/1979Hartlebury CommonDAllan Mason47
02/12/1978Kinver EdgeCO: Pat Maynard, P: Ian Durie, C: Alan MasonMidland Night Champs50
05/11/1978Kinver EdgeDColin MaynardClub Champs 197886
22/10/1978Hartlebury CommonCO: Iain McBriar, P: Marjorie Cashmore, C: Mike Griffin370
20/08/1978Habberley ValleyDO: Peter Tetley, P: Tony Jones, C: Alan Mason134
06/07/1978Haden HillDSteve RoundSandwell sports festival70
18/06/1978Clent HillsCO: Rod Turner, P: Peter Hague, C: Brian Hickman399
09/04/1978Kinver EdgeCO: Pat Pay, P: Colin & Ian Maynard, C: Dave Gittus (WRE)1th anniversary event650
19/02/1978Brand WoodCO: Peter Tetley, P: Paul Graetz 168
18/12/1977Hartlebury CommonCO: Walter Cullis, P: Peter Parker & Dave Cashmore, C: Simon Cane205
16/10/1977Habberley ValleyDPeter Tetley120
10/07/1977Haden HillDJohn DeatonSandwell sports festival70
26/06/1977Brand WoodCO: Martin Evans, P: Don Thompson, C: Laurie Bradley (WCH)526
13/03/1977Malvern Hills SouthCO: Walter Cullis, P: Martin Evans, C: Bob Brandon281
20/02/1977Sandwell ValleyDBrian Hickman100
11/07/1976Sandwell ValleyDBrian HickmanSandwell sports festival20
04/07/1976Brown Clee HillCMike Griffin500
07/12/1975Malvern Hills SouthCWalter Cullis200
28/09/1975Warley WoodsDColin Southall28
07/07/1975Warley WoodsDJohn Bennison30
02/03/1975The ErcallCJohn Bennison , C: Jim Rand (WCH)WM schools champs390
26/01/1975Clent HillsDEddie Bright30
03/11/1974Kinver EdgeDSchools event170
07/07/1974Brown Clee HillC450
16/03/1974Madeley CourtBDave Gittus30
24/02/1974Lickey HillsCGeoff Bell250
27/01/1974Trentham ParkCRoger Smith200
21/10/1973Brown Clee HillB400
02/09/1973DimmingsdaleDRoger WilkinsonClub Champs 197340
01/07/1973Ribbesford WoodsCGeoff Bell200
26/11/1972Kinver MillionDHarry PriceCATI120
11/11/1972Clent HillsBMike Griffin30
01/10/1972Swynnerton Old ParkCRoger Smith200
10/09/1972DimmingsdaleDClub Champs 197230
04/06/1972Mortimer ForestCDon Thompson122
05/12/1971Malvern Hills SouthCPeter Parker120
21/11/1971Wyre ForestBMidlands Champs300
19/09/1971Lickey HillsDTed Finch (BUOC)Club Champs 197120
04/07/1971Brand WoodCColin Maynard120
18/04/1971The ErcallCGeoff Kay , C: Colin Maynard120
04/04/1971DimmingsdaleCRoger Wilkinson200
14/03/1971Clent HillsC100
06/12/1970Mortimer ForestCEric Ostle100
22/11/1970Ribbesford WoodsCPeter Parker100
13/09/1970Rheidol ValleyCHarry Price15
09/06/1970Brand WoodDTony Burton23
16/05/1970Clent HillsDBrian HickmanGirl Guide CATI70
09/05/1970Brand WoodDPeter ParkerWorcester scouts CATI40
26/04/1970The WrekinCTony Burton150
22/03/1970?CPhilip Thompson100
22/02/1970Kinver MillionDHarry PriceScout event also open to HOC members80
16/11/1969Ribbesford WoodsDDon Thompson84
26/10/1969Brown Clee HillCO: Harry Price, P: Harry Price, C: Chris Schaanning146
28/09/1969Kinver MillionDO: OD, P: P Jackson (OD), C: R Haw (OD)Club Champs 196935
25/05/1969Wyre ForestCColin Maynard123
26/01/1969The WrekinCO: K.C. Westley, P: K.C. Westley, C: Knut KjemhusHDOC but after amalgamation119
05/01/1969Clent HillsDBrian Hickman28
01/12/1968Kinver MillionCPardoe19
17/11/1968The WrekinCColin Maynard30
22/09/1968Kinver EdgeCHarry Price89
29/05/1968Kinver MillionD25

Caveats and acknowlegment: Much of the data comes from David Nevell’s spreadsheet. The officials column is organisers only in later years.  The list of HOC events registered with BOF has been used as a check, but may have introduced a few phantom ones.

Grey areas:

  • The “level” column is an attempt to combine the various categories that have been used over the decades. D is roughly the current Local, C is roughly the old Colour Coded, B and A are probably inconsistent but cover CSC rounds through to BOCs.
  • When is a HOC event a HOC event?  The table includes some level Ds that were organised by COBOC but included in HOC leagues. And some that were activities (eg June Jaunter).
  • And then there are the SinS events that were registered to HOC but organised by WRE because of the quirks of the system at the time. They should all have been removed. Plus the major events such as BOCs / JK days that were not technically a HOC event – there may be some missing.