There and back again…..

There and back again…..

A team of intrepid Harlequins have arrived ‘virtually’ at John O’Groats, and as we still have 14 days left in January the team is going to turn around and head back south. For those not already following on facebook or the forum, this started as a challenge from Quantock Orienteers, and has taken on a life of its own.

Not all of the team were happy with the route north however. Some grumblings about too much main road and fast cars.  Consequently, the route south will be somewhat more interesting, avoiding roads where possible and thus much longer. It also has a few surprises (gratuitous diversions) along the way. Thus completing the journey before the end of January will be a challenge, even for our expanded team.  So if you’re not already in, come and join us on facebook or the forum.


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