Bearwood Results

Bearwood Results

The results of the 25th January Night Street league event are available as a pdf file here or scroll down to view them on screen.

Organisers Eloïse and Simon report:

Thank you all for coming to the Bearwood event, our first attempt at organising. We were pretty confident the course wouldn’t be cleared, and you proved us right, although a few got very close! Congratulations to Molly Browne for winning outright, getting an impressive 26 controls and covering over 12.5km. Her husband George was the men’s winner with 23 controls.

It was great to have several newcomers from local running clubs attending, including Peter Cotterell and Chris Venables who collected a very impressive 25 controls in their first attempt at orienteering. Most of you saw the bear in Lightwoods Park, but a lot of you seem to have been running too fast to notice the one outside the nursery on Wigorn Road.

The controls in Warley Woods seem to have been enjoyed by most, and around 50% of the field managed to get over to the cluster of controls in the north-west corner of the map, which had a considerably higher density of interesting control sites.
We really enjoyed planning this event, and it was really simple using the software to make the map so we’d encourage anyone who hasn’t tried organising one to
give it a go!

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