Arley Arboretum results

Arley Arboretum results

The SI results with split timimgs are available here, and in a summary form here. Scroll down for some photos of a memorable event!

Many, many thanks Jeremy and the rest of the HOC team for a memorable event, As Jeremy says:

We were fortunate to have the combination of an excellent venue and good weather and everyone seemed to enjoy the experience.

Apologies for the various problems that did arise.  In particular for the delayed start which then resulted in a long queue, the issues with the printed results (down to the way I had designed the course, not the results team), the lack of scale on the Leg One maps.

It was however encouraging to find that an event can be planned and organised at very short notice – my first visit to Arley to plan the course was on 10 May.  It can only be achieved though with substantial teamwork which is HOC’s strength – thank you to everyone involved. Special thanks to Ian Gamlen and Peter Langmaid who in many ways saved the day and to Peter Rose (who printed the maps and assisted in many other ways in the days leading up to the event and to Paul Basher who drew the map, made changes for me and gave much useful advice.

Helena, the manager at Arley Arboretum and her staff have been extremely supportive and welcoming and we are most grateful to them for allowing us to use their venue. Helena took part in the orienteering herself and we hope to see her again at another event.

For those interested in the history of the venue, the arboretum dates back to around 1800 and is one of the oldest in the country. Arley House is a relatively new building used as a wedding venue but stands roughly where a much larger Arley Castle stood until 1962 – just the gatehouse tower remains which you passed when going from controls 18 to 19 on leg one.  Although Arley Castle was an early 19th century creation, a significant part of it was what remained from the older Arley Hall which dated back to 1450.

Jeremy Geere
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